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"Amethyst-Revelations" January-February 20011



LORD SANANDA:   Good afternoon my friends.  It has been some time since we were able to talk together, but I am pleased that we have managed to meet once again, I have not a great deal to say to you on this day because there is much change going on in your world at the moment and thankfully many people are beginning to take notice of the changes that are happening.  I can see and hear that there are many of the events making the widespread global world net – I believe you call it the “internet” - and of course the global media of the television and the radio.


 There are many things happening and there are Scientists beginning to stake their reputations on the fact that areas of your planet are warming up where they shouldn’t be, for example in Africa there is a great river and it is warmed by 3-4 degrees and the Scientists have understood and found the evidence for this because many of the mammals and fish that would live in those waters have moved further away to cooler waters, and yet those who would bask in the warm waters further north, they have begun to move into those areas where there is warm water for them to live, so the habitats of the animals and the mammals are changing to such a great degree that I feel now the message is beginning, as you say, to get home, it is beginning to be received well. 


People are starting to understand that there is most definitely a change upon your world, so this I am very heartedly pleased, and now there must be the question “How are we going to deal with this?  What are we going to do?”  Many of your Scientists and Heads of Government are asking this question.  Well, my reply to them is that if you don’t do something quickly you will see much more of the widespread desecration that you have seen with the floods in Asia, South America, Australia – there will be much more of this type of thing that is to come, and I say to you, my friends, this has been foretold for many years, many years I have warned you, and at the very beginning of the work of the Amethyst Group we told you, we told you all that what was wet would be dry and what was dry would become wet.  Mountains would fall, lands would be levelled, and this is the reality, my friends, this is what is happening, but I say to you, take heart, this is the change that I foretold, this is the change that I said to you would mark the beginning of the final phase of mankind, and I say again to you my friends, do not be afraid to stand up and say it is happening. 


You must prepare each other for this, and I ask you, those of you that send questions to me.  I am very happy to answer them for you but the questions should be “How can I help my friends who do not understand anything about spirituality? How can I help my friends who know nothing, who will have nothing to do with the Godforce?  How can I help my friends, how can I help myself?”


 I know there are so many, many questions you have, but my friends, I must say to you that the importance is that you work upon yourselves, you work on your family and friends to prepare them for what must come.  The questions that come through are very important to the people that ask them, of course, but what I am trying to explain is that what they should be questioning is where they are on their spiritual journey and what they can do to prepare for this; there are plenty of willing people to help.


You see what we are trying to achieve is getting people together - it doesn’t matter whether it is three or four or sixty or seventy people - coming together with that cluster of light.  Apart from anything else it is a light, it is a beacon to other lightworkers who are working in some of the darkest areas of the world at this present moment that are going through horrific changes – think of Australia and Brazil – they are going through horrific changes.  Each one of those people that has been involved or hurt or have lost families, homes etc, they are just beginning their journey and are questioning and saying “What is happening, why?  It has never happened like this before.”  You have heard people say that they can go back two generations and they have never seen the like, and they are asking “What is happening, why?” and this is why I am trying to say to all of you, get together for comradeship, for learning, for experience, for understanding, and if you can gather people together to hear the message of the Ascension Plan, it is not to frighten people, it is merely to say to them you must expect more of this, this is what will happen, this is the reason – your earth is changing, you must be prepared to change with it.


            Some of the people in the far flung coldest areas of your world – in the North Pole, Greenland, The Arctic etc, they are at the heart of the global climatic change, they understand, they have worked for centuries with the land where they were born.  They can no longer hunt to feed their families because the ice is melting rapidly, the hunting grounds that were there three years ago have gone, and the animals such as the Walrus, the Bear, the Seal – they have moved because they knew that their food source had moved, and even those people who live in those areas have said - the whole communities have said - we cannot exist like this, we must make a new life, and this is the message I am trying to get home to as many people as I can before the Ascension Plan, you cannot exist like this, you have to move and you have to move spiritually, physically and mentally.  You have to change because if you don’t, you will be left to the time of tribulation and it will not be a pleasant time, and I do not want any to be afraid and walk in darkness when they have this chance now to take up the reins and sort themselves out.


You have never seen anything of the like that is to follow and I do not say this to be full of doom and gloom and to say there is nothing to plan your futures around, there is, there is so much for you to do for the future, and so much to do for the future of each other to ensure that the humanrace becomes as great as it can be, so that is what I would say to you, question where you are in the grand scheme of your spirituality.  What do you know?  What do you feel?  What do you see?  If you see something when you are meditating or if you sense something, you do not need to ask questions of what you see, you do not need to know the symbolism, what you need to know is how you can go further along that pathway so that you can answer that question for yourself. 


Do you understand what I am trying to say?  This is what people need to understand – those people who read the Amethyst Revelation pages  - I have revealed to you what is happening and what will happen, now I want to reveal to you, the individual, what you can do with the help of all of those people around you, in this world and in the next and around your planet, and yes, I speak frankly, this world and the next because this is the language that people understand, so I say there are many people working with the earth at this present moment, working with Mother Earth herself, working with light workers, but it is not enough, we need you all to start looking inwardly and to start your inward journey.  We need you to prepare for your own Ascension. 


I do not need to underline all of the things that are happening in your world. You have eyes to see and you certainly have enough sources of information that tells you what is going on, and I have foretold many things to you before we broke for the holiday period, and if you care to read back on the last transcript you will see that many of the things that were foretold have come into fruition already. 


Always constant in the mind of man is war - will there be a war?  Will there be a world war?  Will some country let off an atomic bomb and wipe civilisation from the face of the earth?  No, there will not be an atomic war, there will not be a nuclear war to annihilate the humanrace.  This assurance I can give you, but there is a war going on – there are many wars going on, on the face of your planet - but you must go to war, you must fight the disbelief, you must fight the doubt, you must fight the darkness that surrounds you from time to time. The war that you are fighting is a war for the survival of the humanrace, and it is a war which each one of you must gird yourself about and be as a warrior for you have a great journey to take, and that journey will take you to the place that has been prepared for you with love, with peace and it is a place where mankind, in his purest form, can take his own rightful place for dwelling. 


You must fight for strength and you must fight to move further along the pathway, but it is not a fight that you need to undertake on your own, this is why I say to you my friends, those of you with knowledge, do not be afraid to say that you have this knowledge, do not be afraid to say to another “Well sometimes I can feel tingling in my hands, I can feel energies” or whatever it is you feel.  Find that someone to talk to, find that someone to exchange information with, and teach each other; better still, find a group of comrades in arms, find a group of like-minded people where you can band together to get stronger, and where you will be bound to one another in love and honesty. 


This year, 2011, you will see many great things take place, you will see many wonderful things take place in the heavens, in the skies - planets conjoin with each other, planets crossing into each other’s pathways that hasn’t happened for many, many, many years, sometimes millennia - these are great and wonderful signs so do not be afraid.  Yes, there is the negative side, the unpleasant side, and there is the learning side, but there are so many wonders in place for you to see and share, and for you to know that the Hand of the Creator will suffer no harm to come to you as you prepare for your Ascension, and you must understand, when I say He will suffer no harm to come to you I mean He will suffer no harm to your spiritual being, your lightbeing.  Your physical you have to live in at this present moment - it is a vehicle that conveys you around from place to place. Some of you are whole, some of you are not and for those of you who are not I ask of you that you have patience for there is a reason and a necessity for your disability; I ask you to be patient.


Now, coming close to the earth, there is a season of change, it is not too far off - the season of rebirth, new life - and I would say to you my friends, my beloved ones, immerse yourselves in this season of rebirth and new life.  Note well how the plants force themselves up through the ground.  Have you ever stopped to think what strength that takes.  A plant is a living thing, it too has a journey and it has so much to push through. Does it know that at the end of all that effort, at the end of all that pushing – up, up, up against something solid -  that there will be light?   An interesting subject for debate I feel.  It is a living thing but just as that plant pushes itself through the wondrous weight of the soil and then crashes into the light perhaps that is a useful analogy for you to visualise. 


I would like to leave you with that little visualisation, and as always, leave you with my love and the words “Do not be afraid, I am with you always.”          




       THE AMETHYST GROUP (EARTHBOUND)Susan Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings A MESSAGE FROM LORD SANANDA (JESUS)ON 27TH JANUARY 2011.   IVOR opened in prayer. 

LORD SANANDA  Good morning my friends, It is very good to be gathered here again this morning but before I begin my global message, have you any questions for me? 


IVOR:  Alright, dear Master I will start off.  We have discussed and you have informed us of the diversion of the Gulf Stream, the influence of the hot waters in the distribution around the oceans of the world.  Can you give us any information on the jet-streams that are entering the atmospheres of the earth and the magnetic influences upon the earth that are coming here?  Other people seem to be dropping hints in this direction that this is also causing great difficulties in magnetic shifts, and other influences that are changing things upon the earth.


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, the main effect of the magnetic influences upon the earth will not be felt noticeably until the early and the latter part of 2013, and I did touch upon this in a previous global message concerning the solar activity of the sun. 


            Now the sun is where you get, apart from all of the life-giving help that it gives to your planet, the prime source of magnetic photons and neutrons that come through the atmosphere.  Normally you do not feel these and you do not see them, and they are only visible really in the far northern parts of your world where the Aurora Borealis sits. Now, at this present time, the sun itself is full of activity.  It is sending out into the atmosphere a lot of what I think you would call, photon-belt activity.  Photons are really just charged particles with all of the gasses that are found in the heart of the sun, and it is ejected from the surface of the sun in such a way as almost like a volcano. Now the photon, I think it was in 1996/97 – forgive me if my time is a little out but time is not really my thing as you know - a photon belt passed over your earth and after that time you experienced a huge surge in new technology, for example computers became much more advanced, media activity became much more advanced, computers became smaller, and mobile communication arrived on your earth more efficiently.  This is because the photon belt left behind lots and lots of charged energy which were able to prove to Scientists, when they were able to do their experiments, how these photonic belts could be changed, worked with neutrons and protons – quantum physics plays a huge part in this. 


            Now, what is happening to you at the moment is because the gulf-stream has changed, which is, as you know, the flow of water around your earth. It has shifted very slightly – not very much but it is enough to make a difference - it has tipped the balance.  Obviously this has changed the flow of rivers, lakes and seas etc, Some have warmed up, some have cooled down - this has made the jet-stream, the ionosphere, the stratosphere etc, also change because everything affects everything else - that is the law of physics, it is a chain reaction, a perfect chain reaction.  Normally there would be a barrier to a lot of the magnetic activity coming from the sun (and it is from the sun because that is your star, that is your closest planet that can affect you in such a way) but what is happening is that that balance has shifted just a miniscule, the shift is just miniscule but it is enough to allow much more photonic, neutronic, magnetic activity – all sorts of things into the atmosphere - which is charging it, which  is making communication difficult, but this is only just a little bit of what you will see prior to 2012/2013. 


            There are plenty of scientific explanations should any of you want to pass it on to others who do not believe what you say.  There are plenty of journals, books, media coverage – plenty of things because this activity of the sun itself has been so strong that it has caught the eye of many Astronomers, Scientists and Physicists, and in actual fact, at this present time -  and I have no way of giving you proof of this -  but at this time the Hadron Collider is trying to find out what will happen if enough magnetic energy is spewed forth from the sun and dispersed around the globe.  This is what they are trying to find out.  I hope that has answered your question, and given you some information?


IVOR:  Yes, thank you very much.


SHEILA:  Dearest Lord.  I have just received an e-mail from someone who makes the point that there is so much happening now in our physical world that people are stunned by it in a way.  I am talking about the landslides, the flooding, the loss of lives of animals as well as people, etc, and because of this and everything else that is happening to the economy all over the world – people losing their jobs and their homes - they cannot concentrate and give their energies to their spiritual side as they should do.  Of course we know that our spiritual side should run parallel with our physical, and that by asking for your help in times of need will give us strength to carry on, but it is sometimes very easy to get so bogged down that we forget to do this.  Would you give us your comments please.


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course I will.  I can understand perfectly what this person is saying, that they do not have time to consider the impact and what have you, and that is precisely what they should be considering.  They should be considering the fact that these animals are being taken away, they are being lifted from the planet, and they should be looking at the very earliest messages that I gave where I said what would be wet would be dry and what would be dry would be wet, and this includes everything – flora, fauna, houses, humanbeings, everything. What can be seen now is the reality behind that saying.  I am afraid life will not be the same and people must realise that and start becoming more spiritual by joining together in meditation groups, as I have said so often before.


            Now, if there are no more questions I will continue with my message:-


            My friends, I bring you a message that perhaps some of you will be disappointed with.  To some of you it will not make that much difference, but I hope that for some of you it will provide you with the inspiration that perhaps you desperately need to look at the revelations that I have previously given to you. 


            For a little while this will be the last message that I shall bring to you and the reason is this.  I have delivered to you, over the last six or seven months or so, revelations of such a magtnitude and such a high – how can one say – on such a high level with such knowledge and information in them that I feel that I have now given you enough to go on with, and I use that term as an earthly term so that you may understand exactly what I am saying. 


            The revelations I have given you, which cover this year 2011, 2012 and parts of 2013 I feel are enough homework for you.  I would like very much for all of you who have read them in passing to re-read them again, right from the very beginning, and I would like you to read them with a renewed and open mind, and I would like you to take each one away and in quiet surroundings I would like you to meditate on the messages I have given you.


            Some of the things that I have foretold have already come to pass, and some of them are yet to come.  Some of the things are in the heavens that you can see already, and some of you will have to delve deeper into perhaps nature or science to find the meanings behind some of the information that I have given you, but I would draw your attention to the very early days, way back in the 1980s and the 1990s when I was working with the Amethyst Group first, and some of my channellings were coming through Master Zenna, when I said at that time that soon what was wet would be dry and what was dry would be wet . 


            If ever there was information foretold, and its fruition shown, it has been over the last few months, and you have witnessed this in Australia, in South America, in China and in India, and whilst you may say - those amongst you who are searching and searching - whilst you may say yes, well, these events happen with regularity in India, they happen very regularly in Brazil and maybe not quite so regularly in China - they do not happen with such regularity in Australia my friends and they do not happen with such regularity in parts of Great Britain.  That great snowfall was seen and witnessed and experienced by those who cannot remember in living memory a colder winter than they have experienced this year of 2010/11.  I will not list the things that have happened in your world - the changes - I do not need to, they are in the revelations.


             It is now time for me to step back – I am not going away but I am a Teacher.  I have come through this channel, this Amethyst Group, to give you teachings and knowledge, and information prior to some of the events happening.  Now, if you will not take note of those events that I foretold, which have already come to pass, then I say to you my friends that it is now time that you did.  It is about time that you looked at the revelations that I have given you and it is about time that you set about doing your part, and wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever job you do, whatever place, position high or low that you hold, whatever media tools you have at your disposal, use them.  Spread the word.  The humanrace is about to change and to change for all eternity, and if you want to change with it then you must be prepared to put in the work.  Start to meditate, start to find out information which in your world will back up what I have said.  If you are afraid of being embarrassed or called a liar or called a nut-case or a religious-maniac then find the information, it is there – find it and use it to make your case, to make it first for yourself and then for those around you.  Do not tarry my friends because the time is coming close.  Do not tarry.  Make the case, understand the information and then spread it as far and as wide as you can.


            These words may seem harsh but there comes a time when the Teacher must stand back and encourage the pupil in whichever way is best, and my way is to say to you, look at what I have given you, it has been brought with love unlimited and it remains with love unlimited.  If you want to talk to me meditate and be quiet, listen and be aware, I will come.  The work must begin on yourselves my friends.  You can see the changes going on around you, begin the work on yourself.


            The Amethyst Group will be here to help but I ask you in all love and in all earnestness, please make sure that you work on yourselves and that the questions that you ask are for your spiritual awareness and for your advancement.  Do not concern yourselves with other universes, other planets, other worlds – they are going about their daily business, and your daily business should be saving yourselves at this present moment, and I do not mean saving everything and anything that is of material value, oh no, my friends, I mean saving yourselves, saving all of that which will outlive and outshine anything  material that you own, I mean saving your spiritual awareness, advancing along your pathway, engorging yourself on love, spiritual love -  and making your light shine brighter in this world.


            Be at peace my friends, do not be discouraged, be at peace, and spread the light.




LORD SANANDA:  One thing I can now tell you, to gladden your hearts, is the new solar-system that has just been discovered by the Scientists – that is the areas where your new planet is – and the great star at the heart of the solar-system will be your sun if you like, and there are many planets within that solar-system and all those planets are inhabited by creatures, beings, humans, aliens – call them what you will – they are all inhabited by those who have ascended before you.  For the first time it has been shown to the world, and it has only been possible to see it, from time to time, by those who are able to take you there spiritually, but now the whole world has been able to see it.  It is wonderful and it will strike a chord in the hearts of those who understand and know about the Ascension Plan, who know it very well, and know it within their hearts and know that it is to be.







            Lord Sananda has requested that we spread the light and love, peace and harmony to the whole of our world and we aim to do this every night at 10.o’clock (Greenwich time) and we invite all Light-workers to join us.

                                                                                                  SUSAN, IVOR & SHEILA