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September 29 2008 The Skull Introduction Workshop (Text)


These are the Skulls that were introduced and worked with by those attending the Workshop. 



                                     September 29, 2008 


We are so pleased and honored you have joined The Crystal Skull Whisperers, this evening for the INTRODUCTION  to Crystal Skulls.

This has been a joint venture on the part of Carole, Darlene,

Tami, Karin and myself.

At the end of this introduction…. The Crystal Skull Whisperers, would like to share their experiences with you about the Skulls.

We would also like if you wish while having some refreshments under the supervision of one of us…… to work with the Skulls yourselves.

We are all new at working with Crystal Skulls and our knowledge and understanding is actually at LEVEL ONE.


We have had such a mystical experience working with them we feel from our hearts we would like to share this information with you and provide an opportunity to help any who are interested in opening themselves to a deeper and higher consciousness through them. 

Also, our main purpose is to be of Service to Mother Earth and the kingdoms that live upon Her Being…..Human, Animal, Plant  and Mineral.


Our intent is to join together on a regular basis to work with the Skulls and help raise the vibration of Mother Earth in order to assist in Her Cleansing and for an easier Transition.

We will also be doing Energy Healings on each other with the Crystal Skulls. 

If you are interested in joining us with this endeavor please let us know.


What is not understood can be regarded in a negative light.


If one works with The Skulls on a psychic and spiritual level their beneficial purpose may again be made available to mankind during this crucial time of transition. 

This was the intention of The Ancients.

Before using the Crystal Skulls.....

There are Clearing, Programming and Healing Mediations that can be used.

We ensure “Spiritual Sanctuary” by purifying the area before Meditation and Communion with The Skulls.

According to The Mayan there are 13 Crystal Skulls that will come together before 2012  to save mankind from destruction

There are different ideologies as to how The Ancient Skulls  arrived on Earth.  The Maya claimed they came from ET's.                                                         


They claim the skulls were teleported to Earth having already been completely created by Pleiadeans…whose goal it was to teach man about his heritage, purpose and history of the Earth.

They called it  “spirit-in-living earth experience.” 

The skulls were not left as form of worship but as a teaching device for the human mortal to learn from, for raising our consciousness through for future generations to come.

Atlantians, Ancient Egyptians, Tibetans, The Phoenicians and The Buddhist are just a few that have worked with Crystal Skulls.  

Native Americans also have a 13 Skull Legend .                                             

The Bible Codes mention the Crystal Skulls

and their link to the Mayan prophesies.       


The Skulls are a Tool to be used for the Re-awakening and Re-teaching of ourselves.  They will help us to connect to the immortal part within ourselves. 

They are a bridge between the dimensions and a connector to the source of… Wisdom, Knowledge and Healing on many different levels.

There is no limit to where the Skulls can expand our consciousness to.

They are Messenger’s of Light!

Of the Ancient Mayan Skulls there is….clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and Smokey.


The Ancient Skulls were made of different kinds of Quartz Crystal….due to the fact that the properties of quartz is a natural catalyst.                                     

The Chinese worked with life size Jade Skulls also. 

It is the shape of the skull that enhanses the energy to flow through the matrix and promote transmission.

Properties of Quartz and other minerals also facilitate this.

Ancient… is a Skull created from 1,500-2,000 years ago or older.                                                                                                                                 


Old… is 100 to 1,000 years.

Then you have what is called New, Modern or Contemporary Skulls.


There is an International Crystal Skull Society in California that does extensive research on them. 

There are a few well-known Skulls.…..Mitchell-Hedges,

Synergy, Amar and several others but THE most acclaimed to be authentic are MAX and Sha-Na-Ra.


It is said at the time when the 13 skulls are to be activated…

other skulls in the world will be in attune with THEM and those of The Light and Vibration having Skulls of their own will be in communication with The Original 13. 

Skulls can and do talk to each other.

You can put a new, or modern Skull next to an Old or Ancient one…. and the new one will feel older and can receive information through the matrix of the Elder. 


Several of our Skulls have been next to Max, Synergy and Amar.

Jade, has been next to Synergy for over a year and a half.

Contemporary Skulls range in size from a marble

to human size.

What is most interesting though…those NOT having been

next to an “OLDIE” can just as easily be worked with.


Size does not always determine the energy transmission.


We have found that the smaller ones can almost be as powerful as Jade, being 7 inches in length and 12lbs. in weight.                                                     


Be it Quartz or Skulls made from other minerals…they

act as transmitters…like computer chips.

They hold… send…. and receive information. 

They act as Holograms.


When the skulls are carved…. The Interdimentional realms assign an energy or group of energies to work through each skull.

When you look at a Skull and feel..that one is for “Me”…this is because you feel THAT energy of the skull on…. your own higher level.


The shape of Skulls helps to process the energies in a very specific way being crystalline in nature.


It is the shape of the human skull that helps us to connect to ALL energies revolving around and within us. Likewise with… The Crystal Skulls.  


Different Tones, Sonic Frequencies and even Mantra’s have the ability… to activate Crystal Skulls.

One method I use is the mantra… “Om Mani Padme Hum”.

There are a few translations for this mantra.   My favorite is... “Behold the jewel in the Lotus”.    It is the Mantra of the Buddha Kuan Yin….. The Buddha of Divine Mercy and Compassion.

When chanted it helps to purify, heal suffering, discomfort and pain.  


We use this in OUR.. Crystal Skull Energy Healing.   It is used during the  “The Crystal Skull Activation” which we find to be very powerful in helping one to open to The Crystal Skulls. We also offer the Attunement for The Crystal Skull Activation. 


Ancient Skulls were found near or around Mayan

and Aztec Ruins in Mexico, Peru, Central America and a few other places of the world.

Most of them are Quartz and human size.

Skulls have such a deep-rooted impact on Indigenous people. To this day they are still making and working with skulls of all different sizes and different minerals though out the World.

People from all over the World are traveling to Central America searching for information from The Maya about the Prophesies of the Mayan Calendar and The Crystal Skulls. 


Last year elders traveled to Guatemala for a historic gathering.  

Among those present were the Kogi, and several other Indigenous Peoples from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains in Columbia. The Maori Elders from New Zealand and many other elders who desired to be with the Maya during this crucial time of transition were also invited.

The skulls have a very special purpose and that is to help mankind transform into a Higher State of Consciousness.

It is shown with Kirlian Photography how quartz and minerals amplify healing and increase’s psychic awareness.                                          


Quartz is a recorder of thoughts, visions, intentions and teachings. The Skulls act like a visual movie

and communicate via telepathy, graphics and  different geometric’s.


When The Skulls are Activated they play out on the screen of the human mind like a movie.


Answers have been given to questions asked and not asked.

The Skulls act as a step down transformer between man and Higher Beings or a Higher Consciousness.

To work with the Skulls it is necessary for you to build yourself to a Higher Vibratory Rate.

When working with them you feel the entire vibration change within your body…. the entire sub-atomic structure body structure changes.                                         


Skulls have been known to work thought the 5 senses of the human brain…. Change color…

give off a sense of odor and

transmit sounds to the ears…

Also when a persons hands are placed upon it very distinctive energies are felt.

We have found that each Skull has it’s own Being at the time of communication with it …sharing mental, emotional and physical gifts.

Different Beings as we were told are “On Call” through the same Skull at different times. 

If one is NOT psychic simply by touching and becoming one with the Skull a little Seed may be planted within the BEING of that person and be helped in a way not yet known.                                                       


Energy is most definitely felt in one Charka or another.

The Tibetan Monks that channeled through Max taped into the healing energies of the Skull and sent it through the meridians of the patient’s body for healing.  


Max was used as their spiritual and healing tool.

The Ancient Skulls have healed and opened many that have been with them.

This can be said of the contemporary Skulls also.

If one is sensitized to THEIR skull they do not have to have it in hand to communicate with it.    Mental link-up is all that is required. 


Max is 18 pounds, Clear Quartz and was used by the Mayans for healing and prayer rituals. 


A Tibetan trained healer upon his passing gave Max to

JoAnn Parks and he now resides in Texas.

Max and another Skull  Sha-Na-Ra are the only two Lab. tested Skulls thought to be Authentic and over 5,000 years old.

Star Moser, has been working with Tak, a Christed Light Being…for many years through the Matrix of Max.

She was told Max, is over 36,000 years old. 

Tak, is one of… “The Roots Of The Tree Of Life”.

Each Root being one of the 12 Tribes.

When all of the fragments of the Tribes are reunited in  ONENESS…then MAX will be Reunited with his Crystal Body... and the Ascension of the  OVERSOUL  will take place into the next Octave…. of ONENESS.

AND so it will be with All The Other Skulls… and for US.

It is important that those of us who do communicate with SKULLS unite as ONE.  


Amar is a Crystal Skull a Tibetan High Lama took with him when he fled Tibet.   It is now housed in Canada.

It can only be said from our personal experience of working with these CONTEMPORIES…a mystical experience can be had.

It is INDEED possible to work with these enchanted Skulls.


If one is working with a Skull there are 12 more skulls in higher dimensions that are connected to it.

The Maya say….12 Skulls are:   The Sun the Moon and 10 planets…the 13th being reserved for Quetzalcotal  (Quatz Zal Co Tal)  who will return to rule the planets.


The 13th Skull was used as a sign of… “The Return of their God”.

There are many other Religions and Cultures waiting for the “Return” of their God also.

The Maya were aware of what is called   “The Great Cycle”.   Their calendars were made in accordance with these cycles.  Within The Great Cycle,  Suns orbit around the Great Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades.                             

This cycle is then broken down into 5 sub-cycles of 5,125 years each. 

The Aztec Calendar also known as the Meso-American Sun Stone, depicted each cycle being destroyed by one of the Five Elements of Nature. 

The Cycle we are presently in is called the age of the 5th Sun…. the years range from 3113 BC to 2012 AD.  The 5th Cycle ends on December 21, 2012.

Many civilizations were and still are aware of the meaning of this date.

Even today Native American Apache, Cherokee and Hopi share this belief.


Many share the legend of the Skulls.             


My friends were involved with a FIND from China years ago.  Many Skulls were found in a cave but 12 of them were of the greatest interest since they were labeled Ancient…12,000 years old.


Buzz, a professional and being very good at different kinds of photography made a Horizontal overlay of a very special Skull  # 12.

I have here photos of the face that appeared on Skull #12 with the Overlays.  (Go to the Side Bar Himalayan Skulls for more info.)

Information concerning it’s purpose was received by several gifted psychics. 

Also there are Photo’s of The Ancient Crystal Skull Max.  High Tech. Photography was used on the Skull and these designs or codes were found within the Matrix.  (We showed Photos)

And for the first time Meridians in the human body have been photographed.

What the Chinese knew 5,000 yrs. ago and Healers using Prana, Chi and Reiki… all different names for “The Life Force”  has now been proven.   (Photos were shown)


The Skulls like light but not to be put in direct sun light.

Light rays are the life essence to Skulls.  Darkness makes them kind of hibernate. 


Skulls are not to be worshiped or venerated.....they cannot be explained with proof.    


The Skulls are to protect man and the planet and to help us through the hyper- dimensional shift.

These wonderful Tools are like an ethereal transport but they need the human to open them and direct their abilities and Energies.

They are Gifts having been given to Mankind.


Regardless if the Ancient Skulls come from ET’s, Lamuria, Atlantis or The Inner Earth… simply having them handed down from one civilization to another….is helping mankind to awaken to the fact…. that we are all members of the same spiritual family that must come together in Peace and  Harmony. 


With all the darkness in the world today it is necessary to protect the Earth and ourselves.

A Tonal Frequency of protection can be activated using 13 Skulls.

You can Amplify your Skull being the 13th to the Power of 12.

If you place 12 crystal skulls around your own crystal skull it enhances its power and energy.


Having ONE Main Skull… but preferably 12 more for the expanded harmonic scale is a very powerful form of Protection.

One can also use photos of the Ancient Skulls… to make a total of 13.                    

By using intent and focusing on your Central Skull you can dissipate DARK energies currently being focused on humanity and the planet. 


With all the negative energies being directed at us it is necessary that The Light Workers counter- act these modern technologies with Ancient methods.

The Crystal Skull Whisperers have become Supporters of The Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations (2009-2011) started by Joshua Shapiro.

We are also involved working with Joshua, in creating the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations that will be presented before the end of this year.   

Jan. 1, 2009 is the first of a series of seven dates that have been chosen for The Meditations.


Imagine…. if on these dates all Caretakers of Crystal Skulls focus on Peace and the Healing of our Planet?   

What an energy shift could result from this Mass Consciousness Thought-Form.

Many cultures have the belief in the Awakening of the 13  Crystal Skulls.

The seven chosen dates have been set up to relate to the Mysterious # 13. 

By setting these specific dates… it is done with the hope of linking to the numerical value of 13…Also the 12 Around 1 Equaling 13…which has been held sacred by many Mystery Schools.


12 signs of The Zodiac.  The 13th being OPHIUCHUS...November 30th to December 17th.    Is it possible that the sign Ophiuchus IS the meaning the Key of the 13th Skull??????????

The Mayan had 13 Healing Temples.

There are many others.


There is the principle of ….the 12 around 1 or 13, which equals 4…(time-closure). 

13 takes us to the closure of the biogenetic experiment of reality that was created in Linear Time for Mankind in this Round Of Cosmic Existence….the purpose being….to understand  Human Emotion.


This is the last of our assignments for the Creator before we return to “Source”.


It is the hope of The Crystal Skull Caretakers; this energy created through the Meditations will help to hasten us into an ERA of Peace and Enlightenment for 2012.


The Ancient Skulls have spoken to our Ancestors that have preceded us …we pray they will activate ALL SKULLS… at the appointed TIME and we will heed the Knowledge and Wisdom contained within them that they so desire to share for our guidance and Ascension.


The Ladies would now like to share with you some of their experiences with the Skulls and talk about our Ceremonies.

Again…thank you for joining us this evening.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”.                              






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