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                                         In Silent Stillness


                             “In stillness lies the answer to

                              illusion, time and space.

                              The physical eye doth see God’s

                               manifestation in all things


                               Regions of sorrow and joy

                               and eons of time hath carried

                               my soul across this earthly plane;

                               seeking truth in grand delusion.

                               In silent stillness there shines the

                               Light on Golden Wings.

                               In this vastness my third eye doth

                               perceive the ethereal matrimony

                               'twixt matter and spirituality:

                               purpose thusly achieved”

                                       Marjorie Schecher Harriz  1973

                                   From my book  "Love Mortal and Immortal"






So often we are deterred from this major journey of “Enlightenment” which we need attain to by other gifts we receive ….such as being psychic and communicating with other Worldly Beings or having other Gifts of The Holy Spirit. Being psychic is indeed rewarding in so many ways if we do not become dependant upon it. This would also include working with Crystal Skulls or any such Tools. Not any of this is the basis for spiritual enlightenment even though these are great cultivated attainments.

Man during his evolutionary path as a Soul has learned how to live within the human body, develop and control Mind.  Last of all to understand and control the human Emotions.

You know the old saying….If you want to get it done right you have to do it yourself!

It is wise to take advice and get different opinions be it from our family and friends or from other interdimensional and Light Beings.

But, in the End it must be Our Decision to be made after discerning any situation. If not the purpose of Our soul growth has been defeated.  Otherwise we will just have to keep doing it over and over until the decision comes from within our being.

Many believe once they have achieved psychic abilities that is the “MAX” the  WOW!

NO! The real WOW is attaining to Enlightenment to experience BLISS.  This can only be done in the Silent Stillness of Mediation.  When in full consciousness you receive the Gift of The Holy Spirit.  The marriage of Spirit and Matter.  When The Golden White Light envelopes you within it’s Being.  There is no Time, no Space nothing exists but BEING!  Your Monad, Soul and you are One!  This is the Maximum the Ultimate.  You will know the meaning of Bliss only by experiencing it for there are no human words to describe it.

Tibetan Lamas can spend their entire life attaining to this state of Bliss. 

This is our main Initiation this is our main Goal.



                          Let us not forget.

                    “Om Mani Padme Hum”


Copyright 2008 Marjorie Harriz All Rights Reserved.