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Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations (2009-2011)






The Year of '2008'
 is the beginning
of a new time  when the crystal skulls will be more openly embraced by the public as a cosmic doorway for loving & peaceful energies.

The Crystal Skull
the assistance of many friends are thrilled to announce a series of special meditations to be held on special dates from 2009-2011.

To find out how
you can participate
and what these
meditations are
all about, please
read below



Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation


On his birthday, April 17th, 2001, crystal skull explorer, Joshua Shapiro was asked by the well known psychic, author and public speaker, Uri Geller, on his radio show the following question:


How can the crystal skulls help to create World Peace?


Well, after thinking upon this question, Joshua replied:

"Envision what would happen if we could have all the caretakers of crystal skulls,
focusing on a common meditation for world peace – Imagine what are
the possibilities for a complete shift of the consciousness
and energy on the planet could be?"


For many years, the crystal skull explorers, Joshua Shapiro and his partner, Blue Arrow Rainbow, have discussed how and when such a meditation could be organized. Then, in July 2008 while Joshua was recovering from an illness, while attending a crystal skull conference in Milan, Italy, he woke up one morning and received a message how do it!! He was shown to organize a series of seven meditations between the years of 2009 through 2011, where the dates would be connected to the value of 13.


Many people have heard the indigenous legends which have discussed about a set of special (or original) 13 crystal skulls that exist. However, it is not totally clear if such a set of crystal skulls really does exists and if this is true, are any of these crystal skulls publicly known? Yet for many people, they do not question this legend at all, as their spirit feels a strong remembrance and connection about such a set of 13 crystal skulls that does exist.


So, let’s expand upon this vision of creating meditations for world peace as we make a connection with the energy of the crystal skulls. We begin this journey by naturally linking to specific dates that have a numerical relationship to the value of 13. We believe by doing so, this will generate an experience for the participants that could carry and create a special energy to shift our world and carry us into a new era. Therefore, here are the dates that Joshua received to perform a series of seven meditations as follows:


January 1st, 2009 (1/1/2009 = 13 adding all the numbers together)


January 10th, 2009 (1/10/2009 = 13 adding all the numbers together)

February 2nd, 2009 (2/2/09 = 13 again, without using the full year)

March 1st, 2009 (3/1/09 = 13, again not using the full year)



January 2nd, 2010 (1/2/10 = 13 using the value of ten for the year)

February 1st, 2010 (2/1/10 = 13, using the value of ten for the year)



January 1st, 2011 (1/1/11 = 13 using the value of eleven for the year)


Our goal is to try to reach every single individual who is a caretaker of a crystal skull, whether their crystal skull is a newly carved one or one which is very old and ask them to join us in the meditations. We hope that by January 1st, of 2011, to have as many crystal skull caretakers as possible joining us in this wondrous peace meditation, at sometime during that day. The announcement of these series of meditations is beginning on August 8th, 2008 (8-8-8). Many people believe on this day a special new energy will come into our world as people and groups from all over the Earth will be conducting special meditations and ceremonies to help anchor these new energies. Now some personal messages related to the meditations:


A Message from Blue Arrow Rainbow:

Although my daughter and I are more connected to the idea of the 12 + 1 Crystal
Head energy (12 crystal skulls surrounding a central 13th skull), we still feel it is important
to support these World Peace meditations with our Heart, as this Is what we ARE aiming for:

WORLD PEACE for Every Being on this planet and beyond


A Message from Sue Kitts:

What matters most during these meditations is what is in your heart, and that the crystal skulls will help to connect the healers and lightworkers from all countries to join together in perfect harmony for the benefit of all mankind.


On the page listed below, is a suggested way you can perform our first meditation which is scheduled for January 1st, 2009.  You may want to print out this page, so you can review the proposed form of the meditation that we will be following.  Also this page discusses how you can still participate with us, even if you do not have a crystal skull of your own.  If there are other people you are inviting, please send them the link of this page as well, go to:




People who are Supporting the Meditations

Rose Quartz Circle
(sent by Blue Arrow Rainbow and Marcella Blue-Eagle Wolf)
A circle with a diversity of 12 + 1 loving Rose quartz Crystal Heads. 
This circle is radiating a diversity of Heart energies combined
with several Masters, Angels and the 4 (+1) elements. It took up
to 5 years to find all the members for this circle.

Alison James
, Caretaker of "Portal of Venus" and the "Telosian" Skull
(Channel, Teacher, Healing Facilitator and Ascension Energy Anchor, New York City, U.S.)

Bill Homann, Caretaker of the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love"
(crystal skull caretaker, public speaker, researcher and explorer, Indiana, U.S.)


Blue Arrow Rainbow, Guardian of Mozes of Peace and family
(Crystal Head caregiver who together with her Daughter Marcella Blue-Eagle Wolf,
 guards a crystal head circle, channel for Universal Energies, the Netherlands)


BraveEagle, Caretaker of HOPE, a human size crystal skull
(caretaker of over 200 skulls, follows and teaches the indigenous path, offers peace
Meditations with the skulls at her center in northern California, U.S.)


Burt Kempner, filmmaker and journalist
(Gainesville, Florida)

Cece Stevens, coordinator/investor, crystal skull caretaker of "Bob"
(Professional Astrologer, Dowser, Psychic Reader, Healer, Teacher, Writer, Photographer, Paralegal, book publisher, Arizona, U.S.), Stewards of the Tibetan Crystal Skull "Amar"
(Offers a very comprehensive website on everything Crystal Skull)



Daniel Brower, Director and Founder of Circle of Sound
(A worldwide family of sound workers who share Global Harmonization Ceremonies
every Equinox and Soltice working with a variety of sound and musical instruments)


Geraldine Firequeen, Guardian of Frankenstein, Circe, Haakon, Jethro and others
(crystal skull caretaker, writer, gardener, astrologer, healer, dream interpreter, tarot reader, Nelson, England.) 

Gillian Ellis, Crystal Skull Co-guardian of the Jade Skeleton AS-K-RA
(Crystal Skull guardian, facilitator of Positive Growth events and retreats. The
Antahkarana Centre, Surrey, England.)

Hunbatz Men, Caretaker of a Sacred Tibetan Skull & Mayan 'Day-Keeper'
(crystal skull caretaker, Mayan Elder of the Itzá tradition in Mexico, special ceremonies
with various crystal skulls at sacred Mayan sites in Mexico)

Jan Ackerman, Crystal Skull Guardian of Grandpa Sunhawk Medicine Star
                       and one of the unique White Buffalo Crystal Skulls
(crystal skull guardian, public speaker, peacemaker and shamanic healer,
Courtemaîche Switzerland)

Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer
(crystal skull caretaker, presenter, author and investigator, Chicago, US)

Karen Tritton, crystal skull caretaker of "Smokey"; "Starr" and "Flora"
(crystal skull guardian of several skulls, Crystal Therapist, UK)

Kathleen Murray
, Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing
(author and guardian of Mahasamatman, Kalif, Jade, The Twins and other crystal skulls,

Marcella Blue-Eagle Wolf, Guardian of Tree Leaf /Merlin / Bijoux
(Caregiver of a large Crystalline family together with her Mother Blue Arrow Rainbow
(Channel for Universal Energies. Working with animals, mainly horses, The Netherlands)

Sue Kitts, Crystal Skull Guardian
(crystal skull guardian, channel, intuitive healer, reiki master and public speaker,
London, UK)


Susan Isabelle Boynton, Guardian of "El-Aleator" & "El Za Ra"
(crystal skull guardian, author, public speaker, artist and healer, California, US)




The Rock Girl, Crystal Skull Caretaker
(Channel, Teacher, Reiki Master, Animal Rescuer, ordained Spiritual, Psychic & Interfaith Minister, and High Priestess of Stones, New York City, US)

The International Order of Gnostic Templars, (IOGT)
(The IOGT is a branch of the Knights Templars that uses skulls of all types in their spiritual rites including crystal skulls. This group is currently working to bring together and unite the world religions and revive the ancient gnostic / alchemical path, Arizona, U.S. & Scotland.)

The Skull Whisperers,  A Group of Skull Caretakers
(We are a group of Reiki Master/Teachers, Skull caretakers of over 55 skulls,
crystal skull communicators, Earth healing's, peace ceremonies, and Crystal Skull Energy healing's, U.S.)

Warmduskasapa (aka Al Edwards)  A Shamanic Practitioner/Crystal Skull Caretaker
(Warmduskasapa has incorporated the traditions of the Cherokee, Huichol and Sioux
within his practices. He is a follower of the Crystal Path and is a crystal skull caretaker)

Wendy Willett (aka Arctres), Crystal Skull Caretaker of "Chuen" (Blue Monkey)
(Crystal healer, activator of DNA Encodements, crystal skull caretaker and
public speaker, teacher, Glastonbury, UK)




Or we would be very grateful that if you know of other people who might be interested in this type of meditation, please feel free to share the address of this webpage at:

In peace and light always,


To a great 2008 and beyond -- now it is time for us to find
new ways to celebrate and come together