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Statue of Mayan Maize God

The skulls are the keepers of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom.  They are resurfacing NOW in order to assist humanity and our Earth Mother in raising our vibration.


Ancients believed that the soul and Higher Self was housed in the skull.  The skulls were established for the giving and receiving of knowledge.  So it is indeed fitting for humanity to utilize them to gain access to our Souls Journey and our Higher Self. 


The actual shape of the SKULL is what allows us access to the higher dimensions.    They are the tool that opens the door to knowledge and healing. 


Skulls are a powerful healing tool.  They work on dimensions that many of us “humans” cannot fathom at this time.  The skulls communicate with the Higher Self and that, combined with the properties of the stones assist us in addressing conditions that have already manifested on the physical plane.  A skull healing is so EXTRAORDINARY because it works so quickly.


As you begin to work with skulls or receive a healing utilizing them, you must remember that the skull and facilitator are coming from a place of unconditional love and compassion.  Ego, expectations, material concerns are all set aside.  We ask for the intention of healing and we ask that the receiver remain open to that healing. 


Everyone’s healing experience is unique.  Like all healings, yours may be profound or you may not feel like you received anything at all.  One person may be more in tune with the vibration of that particular skull.  Regardless of what you did or did not feel, you will notice things happening in the days and weeks that follow:

            Illnesses disappear

            You may feel more energized

            Emotional or mental blocks are cleared

            You begin to gain access to knowledge of your past lives

            Karma is healed

            You may feel lighter

            The skulls are the catalyst you needed for a positive change to occur in you life.

            You have been awakened to your true potential

            You have been connected to the Source and you realize that we are all ONE


You may also feel that your reality is shifting, things take on a whole new perspective, your relationships may improve without you making the slightest effort….OR SO IT MAY SEEM… but in all actuality, the change has been made on an entirely different level.  The Level only the skulls can access. 


The skull communicates with your Higher Self and every individual soul has the free will to accept or not accept the healing.  You are given the healing that your Higher Self feels it needs and is willing to accept at this time.  This happens through the transference of vibrational energy from the skulls to the individual.




I was introduced to the skulls in June of this year (2008).  I felt an overwhelming sense of having found a missing piece of MY puzzle.  The skulls resonate with me.  They are part of my TRUTH.


When I hold skulls that have been with Synergy, I feel power.  I am transported to the Mayan temple where I stand tall and proud and powerful and gratitude emanates from my being.  I know my path is that less traveled but it is my path and I serve, knowing I MUST. 


When I hold the skull that has been with Max, I feel the healing energy flow.  I feel it in my lower legs and my arms.  I have Chronic Fatigue which makes my whole body ache with fatigue deep in my bones.  After meeting Max and working with him my CFS symptoms like short memory, headaches, not being able to formulate a thought or follow through on things has just about vanished.  I am tired but I am actually able to do so much more.  I have so much energy.


The skulls have greatly affected my life.  Things that I have tried to “Balance” for years are balancing themselves in the past few months – EFFORTLESSLY.


I do get something different from each and every skull that I am the guardian of.  Like:


My black moonstone’s name is Jezebel.


My Stromatolite’s name is Scotia and she has assisted me in meeting my Ancient Tibetan guide.


My Sodalite Starbeing takes me to the center of the cosmos where I stand in Awe of the Greatness surrounding me.


I believe that each and every one is here to teach me something.  They have awakened my sensitivity to the energy and vibrations that they emit.  I have been set on a course to research the messages I receive and the names I receive.  I believe they are showing me the truths about the journey my soul has been on and where it is that I must go. 



As a Lightworker, I serve only the light.  The skulls are the key from the past to unlock the door to our future.  The skulls are uniting like-minded individuals to heal ourselves and the Earth.  We will work together to share our knowledge, to share and spread light so that we create the world of peace and harmony that is our birthright.


A Mayan Serpent

Photos Copyright 2008 Marjorie Harriz All Rights Reserved