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A New World Is Emerging


"Science claims all life is derived from Star Dust and Comets"

The Awakening is taking place much faster than ever thought possible on a mass consciousness level.  People are becoming  more aware and realizing they must take responsibility for themselves concerning their Mind, Body and Spirits and caring for our Home...Mother Earth.
The New Energies and Light being gifted to us at this time is making us more aware.  Many are opening like the Lotus to spiritual and psychic abilities, deeper connections to their Higher Selve's and a more caring awareness for our Planet.
We are also opening to the great mystery of The Crystal Skulls and their ability to guide us through this adventure we are actually creating.
It is a time to look inward and reflect how these new energies can empower our lives and focus them for betterment to help heal all the drama's and trauma's being played out within the third dimension (actually the higher dimensions also) at the present time.  A sense of Change or Anticipation is being experienced by nearly everybody we talk with these days.  Yet so many say " I can't put my finger on it".
Each of us is being embraced by these energies of change whether we realize it or not.   With realization we can Morph more easily into our higher state of Awakening.
All the Kingdoms of The Creator are advancing through this new beginning of Cosmic Consciousness.  Source lovingly gives us the tools but it is up to each of us as to how we utilize these gifts to increase our "Light Quota" for the Awakening.  This is not solely a Planetary enlightenment.  It is a Cosmic Event.   When we pass through The Photon Belt every 26,000 years ( Our constellation passes through the Galactic Center every 26,000 years) a New World is born of this Photon Light.  It has happened eon's of times before.  Another Round in Cosmic Evolution unfolds Now. The Grandeur of it all being, we have the opportunity to take this journey in full consciousness this time around which we have never been afforded before by The Creator.
Another Grace being granted to us by All That Is. 
I pray we ....Take the Time To See!   We are in the time of The Awakening for mankind and the time of the Reawakening of The Crystal Skulls.


Pascal a Mayan King