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IVOR opened in prayer.


LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends. How lovely it is to be with you once again, and before we begin our little meeting this morning, for I know that time is of the essence for you, I would like to say, with deep gratitude, thank you for the work that you did in the City,

I thank you for the efforts you made and the trust that you put in me to take you there and bring you home safely, so with deep gratitude.


IVOR:  Thank you dear Master for being able to share the whole experience.


LORD SANANDA:  Well now, I would like to say to you that as this year of 2010 draws to its close, you will have received much information – what to expect in 2011 – and I am sure those of you perhaps who have had the time to read back over some of the transcripts that you have received in the past few months, you will see that the prophecies that I gave you will have come to pass, and although it has been hard for you to cope and manage logistically over the last few weeks, certainly over the country of Great Britain with the weather that I told you would be coming your way, I would ask all of you, urge all of you, to be prepared for what is to be coming further towards the close of this year and the early part of next.


  It will not only be the weather but there will be much political shift in many other countries, and I ask you to bear in mind that you must let things come and go as they will, for this is the information that mankind must absorb and understand that these are further signs that his world is changing, and in some cases regimes and governments are coming to a close, and the fate of those peoples and those nations will be in the hands of those who are more wiser and loving and more understanding. 


I ask all of you as well to look at your own personal circumstances, and I ask you to be united, to be well grounded in love and understanding, to be forthcoming in love and praise of those you work and live with, and to understand that the Ascension, although it will be a great change for mankind by its very nature, it cannot possibly fail to be a great change for you either, you as personal individuals.  You will find yourselves perhaps in circumstances that you do not understand and you do not want, and I say to you, be not afraid for these are learning curves that you will have to go through, and yes, I am not ashamed to use a modern phrase, “learning curves”,  


Those of you who have not experienced things that will be necessary for you to fulfil your potential at the Ascension, you will begin to experience them now.  For some of you it will be ecstasy, for others the experiences that you will endure perhaps will not be of your liking, and I would say to you, I liken this only to a child who has to take medicine which it does not like but which, in the long run, the cure will be the better thing, and I do not say this to make you feel apprehensive or afraid of the future, they are just things that you must experience and you must learn.  You will not experience everything, and you will not understand everything before you ascend, but for each individual to fulfil his/her potential, then there will be things that you will need to understand and experience.  This is why, in the past few months, I have urged you to go to a Meditation Group to learn all you can of your spiritual understanding and undertaking, so that you may open yourself up to much strength, to much healing, and much understanding of things that perhaps in the past you have disregarded or put to one side because the timing had not been right for you. 


I would like to speak briefly on timing, and I would like to urge each of you, please approach these coming years with calmness.  I do not wish you to approach them with the futility of the human mind, and think “Oh, we have not much time left”.  You have all eternity left, but yes, the days that you know, in the world that you know, are coming to a close, but I urge you to be calm just as in any – how can one say – in any emerging situation that is perhaps different for you to understand, and different for you to experience - perhaps your immediate reaction would be panic – “I must get this done, I must get that done, I don’t have much time”.  Be very aware that you must remain calm but you must not instil in others a feeling of panic and alarm.  It is a very natural thing that the world that you know will come to its close; it is perhaps a very unnatural thing that you are the human beings at the time the human race will witness the end of its days - that is the unnatural part. 


Your world has come to an end many times before; in human terms many millions of years ago your world undertook a great change.  The entire force of the nature of the animals that were on the earth at that time was changed, and none of you witnessed that.  Some of you have witnessed the change in humans, some of you have witnessed the birth of humans, some of you have witnessed the birth of new life in different planets - life that you do not even recognise as a life form - so all that is unnatural is the fact that I am telling you about it and the fact that those of you who are here and now in the present will witness the closing days, and I say to you again, be not afraid - be calm, be patient - trust in yourselves, love each other, be united in what you believe, be strong in what you believe and accept what you can and build on that acceptance. 


The coming few weeks are a time of great festivity here on this earth, mainly for those who would call themselves Christians, and there are others who have at this time in your yearly calendar, great festivities of light and enlightenment, and for this reason I shall leave you but for a brief period, and I mean that I will not deliver messages or information to you for the next coming weeks for I will leave you to enjoy the festivities - the love that is generated at this time of the year - but I would ask all of you to remember why it is you celebrate this time, whatever your belief - whether you be Christian, whether you be Hindi, whether you be Islam, whether you be Judaic – I ask you all to remember why you celebrate this time of the year, and I ask you to be aware that there are traps out there, in the great big world, to make yourself penniless and in debt for that which you think others should receive, when really the greatest gift that you can give another is time and love. 


Now, my sister, have you any questions for me?


SHEILA:  Yes I have, dear Lord. We have now received information from the States that the latest satellite data established that the north Atlantic Current or the North Atlantic Drift, together with the Norway Current, has gone because most of the oil spillage has sunk to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  As these two warm water currents are part of the planet’s heat regulatory system, which keeps Ireland and the UK mostly ice-free, and also the Scandinavian Countries from being too cold, with the Gulf Stream virtually gone they are saying this will start another Ice-Age.  Could we have your comments please?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, as you know, I have already commented on this in the transcript before the one on the meeting in the great City when I spoke to you of the Gulf Stream, and I did say at that time that the Gulf Stream had moved and had not returned to its normal pattern.  This is merely an elaboration on that question, or if you would prefer it, it is more of a confirmation of the information that I gave. 


It is not going to start another Ice-Age, no, but you have seen, certainly here in Great Britain and in Ireland, the effect of that already, and I am afraid that will continue for some time to come, and when I speak of some time to come I speak here of certainly this winter, and you will find that there will be weather conditions which are extremely unfamiliar to many or weather conditions that have not been seen for many decades, and if those people giving this information would care to look back a decade ago, they will find that another severe winter was encountered when you had yet another oil spill in another part of the world, which was the Exxon Oil Spill, you will find that that too disrupted much of the weather pattern. 


People in the world, in the industry of oil etc, their position is extremely difficult.  They are pressured by what you would call the consumer market to bring oil to parts of the world that need it for industrial and domestic purposes.  They are pressured to do this, but yes, when the pressure is on - and of course that main pressure is money for the market and for the consumer goods etc - the risk to the environment is often put to one side, and unfortunately these events happen on such a catastrophic scale to remind mankind that the earth is itself in a very, very delicate balance, and this has been proven over the last few weeks, and I would urge you again to remember - and I cannot seem to get this information to the people that could make a difference - but these things, unless you become aware of the planet and its environment, these things will continue to happen on a greater scale until the Ascension  Plan is complete, and they will continue to happen afterwards as well.  This will be part of the time of Tribulation, but it will not herald another Ice-Age.


SHEILA:  I asked this question dear Lord because it was mentioned that the Gulf Stream was gone, it had disappeared.


LORD SANANDA:  No, it has not gone, the Gulf Stream has not gone, it has merely been shifted, its course has been shifted.  Imagine, if you will, a dam of sludge in a river.  It is certain water will make its way through and it will make its way through sludge, and if its pathway is blocked then it will go around that blockage or it will ride over the top.  The Gulf Stream has gone around that blockage and of course it has pushed, if you like, further out to the west and further up to the northern part of your planet, so instead of coming around more to the east, and over to the north-east of your planet – and I have to say this for the hemisphere that I am talking about - more than going further over to the north-east, across the Scapa Flow, up through to Norway and the Scandinavian countries like that where it does provide a buffer for those countries, it has moved completely further up into the north, and you will find that in the early part of 2011 you will hear big news of an early thaw in the northern pole.  This itself will bring a problem of flooding.


SHEILA:  Thank you for that.  The next question - we keep getting people saying there is a danger coming from Mars.  What danger dear Lord, and how will it affect us?  Do you know of any imminent danger?


LORD SANANDA:  No, the only danger that you may experience from another planet is actually from your own star, the sun, which again I have reiterated in an earlier transcript.  There is a danger coming from a solar flare but it will not affect you, it may affect the planet Mars depending on its orbitory pathway at the time, but I certainly have not implemented anything, and I would know.


SHEILA:  The last question is about a new planet that has been discovered.  According to the newspapers the Astrologers are now saying they have found a new planet that has diamonds on it.  What is the truth behind that?


LORD SANANDA:  I think one should be very careful when talking of diamonds.  Much of the surfaces of the other planets in your galaxies, which astrologers have studied, are covered in rocks, minerals and ores, and as you know, diamonds come from carbon and I think this information may well have been misinterpreted.  Possibly covered in carbon would be one of the planets of Jupiter but I think that it would be difficult for an astrologer to actually pinpoint the fact that a planet is covered in diamonds, so I think you must beware of what you newspapers and where this information comes from.  It must be credible and it is often good to have some information to be reported which would divert the nation from the gloomier aspects of life that is happening at the moment, so it is just a talking point.  There is not a planet encrusted with diamonds but there are various surfaces in your galaxies which are covered with carbon and of course, this can be produced to make diamonds, but I ask “What would be the purpose?  You have enough diamonds in industry to use all you need, and surely there are enough diamonds to grace the fingers, necks and ears of the population of this world, if not the next, where you will not need them.


IVOR:  Going back to the meeting dear Master, the people that were there were amazed that they were able to speak to you, one to one, and I know that was beyond their expectations.


LORD SANANDA:  Would that I could speak to everyone like that, but …….


IVOR:  Those that read your transcripts, given the will, they will comprehend it just the same dear Master.


LORD SANANDA:  I know they will, I know there will be many who will read them and I know in the coming days there will be many more who will read them but, I would take you back to a line or two in the Bible - he that has ears to hear and eyes to see. 


There will be more requests to speak to individuals, to groups, that is why I am asking you to rest, and I know this will come to pass, but I know there are many, many more that I wish I could reach, and perhaps there would be those who would say “Well why don’t you reveal yourself, why don’t you come as you did before, why don’t you come in the second coming” but the time is not quite right, and I have said before that I will reveal myself, I will reveal myself to the world as the Ascension takes place and the Tribulation comes, I will reveal myself, but I came before, I sacrificed much, and I showed the world how life could be, and yet, down through the centuries, although there are many who glorify my name for all the wrong reasons, I would that I could still come and say “Look at me, look at me, the man, look at me your Brother, look at me your Sister,” but it is not in the plan, so it is to you my friends that I bring my messages of hope, and it is to you that I speak from my heart, and it is to you, as we decreed before this phase of your life began, that I would bring the truth in the final days to come, and for that I thank you.  You may put that in the transcript if you wish.


 I will let you into a little secret that I would share with you.  We have fun, Susan and I, when we read the transcripts because sometimes I translate it in Aramaic and she is completely befuddled.  I put before her the transcript and then sometimes I translate it in Aramaic, and she pulls it up and she thinks not again, the computer cannot have gone down again, and then she feels me close and says “Lord Sananda, English please”.


So now I think it is time for me to depart.   Remember the things I have said my friends, as this year 2010 draws to its close, and I would urge you to remember that the greatest gift above all is love, and I leave you with my love, leave you with peace, and I hope imbibe you with harmony and hope for the future.  My blessings as always.