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March 2011 Amethyst-Revelations


A Message from Lord Sanada (Jesus)
10th March 2011

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  My friends, those of you who are faithful and true and understand the meaning of the Ascension Plan, I charge you with a task, and that task is that you will take one person aside who does not understand, who is afraid or is nervous and cannot accept that the Ascension Plan will change the evolution of mankind.  I ask you to do this with haste and for very good reasons.  Your earth is beginning a change which cannot be reversed and cannot be slowed.

I speak not only of the climatic change that is happening, and whose evidence is all around you in every continent and country of the world, I speak to you of the conflicts that rage on your planet, and I speak to you mainly of the Middle East. The war there will escalate very quickly and it will come to such a point that there will be some in your world who will wonder how far to the brink shall we travel, and I speak not of ordinary citizens of the world here but I speak of those that you would refer to as “top brass Chiefs of Staff, Heads of Government, COBRA etc .”  There will be deals struck and promises made - those deals will fall through and those promises will be broken.

You should prepare yourselves for the fact that there will be another economic crisis which will affect every part of the world barring Asia.  China will be the only country that will have a stable economy and it will stabilise very quickly.  At the moment it is in chaos but it will stabilise very quickly because of the price of oil.  The countries that extract oil from Libya and other parts of the Middle East will be held to ransom.  The Companies such as BP and Shell will not be able to extract the oil so therefore all of the things that you use in your western world - petrol for your cars, oil for your home heating, other resources from fuel that is gathered from oil - you will find them extremely costly to buy.

If you ever needed confirmation that your world is changing this confirmation is now.  Those of you that have the information will you please stop wondering – and you have a very good way of explaining here – stop ‘umming and ahhing’, stop asking “What if?”stop asking “Well what should I do?” I am telling you what you should do now.  You should take the information that you have, the information from the transcripts of the Amethyst Group is accurate and it is true.  Gather the source of information that you have, gather that source close to you and read it and re-read it.

You will note that I forecast that there would be an out-break of war in the Middle East in the early part of 2012, and it has come early, and those of you who understand warfare will know that the opposition very rarely plays to the rules, and that the element of surprise is great, and there must be those of you who are saying “Well, if Lord Sananda is who He says He is, why can’t He stop this, why didn’t He know?  Lord Sananda after all is Jesus” and Lord Sananda’s reply to you is that deals were made and promises were made - and promises were broken.

Down through the centuries I have ever fought against one who I once held dear.  You may call him what you will, his name once was Angel Lucifer, now you know him by many names.  His   name is the devil, the anti-Christ.

The greatest gift you have my friends is your free-will, and your free-will has led you to whichever pathway you are on, and if that pathway provides you with any understanding of love and light, and healing, and love for your fellow man, then now is the time for you to allow those feelings to surface, and to help as many as you can.

There will be many difficulties to encounter in the time to come - do not be afraid, I am with you always.

Now, my Sister, you have some questions I believe?

SHEILA:  Yes dearest Lord.  We have two comments on our last transcript that are very similar.  The first reads:-  “I have been meditating and have been getting pressures and vibrating feelings in my ears. Can you explain what this means?  ....Would you be able to send an angel or someone to me when I meditate or a noticeable sign?”

The other is very similar from our dear friend Appel  He says “After reading Roger’s issues with ear pressure, I was surprised.   I am also hearing a constant tone, even when I try to locate myself in different places.”

LORD SANANDA:  Right, let me deal with this in a different order.  Firstly, my friend, I have no need to send an angel to you, your angel is with you all the time and has been from the time that you first drew your breath in this world.  All you need do is to open yourself much further and allow yourself to be comforted by his love.

Secondly, the problems with ear pressure - I am assuming that neither of you have problems with your hearing, for example I know that there is a human condition called “Tinnitus” which can create the same type of condition that you are referring to.  There are others who do hear the vibrations, can feel them quite easily, especially sensitive people.  I would suggest that it might be possible for you try to find the tone which matches the musical note in the octave which begins from the lower C.  If you can do this you will find that the tone that you are hearing will resonate with one of your chakra centres. For example if it is the root chakra that is giving you problems or needs work, then it will be a low C.  If it is something further up it will be a different note according to where your chakra is related, so I would suggest that you try to do some work, try to formulate that note in your head, try to get to somewhere where you can try to match up the tone and see if that is something to do with your chakra centres. If this is too complicated or impossible for you to do, then may I suggest that you go to a Practitioner who will help you, someone who understands chakra centres and healing.  Go to perhaps a Healer.  Maybe you have had perhaps an instance where you are slightly misaligned with your chakra centres, particularly you my friend Appel because I know you travel quite a lot out of your body, so I would suggest that a visit to a Healer would be a good thing for you to try.

IVOR:  It is interesting to hear you say that, Dear Master, because just before you started I had already a whistling in my ears, and I could hear that constant vibration or note, and almost every night I hear that pitch or a similar one, either coming out or going into sleepstate.  Is there something out of alignment or not ringing true within me?

LORD SANANDA:  It could be that there is some work needed on a particular chakra centre or there may be - and I suggest this is more likely to be the case with you - it could well be that you are actually hearing the vibration of the world, Mother Earth herself.

IVOR:  It has been very, very constant for many a year.

You have another question dear one?

SHEILA:   Yes, I do dear Master.  We have talked before of the cruelty that is now in our world and it seems to be escalating.  People going out deliberately shooting swans, hurting old people, children - anyone, innocents that are just going about minding their own business - we were talking about this the other night and someone said they didn’t think these perpetrators could possibly have souls, and we got around to discussing the documentary that is now being shown on our televisions entitled “Wonders of the Universe” presented by a brilliant young man, Professor Brian Cox.  This is a very good programme but we were saying that he makes no mention of our Creator at all as having a hand in the making of our universe, or indeed that He even exists, and the debate got around to asking if Scientists, Atheists, and people who do not seem to believe in God or spirit in any way also have souls.  Ivor and I said yes, we know we all have souls because of our Soul Rescue work – we have taken home many Atheists, Scientists etc who couldn’t or wouldn’t believe that there was life after death, and one man even argued and said “Why wasn’t I told about this when I was on the earthplane?”  You know what our answer was to that!!  Can you comment please dear Lord?

LORD SANANDA:  Yes, firstly the cruelty that you have heard and seen in your media will get much worse.  The darkness, negativity, coming in and overcoming those who are weak, those who are not evolved spiritually, and furthermore do not want to be.

SHEILA:  If only those terrible people could have the same treatment as they are giving out – I know that is not the way of the universe but ......

LORD SANANDA:  I know it is written in the Bible ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ but revenge is not good, it serves no purpose.  Their time will come when they will be asked to account for what they have done.

Now, secondly, you speak of the programme, yes Scientists do have a soul but they have a different way of handling their emotions. I will not say it is cold and clinical because they are extremely passionate in what they believe, but in their world of science and logic they have no room for spirituality and they are not taking the stance of what happened just before the big bang, they won’t take that stance, they won’t go back a millisecond.  They had hoped to create the big bang in the Hadron Collider but that is proving difficult because the Hadron Collider is taking itself so far forward that it is coming back, and it cannot destroy itself so they will never be able to prove, in the time that is left, what happened prior to the big bang, so I would say to you, watch this programme with enjoyment and understanding, and also perhaps with a certain amount of smugness because you know what happened just before the “Big Bang”.

SHEILA:  But, dear Lord, we want them to know and to understand and take it on board.  This is me, I get so cross that they ignore our Creator as they do.

LORD SANANDA:  Because they won’t, because their minds are so full of logic – how atoms come together etc etc – but in some ways they are ignorant because they do not think “Where did those atoms come from?”  You will hear them say “There are two atoms” or there is this or there is that – and here is a stellar nursery where stars are born”.  What put the atoms, the photons there?  They didn’t just come out of thin air.  You see their logical minds can only accept what science can prove to them, and science cannot prove to them the mystery of creation.  It is the last mystery that is left to mankind.  If you think of this, think back over one hundred years - and this is how you can explain to your friends when you discuss this further – think back over one hundred years ago, the mystery of steam travel, the mystery of flight, the mystery of birth, so many, many things that have happened.  A hundred years ago no one would have thought that by using iron, extracting the ore from the ground, it would be used for building a machine using steam to make it go forward.  Many of the scientific discoveries – X-rays, microwaves - they would never have happened.  Scientists have pushed the boundaries but they can only push them as far as logic explains things to them, but the last mystery that they will never be able to explain is when they see it for themselves the mystery of creation, and all of their questions about time and dark matter, and anti-matter, and wormholes and light and stars and the sun and the moon and all the other questions they have – they will be answered in a blink of an eye.

I think it is necessary that you make your friends understand that the soul and the emotions are different.  Emotions are different.  Emotions are feelings within you, your soul is different.  Your soul is a carbon copy of yourself but without the earthly feelings, and emotions that you experience here on the earth connected to earthly things.  When your Ascension takes place these earthly things will pass away and they will be replaced by heightened intelligence, heightened emotions, and your emotions will be explained to you and used in a different way.  At the moment your emotions are connected to earthly bound things, to poverty, to cruelty, to great love, to music, to food, whatever, because these are the only things that you know, but one of the things that will not change will be the kingdom of love, and you see that kingdom of love is within each of you, and that kingdom of love does not change from soul to soul, it doesn’t change, but it is the love of all things that makes you the perfect humanbeing.  As with your soul rescue when atheists pass over (and scientists will do the same) they will say “I never knew”

SHEILA:  Yes but there is so much written evidence now for them to read, and, as you advised us when you were on the earthplane ”seek and ye shall find”.

LORD SANANDA:  Ah, but you see – we have referred to this just lightly already this morning – a child that is brought up to understand or want to know more about the stars and what makes them, and what makes the earth what it is, and how do these ores grow in the earth - you see, that would be one thing that a child’s intelligence will lock into – and there are many great people in this world – Nobel Prize Winners – who have been credited with understanding and unravelling the human DNA, but if you were to ask them how did it feel to hold a young kitten or a puppy, they would probably have no idea because, from the time that they came into consciousness in this lifetime, their minds are focussed and blinkered all the way down, they have no room in their lives for anything else, so yes, it is a shock, it is a surprise for them.  Even one of the greatest Scientists of your time – Einstein – he had no idea, no idea.  He spent his life figuring out time and relativity and it is through him that your world believes that the arrow of time is irrefutably forward, and I say to you it is not, but perhaps this is conversation for another time.

Now, my friends, I feel that I must take my leave of you and I am sorry that the news I bring you is grave.  I leave you my blessings.





Mark has given me the image of our earth shuddering as if it were wobbling out of axis, or as if a great weight had caused it to shake from side to side.  I saw a great explosion and a bright wave of heat and wind pass across the face of the earth, then I saw it bathed in deep magenta (your colour She) the colour of deep deep healing.  Then I saw gates in every part of the compass of the earth - north, south, east and west - and I saw the key, the key we were given, and I saw the gates open, and the people were coming through, up, up, up until I could see no more.  I asked Mark “Is this now?”, and he  answered “No, it is to come”.  I was afraid and I told you both I was afraid, and you covered me in your light Ivor, a pure white light, and you covered me in magenta, your healing colour She, and then I was covered in my own light, deep blue with a white surround, and then I knew I was home.

Sometimes I see things I cannot comprehend, do not want to see, but I was told a long time ago that these things would happen and that I would not be alone.  So glad we are the Amethyst Group, wouldn’t want it any other way.


Just heard about the terrible earthquake in Japan, 8.9 on the Richter Scale.  I saw an image of the world shaking.  How far in the future I wonder were the events I saw?  I should have asked and not assumed that they were all linked to the finality of Ascension.

Mark has now shown me snow, dirt and flames mixed together high in the air, near the top of our earth geographically, I believe the Pole or Russia/Siberia.  I see this as a volcano linked to the shaking of the earth today.  Further down, in the same region as the quake and tsunami today, I see another explosion, spewing out clouds of dust in the air and spreading a great heat.  People are being burned by something they cannot see.


St. Mark has given warnings of further catastrophic mayhem that the earth will undergo within the next few months.

Firstly I was given the image of water and a dam breaking, showering rocks and water down into a valley where people live.  I saw the image of many running for cover and their lives, and I was shown an image of a Mexican with sombrero, white shirt and trousers.  I asked for a date on this and was told that it would take place around the time of late spring/early summer here in the UK.

Next I was shown that the San Andreas Fault, which runs the length of the California Coast, is severely weakened.  The underwater seismic activity that has been caused by this last quake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami has weakened the whole of the Pacific basin plates, and has extended the weakness to the San Andreas Fault.  It teeters on the edge of a massive quake, bigger than the one we have just witnessed, and it will occur in UK Autumn time.

I have asked St. Mark why he cannot be specific with dates and his answer is that he can only give us seasons.  Time-zones vary in our world and the confusion as well as the panic that would ensue would do nothing to help those in the areas of mayhem.


I was given the image of South America, Brazil – the northern part near the Amazon.  It will flood quite badly, and although this is a seasonal affair, the waters will reach further inland than before.  There will be a loss of life but not en masse, and the cause will be a great storm, almost of hurricane proportion, and the reason that the waters will not be contained out to sea is because of the great amount of deforestation that has taken part in the coastal ares of the Amazon.  The crops that have been planted in place of the rain-forests are flimsy and yield against the mighty flow of water.    Devastation of the land will be complete.  Many of the tribal people who still live in that land will be forced to move to unfamiliar territory and will succomb to hunger and illness.  This will occur within the next three months.

The southernmost tip of that same continent to be affected will be the “End of the World” or, as it is more commonly known, Tierra del Fuego – known in the past as Patagonia.  This is already affected by the climate change in the Antarctic and it is the waters of the Antarctic and the Atlantic Ocean combined that will reek havoc in this area. An area of great beauty, many species of wildlife will be lost forever.  Waters will come in over the islands, drowning flower and fauna alike, and in some cases, though not as badly, some human life will be lost.

Mark is saying that all of these things are happening because the Earth itself, as has been foretold, has moved on its axis, and what was wet will be dry, and what was dry will be wet, a well-known phrase for those who follow the teachings of Lord Sananda.





  A Message From Lord Sanada (Jesus)  March 17th 20011 

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA:  My dear friends, I come to you this morning, this day, at a time of complete chaos on your planet, and I would say to those who have been following the transcripts of the Amethyst Group for maybe the last year, or those who have been following the transcripts for many, many years, you will begin to see those things that were foretold are gradually beginning to come to fruition, hideous and heinous as they are.

You are beginning to see that the revolution in the Middle East is taking great weight, it is spinning into an ever-increasing spiral, and I have to say that there will be some countries that will be victorious in changing their Parliaments and their beliefs, and there will be other countries that will not be victorious.

Libya at the moment is at a great state of emergence and unfortunately, those who have tried to change the revolutionary politics of that country, for this moment in time, they will fail.  Their Leader, who is indeed insane, believes with great tyranny and with great belief that his people love him, and he will make sure of their love, he will make them love him by oppression and tyranny and torture, and yes, this may be very difficult to read, and yes it may be very controversial, but I am afraid the truth is often controversial.In other countries in the Middle East there is unrest, and what you must understand, many of the countries still have deep tribal roots, and the factions that are fighting at the moment are nothing more than modern-day warlords, but the danger is that they are armed by countries outside of their own who have a different agenda to those that are fighting for what they believe is the best for their country.  Of course, one of the greatest things that they are fighting over in the Middle East, and one of the greatest things that Libya holds over the Western world, is the supply of black gold – oil.

I urge you, my friends, follow the events very carefully and with every fibre of your being send healing, and send love and light to these countries that are in the midst of war at this present time, and send light and healing that truth may overcome tyranny and injustice.

To the events that have happened in Japan or Asia these last few days, I would say to you that these are events which are of a magnitude that you have not witnessed on the earthplane for many a long year, but I am saying to you, my beloved ones, become very aware that events like this will become more and more frequent in the coming days.  You have a very quaint phrase which you use here on the earthplane, you call them “natural disasters” and in a way, yes they are, but as I have explained, these disasters, in a spiritual term, are really and truly the energy of Mother Earth shaking off the crust of the old earth, breaking out of her old clothing, getting rid of it all because the old earth, the earth that you reside in, is becoming so weak that it cannot sustain your human form for very much longer.

Was it not foretold to you, through the Amethyst Group, that what was wet would be dry, and what was dry would be wet, and mountains would be toppled, and so it has come to pass.  Yes, the sea has come up over the land to such a degree that perhaps in some of those places there will be life no longer sustainable.

For those of you who are thinking of the loss of life, and the loved ones who have come out of Japan, and I know that questions have been asked - have they gone to the new earth or have they gone to the heaven that you are so familiar with, and how would most Japanese understand heaven anyway as they are not a Christian Race? -  Well, I would say to you my friends, there are many of the Japanese Race who are much more enlightened than you would give them credit for.  Forget the past hostilities that you are so familiar with in this generation - some of the terrible things that the Japanese did, and that you did to the Japanese in the time of war many years ago - that has all gone past now and these are people of a different generation, and I would say to you that although they do not believe as a Christian, or as a Muslim or as a Jew, they have their own pathway to travel, and they have gone to the place which they know is home away from the earth.  Some of them who are not very spiritually evolved will have gone to a different place where they will be taught for a short while and then they will be taken to the new earth later.  I would like to reiterate the information that in the Ascension Plan it does not matter where your level of evolvement is, you will be taken to the new earth, wherever you are in your evolvement.

Now, I would urge you my beloved friends, for those of you who are following the transcripts of the Amethyst Group, I would ask you to look back over the last few months at some of the information that has been given to you, particularly information of a personal nature - how to develop yourselves, how to develop your groups, how to develop the groups you are in - and I would say the information you have now is irrefutable, it is of a calibre that you cannot fail to recognise and understand.  Put aside all of the red-tape that you have bound yourselves in, and those of you who are still struggling with this information, open your hearts, your minds, open your entire beings to the love that the universe holds for you.  Fill yourself up with this every single day, try to put aside your own personal problems and illnesses and fill yourself only with the love that the universe gives you, and then you will make haste along the pathway.  People will notice the change in you, they will remark and say “You seem happier these days, what has happened?” and you can tell them, you can say “I am preparing myself for the Ascension Plan, I am getting ready, I am doing what I need to do”, and if you are nervous about telling people about the Ascension Plan then don’t tell them, just tell them that the earth is changing, that the world is going through a massive change, say it however you can say it, but you must make people understand that you are witnessing one of the greatest things ever, and that is the evolution of the human-race.

I will be with you every step of the way.  Contact my friends here, the Amethyst Group, ask them to come and speak to you, talk to them, speak to them in the flesh.  If that is what you need, if that is what you want, ask and it will be given to you.

Now, my Sister, have you any questions?

SHEILA:   Yes, dearest Master, if I could just ask you please, we read in the newspapers that the moon affected the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, very greatly.  Is this the case, did it affect it, and in what way, and can I please ask, is this a trigger for other things to be happening in the “Ring of Fire” as they call it?

LORD SANANDA: Well, the moon itself did not necessarily affect the earthquake and tsunami. The moon at the moment is coming into almost its full phase, not a new moon but almost into its full phase, and although it has a gravitational pull on the water on the earth, and other things as well, the things that affected the earthquake was the huge shifting of the plates underneath the Pacific Ocean.  These, as you know, shift from time to time but this is further evidence, greater evidence, of the energies of Mother Earth moving the mantel, shaking off the slough if you like, of the old world, breaking the old world down, and in spiritual terms she is breaking the crust, breaking through, getting ready to create further resources, new resources, and this will go on, as I have told you, for many, many years, after the Ascension Plan has been completed.  In geographical, scientific or demographic or physical terms, whichever you like to call it, the shifting of the plates welled up to such a degree that it moved the earth, it did move the earth off of its axis just a small amount, as was foretold by me to you in the Amethyst Group some months ago, and this is the vision that was given here to this Medium – she saw the earth shaking as in a jelly mould.  Yes this is definitely what happened, the earth did shake and the consequence of this has been that it has moved off of its axis, so to answer your first question, in essence no, the moon did not trigger the earthquake or the tsunami.

Secondly, I must say to you, it is a trigger for further events that are happening in Japan at the moment as was also foretold to you through the information that I gave to this Medium via Mark.

Be at peace my friends but know that time is marching ever forward.  It is moving forward at a pace that you have not witnessed before, and you must go with it, do not stand still.

Be at peace my friends. Love and Light always.



AMETHYST REVELATIONS THE AMETHYST GROUP (EARTHBOUND)Susan Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings A MESSAGE FROM LORD SANANDA (JESUS)ON 24TH MARCH 2011 IVOR opened in prayer.LORD SANANDA:  Well, it is a change to say Good afternoon to you my friends, the earthbound Amethyst Group, and what a beautiful day it is, filled with new life in your world, and I would like to give to you first of all, deepest thanks for the work you have been doing with all of the problems in Japan.  You have worked well and I would ask if, at the end of this meeting, we may do more to help those brave people.                 Now, I do not intend to give you a global message this morning as I have much to give you personally, and I have learnt a new word from William (Shakespeare) - he has given me “Agenda”, I believe it means “Menu” and my teaching to you is on our agenda for later, but I am really happy to say to you that finally many of the Lightworkers that you have called, as you already know, are joining forces and encompassing Mother Earth with love and light.  She no longer feels alone, and no longer feels that her distress is gone unnoticed.  There are many people in many of the countries of your planet that are actually working and bringing this work to other peoples’ attention by saying “Look, we must do this, it is necessary for our planet, we must not hide our heads in the sand any more”.  These things are being said and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are doing to get my messages out to the people across the world, but now I believe you have some questions for me, my Sister? SHEILA:  A dear friend has asked some questions by e-mail dear Master, and the first is:”How will the earth pass from one cycle to the next and how exactly is this going to manifest?” LORD SANANDA:  I would tell you, my child, to read the transcripts.  All the answers are there.   This is what the whole understanding of the Ascension is about, you must be prepared to open yourself and read the information which I have spent months giving to the Amethyst Group.  Open your heart, your mind, read the transcripts again and again and the answers will become very clear to you, and I would like to say here there is much that the humanrace must read, and sometimes when the information is given - the very basic information that I want mankind to follow, the information I started bringing in the first transcript sometime ago now - will be lost.  It will be lost yet it is information that will stand your race in very good stead when the time of Ascension comes, much the same as my teachings came to an end with my exit from my previous life, but they were recorded, much as my messages are now, but these teachings will not go on ad infinitum.                If, when you have read the transcripts, you do not understand them, then come back again and talk to me, but the whole part of the Ascension is about developing your own self so that you may cope and understand and be able to take part in the Ascension Plan effortlessly, so that you can help others do the same.   SHEILA:  Yes, thank you.   Can I ask some other questions that she has:  “I am wondering about the final days of the earth.  Is it going to be like the huge time of change that we associate with the extinction of the dinosaurs?  A climatic shift in the earth? “  She says when she thinks about that sort of change, all she sees is mass panic, people grabbing and fighting, or is it going to be a slow degeneration into chaos over a matter of years or a swift affair that will take a matter of days or weeks? LORD SANANDA:  No, again this is in the transcripts. I have described very clearly how the Ascension Plan will take place, that it will be a time when people will ascend in – for want of  better words  – a sensible fashion.  As we have said in the transcripts, you cannot have everyone ascending at once, everything would be chaos.  Traffic, communication, shipping, planes falling out of the sky – no, not at all.  People will ascend in various phases which will take days and months. You need not concern yourself with the days leading up to it, it is not a question – as you are talking on this wavelength – it is not a question of a scene from something out of horrific films, that is not the plan – the Ascension will take place with love and care and help, and it will be a beautiful affair for all to witness.  Your earth is degenerating into chaos at the moment, yes, because those who are against the Ascension are aware that there is much, much positive energy flooding your earth at this moment.  People are waking up, they are understanding that your earth cannot support you any more, and that change must come, and they are having the proof given to them over the last few months.  Now, I do not say concern yourself not with these affairs just do not concern yourself with this part of the Ascension - it is not your worry.  Your worry at this present time is opening yourself to the teachings, understanding them, awakening yourself as quickly as you can so that you are aware of what is happening within you so that you may help others. SHEILA:  Thank you for that.  Another of her questions dear Master – “Do the Clairvoyants of this world see the future the way it is going to happen, or is that vision blocked?” LORD SANANDA:  I think that your Medium would say that some of them do.  Visions of the finaldays are given to those who can handle this vision responsibly. SHEILA:  Lastly, on a personal note, she asks  “Where does the name Sananda come from?  It sounds Indian, Ayurvedic or Aramaic? LORD SANANDA:  I could say with jest what is in a name.  In actual fact my name Sananda was given to me by mankind.  In my last reincarnation yes, you would have known me as Jesus.  Sananda, Lord Sananda, has been given to me by mankind itself, and I do not mean any particular race or any particular generation, or any particular time, it is just a name that has been given to me.  I am in fact, a part of the whole and I am in everything.  Perhaps you should read this Medium’s Poem, “Who are you”, you may find some answers in that, but my name is not from a particular nation, culture or creed, it is universal and it has been given to me by mankind. LORD SANANDA:  My Sister, what are all those dots, lines and squiggles that you write on your paper? SHEILA:  It is shorthand, dear Master, that I learnt at College, Pitman’s shorthand. LORD SANANDA:  I thought it was Aramaic or something that sometimes I give to this Instrument.  Mr Pitman’s shorthand – ah, now I understand. SHEILA:  Thank you dearest Master.  I will include Sue’s Poem in the transcript.     WHO ARE YOU? I am in every grain of sandI am in every part of every landI am the sunshine, I am the rain I am the sunset in a summer’s skyI am the teardrops in every innocent’s eyeI am the rain, I am the sunI am in every song that has ever been sung I am the flowers, I am the treesI am the wind that rides the seasI am truth, I am peaceI am life, but,I am not death I am the beginning, I am the endI am your life, your brother, your friendI am you, and you are meSo it was, so it is, for all eternityI am the Source.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SUSAN LUFFMAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     13th May 2010  LORD SANANDA:  I give these answers to you my dear friend with all my Love and Blessings                                                                                                                                                                                SANANDA 







Susan Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings

ON 31ST MARCH 2011.

IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: I see I have my little lamb beside me (Sue’s little dog Tammy was asleep beside Sue). I am fully settled within this Medium now and so may I say Good Morning to you and thank you that we are able to meet again, not in quite such clement conditions as when we met before. It is extremely windy but, no doubt it will speed your journey home. Now, let us start first of all, my friends, with the questions you have. I think it is a good place to start.

SHEILA: Can I ask Sue’s question first, please dear Lord? She wishes to ask: With all the information being circulated about the “Rapture” by so many different people, why will people believe our messages and not theirs?

LORD SANANDA: The difficulty is that many of those who are circulating information concerning the so-called “Rapture”, which, in essence, is not so different as the method that the Ascension will take - the method with your own bodies I mean - the difficulty is that all the information that they are spreading is based on one book, and throughout the world the Bible is held sacred amongst Christian folk. Now, globally, Christianity is still the greatest religious system that you have on the earth but unfortunately there are people in this day, as there were 200 years ago, who have contorted the words of the Bible to their own interpretation. Now, I can only say that when these people look at the date and time that is given for the so-called “Rapture” to take place they will willingly believe and understand this, but when the Rapture does not take place on that day, they will be discouraged, they will be saddened, they will be mystified, and many will turn their face away from their belief. What I can say is that before that date I will give you a global message which will gladden the hearts of those who are sad and cast adrift from their belief.

SHEILA: I believe it is the 21st May that is being given.

LORD SANANDA: Yes. I will explain why the Rapture did not happen, I will explain as clearly and concisely as I can what will happen in the Ascension Plan so that people hopefully will begin to understand that what you are bringing is the long-standing truth. So there is a bit of “wait and see” but there are encouraging figures that many people are reading the information that you are broadcasting globally, so thank you for that.

SHEILA: Thank you. We have had some comments left by two people on our website. The first one is by a lady by the name of Dawn. She asks: “It seems like the new earth and life on the new earth is very similar to what I expect happens when you die (leave your human body). Could you tell me how those two experiences are different?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, the Ascension is different inasmuch as the Ascension Plan will take place on a much greater scale. People who were not able to see the essence, the souls, their loved ones, depart into a different dimension, you will be able to witness that because there will be many beings ascending around you. It will not be because they have come to the end of their physical life on the earth - for example they have come to the end of their lifecycle through death or disease or misfortune - these people will be ascending for no apparent reason, they will just rise and be in a light body. Now, in some cases, the Ascension will be different in that you will be able to see this happening around you and around the world, but it will be happening on a greater scale, it will not just be one or two people, or loved ones that you know, it will be your next door neighbour, or perhaps fifty of the villagers down the road where you live, and then perhaps100 people from Australia, maybe a thousand people from New Zealand. This is how it will happen - some of it is in an earlier transcript The experience you have once you have ascended will be into a world which is similar to this, similar to the earth but it will be a much greater intensity, everything will be different but yet the same.

SHEILA: But it will be entirely different to how Heaven is at the moment?

LORD SANANDA: Oh yes. It will be different.

SHEILA: Can you tell us a little more about the final days of our earth? Revelations in the Bible are a little obscure to say the least.

LORD SANANDA: The Bible holds truth, there are words that are spoken, visions that have been seen of the final days of the earth, but it is written in a very coded archaic way, and this is the purpose of my coming in this modern day and age. The first reason is because Mother Earth, the earth itself - the planet, the solid terra firma you walk upon - it has had enough. All of the things that make up the earth, they have been overused, you know this. There is not enough food to feed you, there is not enough fuel in the planet to warm you and coming generations, so the earth is making its feelings known, the tectonic plates keep moving hence all of the earthquakes that you have seen and those that are to come. Now, biblical reference to this says that in the dying days the earth will crack open and give up its dead. This is nonsense, the earth cannot give up its dead; what it will give up is water, steam, lava, volcanic ash - these things, are modern day science. That is one reason why I come to give your humanrace an explanation as to why all of these seemingly natural disasters are occurring now.

The second reason I come, and I give this information to you so that you can understand it in familiar words you will understand. There have been many scholars that have tried to decipher the code of the Chapters of Revelations. There are many scholars that have decided that Babylon is such and such a nation, and the seven-headed beast is such and such, and the mark of the beast is so and so, and it is not necessary. What is necessary is that I describe to you, in the language and the words that you understand, what is happening, so that is another reason why I come to speak to you now. The earth will take up its beloved beings, the earth will keep them safe, and I will keep them safe in the new world, in a new dawn, in a new place that I have created for you. You will not be in the form you are now, and this is where we have a problem with the Ascension. People are unable to understand or visualise what they can feel – a pin-prick or a pinch – that feeling will dissolve away and in its place will be the essence, the lightbeing, the true form of what they really are, and the reason for this is that many people feel, and have been taught wrongly by the Church, that they are not worthy, that they have to have faith to go to heaven, that they must be saintlike to be able to ascend like I did, and all I was trying to do was to show you, in the thirty-three years that I lived, and in the final few weeks after my death on the cross, that this is what will happen to your bodies at the end of the humanrace as you know it. You will ascend into heaven, into a new world as a new being, a lightbeing, if you wish, the very image of what you look like now.

IVOR: Many quote that you will be coming again to the earth, do you intend to come in a physical form?

LORD SANANDA: I will come as you have seen me because you would not recognise me in any other form, and to all who see me it will be in the flesh. The reason I come now is because yes, there will be a battle between light and dark, and make no mistake the light will win. In the Bible this is interpreted as Armageddon, the final battle, when Jesus shall take onto himself his own, and the legions of the fallen angels and Lucifer will be banished forever. I say to you, in this modern day, this is the modern version of that battle. I will come, I will banish disease, I will banish corruptness, I will banish hatred, I will banish war. Light will overwhelm the darkness and yes, Lucifer, the one who shone brightest around my throne, and fell from grace with his followers, they will once again be banished to the place where no one can know or see them ever again.

In Christianity, and I speak for Christianity because many of the people who read this will either have some faith or no faith, or perhaps have some Christian grounding, and I speak of the Trinity here, I speak of my Father, Myself the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now many Biblical Scholars, Christians, Churches, Teachers, Theologians etc, will understand the Holy Spirit, and that is my essence if you like. It is my essence, my energy sweeping through your land. It is in everything that anybody does that is good, it is in everything of beauty that you see, but yes, I am here in spirit and when the final days come I will reveal myself in the image that you know me, and I will be as of flesh.

LORD SANANDA: Does that answer your question, my Brother?

IVOR: Yes, thank you dear Master. It is telling people – some will say “We are waiting for the second-coming.” What I want to say to them is “Stop, look, He is already here”.

SHEILA: I have some more questions for you dear Master if I may. Dear Appel says “I appreciate your suggestions for me to see a Healer. I am also wondering if there are any techniques we need to familiarize ourselves in preparation - rather what do ones seeking ascension need to do”

LORD SANANDA: “My dear Brother, Appel, I am very pleased that you have decided to see a Healer and I hope that you will benefit greatly from this. The only preparation that I can suggest that you do for yourself is that you learn to connect utterly with the Universal Energy, and you learn to open yourself and your mind to all of the things that are going on around you globally and in your own backyard as it were, and be sure that you understand fully these things, and if you do not, bring them to your Guide in meditation.” That is all I have for you my Brother.

SHEILA: Dear Master, according to our Newspapers they have found some lead books in Jordan and it was said that they would make a great difference to Christianity. Will they?

LORD SANANDA: They are tablets that have been written nearly two thousand years ago, and they are very much like the so-called lost Gospels that were written about in Newspapers some time ago. Yes, they will make a difference to Christianity because Christians will begin to see the truth. There will be writings there of people who witnessed various miracles, people who witnessed the ministry that I gave. They are merely books of writings of followers who witnessed many of my ministries and that of my Disciples after I left them to go to India and such places, and they will change the face of Christianity because people will be given more truths, more things to understand, and it will be irrefutable evidence that I have spoken already, even back then, that mankind as humanbeings would eventually end.

SHEILA: Dear Master, we have always been told that we were made in God’s image, is that right?

LORD SANANDA: I am made in His image, it is an image He created and it is an image He found pleasing. People, teachers, scholars, many people, down through the centuries, believe that the only difference between humans and animals is they walk on four feet and you can speak, they cannot, and you have a different type of mind. Now, that is true but also the reason why my Father, the Creator, made the image of man and woman as He did was that it was not necessary for you to walk on all fours for the rest of your life. It was important that you evolved so that the image in His mind when He created the entire earth was that there would be a stronger species, but that species must find its way to evolvement, and that is exactly what you did, you found your way through the evolvement of primates until your curiosity was reawakened and you stood and you began to become what is known as a human being. Now here is an interesting parallel. Think of those who are not awakened to the understanding of spiritual life or the Ascension themselves. Think of them as only partially evolved, they are only just beginning to stand up, they need that extra helping hand to push along their evolvement. When you evolved through the primate stage and standing and acting as a human being, there was more time left on the world than there is now.

IVOR: I find dear Master that the animals have more intelligence than many humans do.

LORD SANANDA: Yes, they do, animals often show the way, and of course that is wonderful to see and experience if you can accept that animals have an intelligence. Most human beings don’t. I draw your mind to people who cage animals for nothing but monetary gain, and those women that have such tiny dogs they carry around as trophies. They have no regard for their feelings, for their intelligence but yes, you are absolutely correct, animals are much more spiritual because they live much closer to the earth. They work with the seasons, particularly in the wild. If you live in the wild you must hunt as the seasons dictate and you cannot hunt in your hunting ground if various things are not in place, so you understand when I say they work more closely with the earth than perhaps human beings.

IVOR: Well some of the experiences we have had dear Master, prove animals work spiritually as well. They work in conjunction with the spirit realms.

LORD SANANDA: They are often put into places to arouse the curiosity of people who arrive. You yourself have had experiences that you have been taken to a desolate place and there is nothing but perhaps a dog or a cat. Why is that cat there? You know the reason and you have been put in the place to explain to the person that you are leading why this animal is there, and I would be willing to say to you that in your soul rescue there are some animals but fewer that need to be taken home than humans. Yes?

IVOR: I will not tell you what the Medium called me when I asked her to ask a horse.

LORD SANANDA: I can believe, I can understand. Now are there any other questions you have?

SHEILA: There has always been the question dear Master, when Ivor returned from sleep whilst in Hospital that he was almost paralysed. He was helped at that time but has never been sure how he was helped?

IVOR: The body was in a state of rigor mortis when I woke up.

LORD SANANDA: Well it was because you left your human body behind and whilst the journey outward seemed to take to you perhaps a few moments in actual fact it was quite a few hours, and your body lost all of its functionality and the brain had been put to sleep as well, for total disconnection and total ascension if you will, had taken place, and then it was decided that you would return, and I know that you would have experienced the feeling of intense cold, not able to get your fingers working, your hands working until your mind directed it, and I would say that you had, at this point, many, many people around you giving you healing to every single part of your body, for it is necessary for you to have your physical body to continue the work here, and you were given that experience so that you may in time, and this will happen, you will be able to explain to people that in actual fact the separation of the body and of the soul if you like, the lightbeing, the energy, is painless, and it is as painless coming back in, as it is painless moving out.

IVOR: Well it helped me to connect with the physical body, and it was nearly 12 hours to get the full connections made, but it was done, and I do laugh to myself because when I came back, struggling with my own body, I found the ward was full of other beings, and there were as many beings hanging on the ceiling as there were standing on the floor, as I described, and I had to force myself out to ask for help thinking that these were all people that needed rescuing, and when I found myself on the roof there was as many people there as in the ward.

LORD SANANDA: The Hospital is a very unpleasant place to be for those who are sensitive, particularly in your situation, for there are many who are out of their bodies too quickly for them to realise what is happening, and it would be useful for those of you who have a healing/meditation circle, it would be useful to take them to a Hospital to do a clearance of those who are left behind because, for as many lives that are saved in a Hospital, and as many new lives that are brought into the world there, there are as many that go, and often quickly without explanation, so that would be useful if you could do that.

Well now my friends if you have no more questions I will bring our session to an end and I hope that you have found our discussions useful, and I thank you for the time and humour that we have had this morning. I say to you my Sister watch out for the Gladiators in your soul rescue.

IVOR: She would run.

SHEILA: No I would shout “Ivor”

LORD SANANDA: Yes “ Ivor”, and you see in a male body I could not do that but in a female body I have the vocal range. With that my friends I give you my love and my blessings. Farewell.