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"Amethyst-Revelations" June~July~Aug.and Introduction



                                                  AMETHYST REVELATIONS


 Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings


IVOR opened in prayer.


MARY MAGDALENE:  Good morning.  I am Mary de Magdala, and I have come to speak with you this morning for a short while. 


My Beloved Lord has given you so much information over the past few weeks when He has spoken with you of the Ascension Plan and I would like to offer you joy, and  I am here to say, despite the warning that is coming your way, about the earth and the Ascension Plan, and of all of the unpleasant things – the tribulations - that man will undergo, and is undergoing at this present time, I come to ask you if, in all of this, you as Light Workers and bringers of the message of my Lord, that you can also help to instil in those who are around you the joy that life will bring you. 


 I need you to celebrate this, I need you to celebrate life, I need you to explain to others who are living here, that in these last few years of life here on the earth, there is still joy to be had.  For you personally, I know there is much work for you to do and I know that the burden is heavy and is carried with love, but I ask if you will try and instil into all those that you talk to about the Ascension Plan, and those that come to you with their worries and their problems and their questions, try to instil in them that there is still joy to be had in living here on this earth.


 It may well be that the seasons are very chaotic at the moment, and this is something that your earth will become used to, and long gone is the time that you will be able to say “Now it is Spring, Now it is Summer, Now it is Autumn, now it is Winter” – all of the seasons are very chaotic and rolling into one and once again, you will see that this is written in the Scriptures that when the seasons change and become as one, then shall the earth become as one with the Father God as He intended, but there is much joy to be given in living, and there is much joy to be given in giving life, whether it be with animals, children, or growing food for yourselves which my Lord has impressed on you will be much help to you.  It is a wonderful thing to see life grow, and this is why there is a great mystery with this earth because even still, although Mother Earth is going through so many pains at the moment, she still has enough energy to give to her children who will grow and give joy and beauty to those around them.


In many of the seasons still there is such colour, there is a vibrancy – there is always a reminder that hope is there - and your hope is the message that my Lord has brought you.


So that is one task that I ask of you.   The other task I ask of you is that you must nurture as much as you can the love of oneself.  Now, this is going to be difficult because as you know, there are many people throughout your world that love themselves far too much, and they love the power and the glory that perhaps they hold – I want you to try and help those who are looking for enlightenment - I want them to nurture within themselves the Divine self, please encourage them to find the pathway of light. 


You yourselves are doing much to teach them – the Amethyst Group with the teachings and your own healing commitments with SWASH and with other things as well – oh yes, I know about the rainbow and I know about the pyramids and what they stand for – so I would ask you that through these tools that you have, you will nurture the Divine spark that they have within them, and bring forward that Christ-self within each living human-being so that self may be cast aside, just as your bodies will be cast aside with the Ascension Plan, so that the Divine Christ will spring forth from each human-being - the Divine spark.  That is a task I ask of you myself.


There has been much written and talked about me and I too have a role to play in this Ascension Plan, and we, as the Amethyst Group – and I am a member of the Amethyst Group, heaven-bound as well as earthbound, when I was here on the earth-plane with my Lord – I too have a role to play, and I will hopefully visit you from time to time with other messages as my Lord sees appropriate, and I do have the capacity to answer questions.


I will take my leave now, and I know my visit has been short with you but my requests are simple, and I give myself over to my Lord who is waiting here to talk with you this morning.  May you go in peace and may the love of the world and all you hold dear be held safe in your heart.  Goodbye.


IVOR:  Thank you so much for coming.  Thank you for sharing.


SHEILA:  We are very grateful for your message and we know that other people will be too.  Please take all our love.


LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is lovely to be here with you once again this morning, and I thank you for giving time to my Beloved Mary, and there is much truth in what she says; yes, this is a time of encumbrance and of problematic things for you - for the human-race - but it is necessary that we try to balance this out with joy and with love of life as you know it at this time. 


            Now, do you have questions please?


SHEILA:  I was going to ask dear Lord, why is there so much aggression in our world at the present time?  It seems to be coming from all directions.  Is it coming from some of the vibrations now entering our world?


LORD SANANDA:  It is actually two things.  The state of the world, the state of every country is poor.  Most countries have dire financial problems at the moment and many other countries - the necessity for food and drink and basic life, especially where there has been a disaster – is particularly bad - and here in your own country and in most parts of Europe everyone is beginning to be affected by the financial problem, and they are beginning to feel uneasy as if there might be – to say in modern language – something is going on, things are not quite right.  People are now actually beginning to feel there is something not right with the world.  They are beginning to notice much more, and what I said in the last teaching – nothing affects people as much as the weather - and everywhere has experienced real noticeable significant change in their weather pattern so they know something is going on, and the aggression comes from actually not understanding, so they get angry and they don’t want to be bothered with the outside world, they want to become more isolated, and the things that make them isolated, making them focus inward, are not available any more, they can’t afford to go and buy new gadgetry or media things, because there isn’t the money available, and that is something they don’t understand and that makes them very aggressive and people are very tetchy – a good word – when you try to be pleasant to them, for the vibrations are making them aware that life is changing and it is a change that they do not like, and they do not understand, and I am sorry but there will be many such vibrational changes such as this next month – in your calendar I believe it is September - and there will be another vibrational change that will make things even more clear for people to understand.


 I would say to you, my friends, be prepared for a longer winter than you had last year, be prepared for that.  Not perhaps colder, not in this hemisphere, but temperature wise, it will be on a level with last year.  It will be as cold as last year but if you look around – I believe you have a charming word “folklore” - you will see that there are very many hips and hawes because the animals are stockpiling – they are understanding what is happening - and there is one thing more I would like to say to you on this subject, when you are talking to people on the Ascension Plan there are many pointers you can put in their direction:  the weather obviously, the major one, the economic slide, the change in temperament, the alignment of the planets but also one thing they will all understand and which is actually being noticed and observed by big organisations, and put through on the media now, that there are many species here in this country of insects and birds that have fallen dramatically over the past few years, and many of the birds who migrate from this country to warmer climates are going much earlier, and there are many birds who migrate here that are coming much later, so this is becoming observed by big natural institutions that observe birds and animals and wild life and fauna. 


There is a lot going on in your world, it is going to be a bit of a chaotic time, but if you can explain this to people, and I know I talk continuously that people will be able to find this for themselves if they check references, programmes, books, magazines, whatever, but your generation is so obsessed by figures and science, and unless they have anything to back it, they won’t take it seriously, and I just wish that I could show you more but it is not in the Plan, and you know that as well as I do.  It is not in the Plan, I cannot do it.  The lesson has to be learnt by mankind so that when the next world evolves they can be there at the beginning and they can say “Don’t do this, this is what we did in our world and this is what happened – we lost our planet.  We have evolved.  Thankfully the Ascension Plan has saved us, but we could have lived much better lives for our planet”, and if anyone should ask you what is the purpose of the Ascension Plan – it is to save mankind, because the planet can no longer support you, because it has been abused, because its resources have been stripped so fast – you are but young people in the entire universe – your planet is one of the youngest – yet it has aged beyond belief, so the purpose of Ascension is to provide you with the next phase of humanity, but this phase could have come much later, and you could have evolved as a much more highly intelligent race than you are at the moment.


SHEILA:  Dear Master, why has our world become so over-populated as it has?


LORD SANANDA:  Promiscuity is one thing but also the break down of the fabric of human society.  Each society, each race of beings, whether they be human-beings or other beings from other worlds, there has to be – apart from Light-beings you understand – there has to be a line in society that you do not cross, and over the past hundred years there have been many lines that have been crossed, and these have resulted in a race where responsibility for one’s actions is virtually non-existent, where people have taken the rule of love all and love everyone to an extent beyond belief, and there are people who cannot help who they are, that rather than exercise control - because of the technology that has been invented here in your world - they have been able to change even the gender from which they were born. 


Now, it is not for you or I to judge this world, it has gone its way, it has lived its life, it has exalted itself in many fields, but in other fields the frailties of humankind have been all too clear, and now their toy is broken and it is the Source of Life that comes to create a new world and new beings, but you could have evolved to so much more and given so much more to your race if things were different, and I know, if people read this and people discuss it, and you discuss it amongst yourselves, the question will be raised “Why did God let it go that way?”  Well, the Source is the Source of Life, He gave you life and He gave you freewill, and the path which you choose as an individual, as a society, is up to you, and very often the voices of reason are cast aside, and this is not just your lifespan, it is the life-spans of many before you – you need only look back in history to see how many lives have been lost under the guise of love and love for the Source, love for religion, love for the Church, and love for this, that, and the third cause, and really these are the twisted warped minds of but a few human beings, and there is much talk of the Anti-Christ making an appearance - he has never gone away, he has been here and he is still here - and those who hear his voice above the clamour of others, it is their way, but if you are asked the purpose of Ascension, then it is to save mankind from himself, and to allow him new life in a new form, in a new world - and who wouldn’t want that?


            Going on from the Ascension Plan and the reason for it and what is it?  I suspect that there may be people who are asking “Well, why is this being put into place now.  Why is the Amethyst Group being given much of the channelling?” and I would say to you that the Amethyst Group is but one group here on the earth who are receiving channellings from me on this very subject - the Ascension Plan.  There are many groups in America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc who are receiving channelling very similar to what I am giving to the Amethyst Group, and it is necessary for this because this information must be spread worldwide, and for those of you who are reading these teachings on the internet, please, it is important that you talk to your friends about this, it is important that you explain to them that it is coming, it is happening, it is coming to its fruition, and the reason is very clear – the reason for the Ascension Plan is happening because it is necessary to save mankind.  You could have evolved to a greater intelligence as I have already said – your planet is among the youngest in the universe but such is the way of things and it is not the way to dwell on what might have been.  The way is to look forward, to live, enjoy and nurture the Christ spark within yourself, to raise your self-awareness, understand the vibrations that are happening throughout your world, understand that you will be affected by them if you are in the least bit sensitive.  You will be influenced through your mind and you may also be influenced by them through your consciousness.


 I would also like to say that at this time there is a widespread spiritual consciousness being let loose upon your world. Many people have access to this and if you have taken my advice and are meditating daily, you will be able to access much of the spiritual awareness and gifts that you personally need to raise the awareness within yourself, and to raise your spiritual consciousness.  Do this my friends; it is important that you spend ten minutes a day on your own in silent meditation so that you may reach the spiritual awareness that is being freely showered upon your world at this moment.  If you are not sure how to do this then find yourself a meditation group through whatever means is available to you, whether it be through your local church, whether it be through yoga, whether it be through a form of healing.  Find a way to learn about meditation and open up your inner self so that the spiritual awareness and the spiritual consciousness that is around may penetrate your very being and give you enlightenment.  This is the age and the time for enlightenment and preparation, do not delay, start it now.


Now, do you have any other questions?


SHEILA:  Yes, I have another dear Lord.  We know that there are many spaceships now encircling our earth.  We have received messages from many sources giving us information about them.  Can you tell us the purpose of these visitors?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, and I will refer to them as “visitors” because still people who read “spaceships” will often stop reading.  Now whether you choose to believe in UFOs, spacecraft or craft from another planet, that is entirely up to you, but I do say to you that there are visitors who are circling your world at the moment – and do not make light of this my friends - they are not your little green men from Mars or little red aliens running around - they are people with highly evolved intelligent minds, and they are beings who have come from a distance, and they have used technology that you are not even aware of, and they are here, circling your world, watching and observing, and they will help you.  It is they who are collecting – how can we say, covertly – they are taking flower and fauna samples from your planet because in some parts of your new world, and worlds beyond, elements that have been created in your world or have come together from space in what you call the Big Bang – some of these elements are not found in planets further out in other galaxies (again that you know of) so they are being collected, they are being observed, studied and looked at in various different places for other purposes and other usage, but the main purpose for visitors coming to observe you is they will stay here in place so that they may be of help. 


Because your world is so diverse in its beliefs, there will be those who cannot accept the Ascension in the way in which it will happen.  Now, the way that it will really happen is that the world and the people within it will – vaporise is not the right word – the right word is “ascend”.  It will be the ascension of the spirit within and the shock will be for people who do not ascend at the same time -  we have spoken about this, they cannot because there would be chaos, it has to be gradual.  I also have to tell you that because the Ascension is global, it will not all happen at the same time.  It is not going to be an uptake of millions of people all at once, it will be gradual, but the shock will be when they see a body fall beside them.  Imagine, if you can, walking along the street with someone and they have a heart attack and they fall down dead, now that is similar to the Ascension but there will be no pain, and the light-being’s soul within, the essence, will ascend.  That is how it will happen.  Now there are some people who cannot accept that so what we have done is we have brought in some visitors, not many - there are not a lot - but there are some visitors who will materialise their craft – it will land in a certain place.  You have been to some of these anchoring points – Iona is one and there are others throughout the world, especially in America - the craft will materialise and those who have a leaning towards the whole UFO experience, they will be drawn to that particular spot and that is how their ascension will occur.  So, for different cultures the Ascension Plan and the way in which it is done will be slightly different, but it will form the same plan ultimately, so although they are taken - they may walk forward in their bodies into the craft at that time - and in the craft their bodies will be discarded and whatever, and  the light body will evolve amongst the people there, and they will understand that that is how their Ascension has taken place.


            So that is why the visitors are here, and almost everyone of the visitors that are here at the moment have gone through a form of Ascension on their own planet, and they have watched and observed, and do you remember, just as I said to you in another teaching, their time now has come to assist Planet Earth in her ascension, as will your time come to assist another planet in its ascension in the greater realms.


            With regard to further information on the Ascension Plan, I would wish you to undertake and take inwardly information I have given you this morning regarding your own divinity and your own Christ spark.  It is important for you to dwell on yourselves, it is important to dwell on the better making of yourselves and please, I do not want to get this confused with atonement for sin or anything like that, what I want you to do is, I want you to make yourselves aware of the spiritual beings inside of you because it is necessary for you to do this, because of the Ascension Plan and the essence which the Ascension Plan contains.


 I also have another little exercise for you all to do, I would like you to take an observance of your world; I would like you to look at the flowers, the shrubs, the trees.  I would like you to try, if you can, to take a note of things that are happening where you live - whatever hemisphere you live in – I would like you to take a note and see if you can prove to yourself that many of the things are changing.  Flower and fauna are adapting to the conditions that are around them.


 I would also like you to look at perhaps the birds and insects that are around you – this is quite important because I would like you to see if you can notice any change.  Now these are all ways of proving to yourself that yes, what I speak of is the truth, that things are changing, but it is also a way of acquainting yourself with the spirituality that is around.  Do not think for one minute that you are the only beings that walk this earth with the divine spark within you.  Everything has a life, every flower, every seed, every insect - however gruesome, however venomous - has a life, and that life has come from the Source, and I want you to respect that life and that spirituality, and in doing that, you will go a long way to igniting and observing the spirituality within yourself. 


Please listen to what I have said, it is for your own self-enhancement, and if you love yourself, and if you give yourself the right to love the divine spark within you, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. 


  My blessings of peace and positive love be with you all.   Farewell.






The Amethyst Group (with members that are heavenly as well as earthbound) was formed in the multi-dimensional heavenly realms. The Source is the Creator of all life and there are beings in the heavenly realms that have never touched the earth. When my Father
the Source - created this world, it was known there would be a time of “Evolution” the “Ascension” as it is now known - as there are in all worlds, and He knew for this world it would be a particularly difficult time.

It was then decided that there would be needed upon the earth plane several groups who were sufficiently adept and educated, if you like, in the understanding of the spiritual ways of mankind, and they were endowed with the heightened spiritual powers that are enjoyed at this present time, particularly healing, because we knew that in the centuries that would pass - from the beginning to the end - this world would need much healing because the greatest gift that mankind was given was free-will, and that free-will has been exercised beyond belief.

The Amethyst Group was put together many centuries ago, before time began, in the heavenly realms. We laid out the Plan before the earthbound members, we laid out this earth before them, and we asked if they would be prepared to undertake the task of looking after people throughout the centuries, that they would raise their self-awareness, and undertake teachings for themselves, to enhance and gain greater spiritual gifts.

The “Evolution of Mankind” - the “Ascension Plan” - is necessary for this earth. We need to remove mankind from this earth and this is what the Amethyst Group is here to assist with. They are here to oversee the beginning and other things that we have discussed with them, under the direct instruction of the Source, and they had agreed to do this before time began.

Now, that is the purpose of the Amethyst Group, and in the centuries that they have existed, all three have shared previous lives in various places. They have taught many, they have helped many to seek and find their own spirituality, and their own gifts within themselves, and they have helped them to develop these. They have also assisted in the world healing and are helping here and now at the beginning of the final evolution of mankind.



19th August 2010


IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: Good morning my friends. It is lovely to be gathered with you again this morning. Now, is there anything you would like specifically to discuss this morning?

IVOR: Yes, dear Master. First of all, can we categorically state that 2012 is not the conclusion of humanity upon the earth?

LORD SANANDA: Yes. I understand why you would ask it because it is written in so many places.

IVOR: Well, the reason why I ask dear Master, we don
t want to build up in peoples minds that a certain date has been set 2012 and for it not to happen.
LORD SANANDA: Yes, of course, I understand this reason, and I would say to you, you can categorically say that on the 21st December 2012 the end of humanity will not happen. The preparation year that we have spoken about again make it abundantly clear the preparation year begins in 2011, and the Ascension will start after this, but it will not be a vast wave of thousands of people going as it was on the first and second wave of the Ascension. Some will go because that is their place to be, but the completion of the Ascension Plan will be after 2012. If it is not then we will need a Plan B - and there is no Plan B.

SHEILA: Dear Master, many Lightworkers say that they are worried that panic, anarchy and looting will break out because of shortage of food etc How can we alleviate their fears?

LORD SANANDA: You must tell the Lightworkers that this is to be expected. People will act in fear. Those who choose to remain ignorant of the signs of Mother Earth, or Nature, or earth energy - whatever you wish to address her as - they will be afraid because they will know, deep in their hearts, that something is happening, and because they have not got the knowledge, and because they have chosen not to seek out those who have the knowledge, they will be like a ship tossing on the sea.

Now, I would like to say to the Lightworkers, do not be afraid, be fully aware that I am with you, that I am with you all over the world, and do not be afraid. Look to yourselves, look for your survival
as I suggested - try to grow your own food. I do not want you to stockpile I think that is a very modern word but I think you will understand it - I do not want you to stockpile water, tinned goods etc as in war years gone by - it will not be necessary - but what is necessary, the people of this earth must be seen to understand that great changes are coming about.
We have tried to do it subtly, and it has been ignored on a grand scale, and the only thing that we can do, that the Source has been able to do - is to set into motion planetary influences over the whole globe, and the weather conditions will be changing; there will be drought, there will be loss of food half the people in Australia and in Asia, they have not seen rain for many years but it will come, and it will come in such a flood that they will think that it is the end of the world, and this is what we have had to do, it is VERY necessary. It is not something that is done without love and without sincere planning, but the one thing the people of this earth react to is the weather.

SHEILA: Dearest Lord, am I understanding correctly that things will not be quite so bad before the Ascension, but will get much worse after it, in the days of tribulation?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, at the time of tribulation, and I have referred to it time and time again in the messages I have given to you as the tribulation simply because - there is no disrespect, no judgement, I do not pass judgement, I am completely love - most of the organised religions recognize the words “Rapture” and “Tribulation”, and where there is a huge influence is in, what is known as, the great “Bible Belt of America”. Many of the Pentecostal, Evangelical, Baptist, and other organized religions throughout that country know and understand what the Rapture is
you know it as the Ascension, and that is really its pure and proper name - but as I have said to you before, in times gone by, we have to put it in terminology that people will understand, and if they do not wish to accept the Ascension they may well accept the Rapture. Everybody will accept the time of tribulation, it is in the Bible. In Revelations Chapter 13, you will find it there, so this is why I use this. Yes, coming up to the Ascension it will be difficult but it will not be so bad as after the Ascension, that is the time for the tribulation. Now, are there any more questions?

SHEILA: Just one please. In our world, and particularly the sporting world, the Olympics are very important to many, many people, and the UK has now been awarded the opportunity of hosting these Games in 2012. As we now know that 2012 is going to be a very testing time for us all, will these Games still be able to take place please?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, they will. The Olympics are due to be held in the earlier part of that year. There will be some countries that will not be attending because the global problems will prevent them from travelling. Some countries will not choose to attend because of political differences. You can be assured that political differences will loom very large in 2011 and 2012, and the main protagonists in that will be sadly again the Middle East, America and also Asia.

Now, amongst all the problems that mankind is facing at the moment there is hope for I do have to tell you that for each child that is born at this time, each one is a lightworker, and every child that is born into every family, wherever they may be in this great earth, none of those children are born ignorant of the Ascension Plan. I know there is much worry about the innocents and the yet unborn children, but I do say, be assured that those children born at this time will have wise heads on old shoulders, and they will teach their families and those around much. There will be a lot made of the quick advancement of these children - how quickly they will learn, how wise they seem, how gentle they are, how passionate they are about certain things
and it will be a talking point for many people, and hereby lies your hope, because here, in your world, are being born an army of role-models and they will teach you all. May I bring you back to the Biblical saying “Out of the mouths of babes wisdom will ensue” and so it is.

Well my friends, with your blessing and with your love I take my leave, and I thank you for your time, I thank you for your love and for your enthusiasm and your desire for accuracy and honesty, and as always, I come in light, I come in love and I speak the truth. Be at peace my friends.




Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings

 A MESSAGE FROM LORD SANANDA (JESUS)12th August 2010 IVOR:   Opened in prayer.  

LORD SANANDA:    Good morning my beloved friends, it is so good to be here with you once again, and it is a little while since we met, but these things will happen, and I do want to assure you that this is nothing out of the ordinary.  Because you are human you are going to be susceptible to small minor illnesses such as this which has come to pass in the last few weeks, but I would say to you, do not worry, we are here watching, and, as I promised you, I will protect you from anything major.


            Now, I have delivered to you, over the past few months, messages of information, things that are set to be happening to your world, and changing the world as you know it, and even life as you know it, and it has saddened me that over the entire world - not just here in this place, in this country - but all over the world it has saddened me that people have distanced themselves so far from this message that I bring, and it has been levelled at the facets of my being that “Why should there be this message of fear from a God of Love?”  And I must underline and say to you, my friends, this message comes from the Source of Love, it comes from the Source of Life, and we are coming to give you this message in the hope that you will have the sense, the intelligence and the will to try to make this change as least disruptive as possible, not just to yourselves but to each individual, to humankind as a whole.


 I understand and with much deliberation with – I know you find this difficult to believe - but with the Source itself, and with the highest counsel that is available. We choose to bring this message to you to tell you, out of love, that these things are going to happen, and we want you so to change yourselves so that you may be part of the positive side of this, of the Ascension Plan.  It was not just one decision and it is not a decision that is designed to make you afraid, to make you panic, to make you confused, it is a message of hope to tell you that there is something you can do.  You can be part of the Ascension Plan, of the earth changing, but it requires belief, it requires strength and it also requires you to have a focus and a will that nothing can deter you from your own self-awareness.  It is your own self-awareness and the raising of your subconscious and spiritual vibrations which will help you assimilate the information we are bringing.  It will help you to make the change much easier.  It will be less shocking to you, and it will help to make the change more acceptable.


I know there are many, many questions – I have experienced this the last time I spoke to your Group, my Sister and Brother.  I know there are many who feel for their children, for the unborn innocents, for themselves, but I say to you, these are earthly ties, you will not be cut away from your families.  The innocents will not be left to go through a time of trouble and tribulation – that would be cruel, that would be not from a God of Love - and if the messages you heard before, about people being taken on the first and second waves of the Ascension, and you felt nothing happened - ask yourself the question “Why did nothing happen?”  -  because some people chose to go their own way.


SHEILA:  Dearest Lord, can I make a comment on that?  At the meeting you refer to, Ivor and I were not there at the time this comment was made – we had other things needing our help – but people did go on the first and second waves.  Some of the Mediums and other Clairvoyants that we were in contact with at that time, informed us that they did go up and that some of us were there also, although, sadly, those of us who are not psychic were not able to bring anything back with us, but at the time, some people had wonderful experiences.


LORD SANANDA:  I think my friends, even if you had been there when the comment was made, I think there will always be those – and please, I do not address this to one person, one group personally,  I hope this message will be read worldwide, and I say to you – I understand, of course I understand, that you are worried that you will leave behind your loved ones, that there will be pain - but I cannot underline it enough and emphasise it enough, and say to you, you must trust me, you must have faith, you must believe that what I tell you is the truth, and if at all possible, put aside your fears, and look at things from a logical point of view.  That is why I have gone to such great lengths to provide you with information that have a scientific or factual background, so that if you do not wish to take the spiritual aspect, and you lean more towards scientific facts and figures, they are there for you to underpin the spiritual aspect of what is happening. 


The human race is a complex race.  It has intelligence, it has curiosity, it has a need for answers and in this generation the need for answers is required NOW, “I need to know NOW and I need to know about everything NOW”.  I have given you the choice.  I have told you everything, I have prophesised things for you - and do not be fooled my friends, by the Banks and Financiers that you see on the multi-media systems that you have throughout your world - your world is heading for a double dip – and I coin that phrase because that is what they have used – your world is heading for a double-dip in the recession.  The early part of next year, 2011, you will see a dip in the world economy, and it will make your re-growth almost inconsequential because the regrowth will not take place before the Ascension begins.  I prophesise this – if you want me to say those words – I prophesise this.


            Now, let us say that there are many ways in which self-awareness can be brought about, and one thing I would ask - and I ask here specifically of the Amethyst Group this morning - I would ask - when you give guided meditation, when you are gathered together in your various ways of working - may I ask specifically that you will take five or ten minutes of your time to meditate - and this is for all of you for there will be many things that need to be adjusted, and it is difficult, with so many people that are working at night, it is difficult to make the adjustments to your spirit form in this way.  It needs to be an adjustment that you are conscious of, so when you are working at night you cannot be conscious of this adjustment, so may I ask that you will take ten minutes quiet meditation as frequently as you are comfortable with, so that you may enjoy – shall we call it - a further hypersensitive moment for all of you, that would be really good - and all of you having a curious moment about the Ascension Plan and myself, Sananda, and all the other things that go with this beautiful plan for mankind - please do this, and if you do not know how to do this, then please approach anyone in your group, or anyone spiritual and ask them for guidance,  At the moment your earth is in great flux of change vibrationally that it would be a very good time for all to take ten minutes out.


            Now, I would like to say something about the floods which obviously you are all aware of, and again I can hear the cries going out from people “Where is God?” “Why is this being allowed to happen?” but I also hear the voice of reason, and that people are saying ”If some of the land hadn’t been altered beyond recognition, if so many of the trees hadn’t been cut down, if so many of the houses hadn’t been built so hastily and badly on the sides of the river bank, the loss of life may have been smaller.”  This is true but this is also a fulfilment of a prophecy that I gave to you many years ago when I said to you that many places would be wet which were once dry and vice versa, and in this country, and in the countries affected – India, China, Asia - you have seen the effect of water to a devastation level, and I have heard it said so much across the globe that this is the worst flood – India, Pakistan – has experienced for one hundred years. 


What did I say at the beginning of these new messages? This would be a new start.  2011 will be a greater preparation year than you think, and there will be more of this happening.  There will be greater devastation from heat and water, for these are the elements that Mother Nature controls, and as the planet erupts, it will release itself through fire and flood, and what follows fire and flood -  famine, and I will say to you, my friends, I will give you fair warning - whether you choose to accept this warning or not, it is entirely up to you - where you have the land, grow your own food.  Ensure you grow enough fresh food.  It will be impossible for you to grow wheat for bread.  What I am saying to you, your planet is at war with itself, and just as in years gone by, here in Britain you were told “dig for victory”, here I say, “dig for survival”.  Whether you choose to accept this warning, it is entirely up to you, but you will find, over the next nine months – and if you want a prophecy - in the next nine months you will find that your basic food staples – potatoes, bread, sugar – will be extremely difficult to get hold of. and you will pay a premium price for them.  Be warned my friends.


It sounds as if I am a prophet of doom doesn’t it “Be warned” but I mean it in love.  I want you to have what you can have, but it means more and more that you will have to rely on yourselves and each other, and if you have much - share, If you have land that you can offer someone who needs to grow food on - offer it - it is for all of you to read this and to understand.  For those of you who have enough and more than enough; share, please, it is so important.


            So, we have covered meditation for the spiritual mind, we have covered food for the human body - now what about food for thought.  Well, the best food for thought that I can offer you is to come together, to talk together - not necessarily to listen to channelling but I and many others will be happy to talk with you - but come together, have a discussion forum, talk about these things.  Maybe talk about some of the problems – the shock and disbelief – come together, talk about it for there is comfort in sharing belief and understanding, and there is also comfort in numbers where you may go away and feel refreshed and happy, when some questions will be raised and answers given.  I have sometimes difficulty with my words but I would encourage this; get together perhaps on a social occasion when you can have refreshments, and a discussion I am sure would be helpful to so many.


SHEILA:  Dear Lord can I please ask?  Are the Mediums that come to our Church getting messages of the Ascension.  Are they being informed of what is to come?


LORD SANANDA:  They are being told but they are expected to perform - and I use that word not in a bad sense – in a way they are expected to perform - people come to the Church for answers, they want badly to speak to someone on the other side, their loved ones.  They do not want to hear these messages that I bring.  They would be quite capable of channelling them if they wished but they work on a different level – they are mostly concerned with providing proof of survival after death.


SHEILA:  Yes, I understand.  People do have a fear of what is to come but dear Master it is also the fear of losing their lifestyles, the life that they love.  They like  their computers, their televisions.  We like everything about our lives which we know are so much better in our country than in others.


LORD SANANDA:  It is very difficult for people to accept this and I have to say to you, because you, yourselves – you have had more experience of this than some.  Now, you have had three of your relatives, your beloved sisters, go with cancer.  They would have inevitably been told that they had X amount of time to live.  Now that is no different than telling the whole of humanity you have X amount of time left on this earth plane, and living in the world, and the life with computers, televisions, and all the luxuries that you have. 


Now those in the west will find this extremely hard to accept, but those who live in a mud hut in Africa or children who live out their lives on a dung heap in Brazil, they will welcome this information with open arms. 


I understand how difficult it is and I understand here that the message I give to the western world, and those different factions of myself that give messages to the western world, we have to be brutally honest, but if I say to an Elder in an African village “My beloved brother, this torment that you live in, when you are hungry and thirsty, when there is no food or water, this torment will soon end”.  he accepts this with open arms and says “Good Lord, when?”


You see the most beautiful part about the Ascension Plan is that when humankind ascend into the next level of evolution – light beings – you will all be the same.  There will no lesser or higher tribe, there will be no lower or higher caste, there will be no rich, no poor, no hungry, no full – everything will be equal, and you will be closer to the divinity that you have inside each one of you, so those of you who think “I don’t want to give up my penthouse, I don’t want to give up my big house, I don’t want to give up my fast car - my gadgets that open the windows and turn on the appliances for me” - I say to you my friends you have no idea of the riches in store for you  - this will seem as dross, and those who I have mentioned before who live in dreadful conditions, they will be elevated to light beings and they will know at last that they have come home, and when they see what they have left, oh what rejoicing there will be.  


So, my friends, please try to embrace the Ascension Plan as best you can.  Do not be afraid, I am with you always.  I will not leave you now and I will not leave you in the future, so embrace it with happiness, do what you can, live your lives, take to your hearts the information I have given you this morning, and the warnings, take them to your heart and take them in love because they are given in love. 


How I so wish I could do more, but I cannot reveal myself yet, it is not the plan.  I cannot make things happen in a twinkling of an eye, I cannot do that, that is not the plan.  The Source is the Creator, the Source is life and it is His Plan that will bring all this to fruition and will do so again, and again.  Just trust, my friends, and accept with love and believe where you can.


IVOR:  Can I say firstly we thank you most sincerely for the privilege to be able to carry out the soul rescue work in China and Pakistan, and I would ask if you would convey our thanks to all those who came to help in those instances.  Our minds, in physical form, were stretched to cover all facets of carrying out what was necessary.  .


LORD SANANDA:  I will pass on your thanks my friend, and my brother fear not, your mind stretches further than you think.  Have you any questions my Sister?


SHEILA:  We have received an e-mail about the Grand Cross Alignment .  Can you tell us what significance this will have on our earth and the human race please?

 The Grand Cross Alignment is one of the greatest astronomical feats of the place which you know of as “space”.  There has been much importance attached to the date of the climax which, as you all know, will be the 21sr December in the year Two Thousand and Twelve.  This has come about because of the Seer, Nostradamus, and he believed, because he could not see any further than 2012, that the wheel of life and the lifespan of humanity therefore must end.             I would like to assure you that your world is not going to end on the 21st December 2012, however, it will herald the beginning of the final phase of the Ascension Plan, which I have already spoken about and discussed at great length, and will no doubt discuss further.             The Grand Cross Alignment – some people refer to it as the “Cardinal Cross”.  In your world at the moment it seems it is like the Tower of Babylon, so many people speaking with ideas and different interpretations, and I come this morning because I want this interpretation, this message - I want it to be clear and concise for all who read it.               The actual beginning of the Grand Cross Alignment began in the middle of what you now call your summer – some people refer to it as the “Summer Solstice” – it began on the 21st June, mid-summer’s day, when there was a lunar eclipse.  Many people saw this; some saw it and it went unnoticed.  I suspect that much of the astronomy world will have made light of it because lunar eclipses happen much more frequently than you believe they do, but there are those who are Astrologers who study the stars for the constellations and their influence on mankind.  Now here we come to the crux of the meaning of the Grand Cross Alignment.   First let us talk about the climax.  When it becomes the full climax on the 21sr December, 2012, all of the planets in your solar system will be aligned, exactly one behind each other, and the alignment will look as if it is a cross, a cross upon which, as you know, I gave my life.  It will be a wonderful spectacle to behold if the skies are clear.  Yes, you will be able to see it with the naked eye.  If the skies are not clear it would be better to see if you can view it through a telescope, or from an observatory.  When this climax happens there will undoubtedly be a huge change in the earth, and the planet that is responsible for this will be Saturn.   It cannot be denied that all of the planets have an influence on the earth and all who live in it, on it and under it.  Many of the planets influence the wind.  The moon itself influences the tide because of the gravitational pull.  The sun influences life, and as you have seen, the recent reaction from the sun - of the sunspots and what have you - it has been a spectacular thing to visualise and see the extent that the solar storms have had on the sun.  The sunspots have erupted and they have shot into space, pounded into space.  The wonderful solar storms carrying with it much of the debris from the solar surface, has given you the most spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis, and you will remember that in a previous text I did say to you that when there was further sunspot activity and the Aurora Borealis was affected beyond denial, then this would herald the start of the preparation.   Many of your planets that circle the solar system all the time have a great influence but none as much as Saturn.  Saturn influences the earth shift, it influences the higher consciousness of man, it influences the way in which people behave – it also has a great influence on Mother Earth herself, and at this time of the climax of the Grand Alignment, there will be a huge activity.  Many of the plates that support your earth and give the continents their shape will shift, and this will give rise to much more activity than you have seen, even in this year.   The moon, because of its position in the alignment, will also be affected by the energy of the other planets around her, and she, in a certain way, will be thrown into chaos.  So the gravitational pull of the water on the earth’s surface will be somewhat altered, even only miniscule.  High tides will become much more frequent and there will be much more flooding, even more so than you have seen this year.   The sun itself will not have too much affect on the Grand Alignment, other than the fact that it will be somewhere in what people have chosen to call “The Galactic Centre”, and it is right and proper that it should be for the sun is the giver of life. Now, that is how the climax will affect you.  As it moves out of the alignment, which will take a further six months into 2012, many other things will begin to change.  There will be much more of a leaning towards war, heads of Government will seemingly abandon all reason, and countries that were thinking of warring will most definitely be at war within six months’ time, and yes, it is down to planetary influence, and to other influences around you at this time. Now, leading up to the climax which starts, as I said, from June of this year, the planets as they move into a different orbit, their energies will be changed.  You will remember that through all the time we have been talking about the Ascension Plan, we have talked about the vibration level of the earth moving.  This obviously is due to the Ascension Plan and it is in the Source’s Plan that this should happen, and the way that this is happening is also through, not the cardinal reason, but it is also through the planetary influences that are moving into the Alignment.   At this present time Mercury is in a phase of discord, and it causes chaos when it is in retrograde – that means it is going back in its orbit - but at the moment the energies of Mercury are disrupted because of the other planets which are drawing near into its orbit. Jupiter for one has an opposing energy, to some of the planets – particularly Mercury.  Jupiter brings a good energy with it, it brings a calming influence whereas Mercury is a planet which can cause in some people, not in all, a chaotic thought pattern, much more a disbelieving nature - a confused chaotic nature.  At the moment Mercury is now in its zenith which is causing a lot of the problems. Now, there is really no further explanation that I would wish to bestow on you, simply because your earth, as I said at the beginning, is like the Tower of Babylon.  There are so many people - and I do have to say so many people for monetary gain, attaching all sorts of importances and problems - are caused with this Alignment.  Yes, it is a very rare occasion, and it has not been seen by anybody living in this phase of humankind before, and it will be a spectacular vision to behold, but I urge you, planetary influences are always at play, whether they be in alignment or whether they are going about their own orbital business.   Many of the visitors that are here are waiting for your Ascension Plan.  They are watching their own planets too and wondering where they will be and what is happening home, because of the influences of the alignment, on their own planets.   You are not the only planet in this Alignment.  There will be many beings wondering what will happen with the Grand Alignment, and I say to you, it is an astronomical feat that you will behold with much joy and in much splendour, but I urge you not to attach too much importance to it.   I have come to talk to you about the Ascension Plan and I have come to answer any questions that you may have, but there are some things that must still be withheld from mankind and it is not because it is a secret, a mystery, it is merely because the Ascension Plan is the primary thing on everyone’s mind at the moment, or it should be, and I want all their energies to be focused on their own self-awareness.  I have heard to my sadness that there are still people who will not be concerned with the Ascension Plan or other things spiritual because they are afraid of their jobs.   They do not want to be standing up to be counted, and I cannot understand why, when the very future of mankind is here, placed before you, that there are those who would think so narrowly.  These are the people we must try to reach.  It cannot be a time for pushing it to one side or burying one’s head in the sand - me thinks that would be a very stupid thing to do - but people must understand that time is limited.  Now, I hope that has answered your question as fully and as clearly as you would want. 

SHEILA:  Yes, excellent dear Master.


Our young friend Oliver has now got our website up and running, There are just one or two things he has to finish but it is up and running and we are very grateful to him.


LORD SANANDA:  It will be a wonderful tool to have because when anyone puts in – I believe they call it an engine search - if they type the word amethyst or revelations it should come up very quickly.  Please pass on my grateful thanks to Oliver for all his hard work.




LORD SANANDA:  Are we rolling Mr De Mille?


SHEILA:  (Saluting) Right on Sir.


LORD SANANDA:  Now, my friend Mr De Mille - a very spiritual man.  Do you know it was under my suggestion that he made the film “The Ten Commandments” and you would not believe how many people came to believe in an afterlife and love of God from that film.  I do have to say that Cleopatra did not quite have the same effect but it made him lots of money, and he still says “Good God, How wonderful it would be if I could make a movie of this up here” and I say “Cecil, you don’t need to worry, many people will see for themselves soon enough, and you can make a film of what happens then.”   He cannot get over the fact that when he passes his hand over something he can then project the image into the air or onto a clear wall.  He will put his hand across in front of him (demonstrating with his hand) and there appears the image. 


SHEILA:  And we will be able to do that?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, and more besides.  So do you see what I mean when I say computers will be dross, you will not need them, and there will be other things too.  There is so much that will be so wonderful for you.  Someone asked Sue if they would be able to hug someone and would they know - yes you will, and it will not matter that you don’t have the physical sensation because when you hug somebody the real sensation is here in your heart chakra.  It will be so wonderful and you will not believe how hugging someone as a light being, can send out such beautiful colours and vibrations.  It is a world of such beautiful colours – there is nothing on this earth that can compare with it, and this is why I feel so sad that people want to hold on to the dross that they have – but however,…….


IVOR:  Couple of tricks like that would certainly wake people up dear Master.


LORD SANANDA:  What are you suggesting dear Brother? 


IVOR:  Send me the package dear Master.


IVOR:  We are both giving talks in the near future dear Master so we will be grateful for all the help we can get..


SHEILA:  Well we can always say, can’t we.  “We don’t know all the answers but we know a man who does!”


LORD SANANDA:  (Laughing)  Yes, yes, we know a man who does. I like it..  Well I will do the best I can to help you my friends.  Now who was it – was it Cecil?  No not Cecil, he says it wasn’t him.  There was a famous Director who always said “Always leave them wanting more”.  Who was it Cecil?   He says it was George Bernard Shaw.  “Always leave them wanting more.”  Now who was it who said “One for the rook and one for the crow”  Now that was Mr Hardy.  We are having a very literary morning this morning.


SHEILA:  Are they all here? Is Will Shak-es-peare (as Master Zenna used to call him) is he here?


LORD SANANDA:  Will Shakespeare.  No he is not here, no.  Now where is he?  He is somewhere abroad at the moment, but yes Mr Thomas Hardy is here and he says do you remember in “Mayor of Casterbridge”  ‘One for the rook and one for the crow’?


SHEILA:  Yes, I certainly can.


LORD SANANDA:  My Brother, have you anything more?


IVOR:  Dear Master, I was talking to someone last Saturday and he was asking for my thoughts on several spiritual subjects, and he said it was very difficult to accept some of them, and I said all I could ask him to do was not to discard them but to put them in a pigeon hole, in a little box on the shelf …


LOR SANANDA:  A seed box (Ha ha).


IVOR:  ……and when they hear something that rings a bell they can take out that thought and it will fit just like a piece of a jigsaw, and he said he could accept that and would be happy to do so.


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, for all our frivolity, it is like sowing seeds.  It is a good analogy to put things away, and just like you take seeds out when it is time to sow them - when the time is right - so you can take the seed out of your mind and allow it to grow.  Just plant the seed to encourage people to accept what they can with love and then to take out each part when they are ready, and that is all I would ask you to do, and it is all that I will ask of humankind, except that they must work hard at it, allow themselves the best chance by doing the things that we have already discussed.


            Now, I fear it is my time to depart.  I will take my friends Cecil and Thomas with me and all the others.   My blessings to you my friends and may my love be with you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SANANDA











Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings


22nd July 2010


IVOR: Opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: How lovely it is to be with you again, and I can see that you are now rested and refreshed from your journeyings. We have not been in contact with any of you to give you a complete break

I have read with interest the interpretation of this information from Comte St Germaine. (This was a transcript taken from the internet and sent to Ivor and Sheila fifteen pages of a message dated 3rd July 2010, from the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy entitled “Galactic Federation of Light First Contact Preliminary” giving the name of Comte de Sainte Germaine as the Ascended Master in charge of events that they say will happen at the time of Ascension)

I can remember well in his lifetime he was heralded as a man with extraordinary powers. He did not live the life of a normal saintly figure and enjoyed the pleasures all pleasures - of life to the full. He was welcomed by Royalty - what humankind perceives as Royalty - in his native France, and his death in the middle part of your 18th Century was never really proved. He has come to help the Earth many times prior to this Century. In his lifetime no landmarks or shrines were set up to commemorate his good works for the force of humankind, and the only legacy that remained then, as it does now, is his influence on the beginning of Freemasonry, but now there are many landmarks set in place to him. He was recognized in many places as a priest, a courtesan, a maker of dross into gold, a reformer, but never a Saint; as his name bears he is recognized today in your world as a

Saint.As an Ascended Master he does not use his title (Comte) and we know him as Master Germaine, but his ideas and philosophy for a better regime are well known in the Ascended realms, indeed it is merely a continuation of the plan he was given to expiate here on the earth in his lifetime - and beyond. However, his new regime would be hard to implement in the Ascension of those of you who will ascend as the penultimate beings, (light beings) because there will be no need in the new world for government, finance, currency, political ideals nor anything of that nature. All will be as you require it to be. You will no longer feel the need inside of yourselves to be governed, to be told how to share - how to live to ideals - because you will already feel such love inside you, around you, and for your fellow beings that there will be no need. Peace and Harmony will reign and its only sovereign will be Love in the new world.

It is very difficult for your Channellers to interpret the information that is given, sometimes we know that the words used can be not quite correct, and also…….

they respectively keep aside their own thoughts and imaginings, and this is difficult to do, for in order for us to communicate with you as a human being, we need to access part of your minds which allow speech, also we have to give information in terms that you can understand. So, I do not discredit this information passed through this Channeller, rather that it maybe, at this time, harder for others to accept. After all, your world does not even understand the nature of intergalactic travel, but, hopefully, there will be those who can and will understand this message.

As I have already said to you and explained in other transcripts to the Amethyst Group, there is no need for higher intelligence to rule you. This will be your world of perfection, the new world, the new human race. So, whilst I say that perhaps the interpretation is slightly inaccurate in this message, we have got in place, after the Ascension plan has happened, (and you will recall I told you there would be a time of tribulation, after the Ascension had happened, and there would be those who are left on the earth plane who will try to survive for one or two years more - you will remember I told you this, it is in the transcript) this may be an interpretation of some galactic interference at that time. Now I do not think it should be perceived as a warning but what I do say is that if there are those that are left who will bluntly refuse to accept the Ascension Plan as it is, then it may well be that it is easier for them to accept a different regime, a different form of government, because they will still be in human form.

It may well be that those people will need to be processed in a different way, and I use the word “processed”- it is not a good word but it is the best word I can use to describe how it will happen. They will go to another planet of their own free will but they will not be free - does that make sense - whereas those who will ascend in the Ascension Plan and those who will make it known that they want to belong to the Ascension Plan, as they have seen others go, then they will become light beings. Those who refuse, cannot accept it - will not accept it - they will hanker for power. They will go to another planet of their own free will but they will not be free.

So, I think you could say that the overall ascension plan does offer mankind a choice - either he finds his penultimate perfection or he continues under a different regime, under a different government, in a very different planet than the new world we have created for you, or he comes with us - but whatever happens, I do have to stress here that everything is done with love.

Even those from different realms
some of them have come already through Ascension as you well know, some have not. Some are merely workers in service of the Source and have never touched or lived on a planet before. These may well be the Galactic Council.

There are many Ascended Masters who are working at this time for your earth, and I know of San Germaine but I do not know of Comte San Germaine. San Germaine, as you will know, was French and was a martyr, and he died for his belief in how he felt Christianity should be. There are memorials to him all over the Northern part of France. He was also a great inspirational priest at the time of the Crusades, and his shrine in one of the Northern villages in France, in Tournai actually, has a shrine which, in the early days when the human race was still young, was believed to hold special powers, so there is indeed San Germaine, but I do not know my Brother as Comte Sans Germaine, but again as I say, it could be a misinterpretation - a mishearing - I am not here to judge, I am merely here to explain once again how the Ascension Plan will take place.

There is something I would like to add. There are many people, all over your world, who are talking of the Ascension Plan and the change of mankind, and for every Medium who channels this information, you will have a slightly different interpretation, because the minds of each Medium is unique, but I would like to say that in this mind of this Medium, there is no clutter, there is no
how can one say there is no pre-supposition, no thoughts of how the future could be, would be, in her own imaginings - that is why I find it very easy to channel through her. It is a straightforward pathway, and my thoughts come in and they go out, and this is such beauty to have a pure pathway where I can exert only my own knowledge and my ideas, so I would like you to thank her for me.

Now, do you have some questions before we continue?

SHEILA: I have some questions please dear Master. The first one
the Astronomers have discovered this great big star that is over 300 times bigger than our sun, and of course it is so much brighter and so much hotter obviously. Have you any information you can give us on this please, dear Master?

LORD SANANDA: Yes. This is indeed a new sun and will not have any impact on the earth at the moment obviously, because of the Ascension Plan, but in time to come your own sun will gradually begin to die - that is how it will happen - your own sun will die. Now, there is nothing I can do to stop this but what will happen is this new sun will gradually take the place of your sun as you know it at the moment. It will be a spectacular solar event and I know there are many Scientists who are wishing that it would happen now in their lifetime, but to do that would destroy the earth and the earth is going to sort itself out any way, so this would be a wonderful thing to witness because the sun will implode on itself and go, and it will just become another brilliant planet in the solar system, so the new sun will take its place. Now, you will remember when I said to you that the earth, as you know it, will begin to regenerate itself in many, many thousands of years time, in order to do that what does it need?

SHEILA: The sun.

LORD SANANDA: Exactly, and this sun, this new bright sun, will gradually come closer and closer into the orbit of the earth, and this new sun will regenerate light, life - renew life, a different life - but without the sun you can have nothing. So really it is merely a replacement from your old sun to the new sun.

IVOR: Are these principles dear Master applicable to all the planets in our system?

LORD SANANDA: The regeneration of them? Well, some yes, but there are still some that we cannot, for eons, regenerate new life, for there are life forms on all of these planets - not life perhaps as you know it but there is a life form on all of these planets: Jupiter, Mars
there is water on Mars as you know which has a life form in it. Now these will come into their own but there are so many that it is perhaps beyond human mind to wonder what it would be like for each planet in the solar system to be inhabited.

There are more planets in your solar system inhabited now than you could ever imagine, but this new sun, certainly when it comes within your solar system - your especial solar system - it will regenerate a new life on Mars, it will melt a lot of the ice around the rings of Saturn, and the tiny little satellites that go around them.

Jupiter is different - we are not sure yet what we should do with Jupiter.

Uranus no.

Now, what have I left out? Pluto. Well, you know Pluto is not strictly speaking a planet any more, according to your scientists, but they are wrong. Pluto is a planet and just because it doesn
t happen to reach the scale and contain certain things they have found that it does not have - Hubble is very good but it is not capable of capturing everything - and Pluto is a planet, and we feel is capable of holding flower and fauna, and flower and fauna may well be useful to you in your new world for it would be good to introduce new species to see them evolve. That evolvement from feed or grain or root or rhizome, may help the future generation of the new life that we shall re-create on earth, for the new life on earth when it is recreated, will go through the same stages as you have gone through. Now, I dont know if I have ever explained that to you but when the new life is regenerated on earth, it will begin the same as your own - it will begin with the cell, it will begin with the amphibian - but the acceleration will be much faster, and it will be a better human race, which is why we feel that on Pluto we can develop it will be, if you like, a planetarium laboratory.

SHEILA: But this will take time dear Master, just as the earth will take time to regenerate?

LORD SANANDA: Oh yes, if you wish me to talk in years I am talking in thousands, thousands, but the best thing is you will be able to watch its progress.

Can you see the evolvement here? You will be the Ascended Masters to help that race - can you see that? Can you see the beauty of the plan?

SHEILA: Very exciting. Thank you for that explanation. My second question is about this terrible disease that is affecting our Oak trees, Larch and other species causing them to die off. Why is this happening now dear Master? Is this the beginning of the end?

LORD SANANDA: Yes. On your earth planet - this is for the Scientists - trees are the lungs of the earth. They bring in oxygen and they release carbon dioxide, finished, gone. It is what keeps the good balance of your earth. Trees are good because the wind changes its speed and its shape over the trees, and obviously they support much life in the ground, in the bark, on the leaves - the fruits of some of these trees
beech nuts for the animals that live in the forest, larch bark is very good for the animals, etc - so if you take away the lungs, or you reduce the capacity for lungs in the body, what happens - you die. If your lungs stop working they cannot pump the oxygen around your body and you will die.

SHEILA: Is it still to do with resources gradually being eroded?

LORD SANANDA: It is not so much the resources being eroded - although they are deforesting areas at a huge rate - but in some places other things are being planted in their stead, but the reason that this disease is spreading so fast
let me see if I can give you a parallel when a new mother is in labour, when the pain is intense for a contraction to push the child down the birth canal, very often it is difficult for her to breathe so she must have oxygen for breathing and to help the muscles work.

Take this a step further, look at the planet as a a woman in labour mother earth in labour her lungs are being starved of the oxygen because pollution - stripping of resources yes - and this disease, this lack of oxygen, is spreading through the trees, so the trees have to be felled because oxygen cannot be made to give to them - you cannot find the source of this disease therefore you cannot find a cure. In many places, as well, the trees are dying very quickly because there is not enough water. So all of these things can be reduced to a very simple parallel of life

to yourself - if you dont get enough water you will shrivel up and you will die, if you dont get enough oxygen you cannot breathe and therefore you will die. If you dont get enough spiritual food, to fuel your self awareness and your inner self, your soul - that will die - it is all about life and living.


SHEILA: Thank you so much. Now that is enough from me.

LORD SANANDA: Right, now just before we go to do the work which we discussed earlier, there is something I would like to say to those people that read my messages, and I would say to you please, the messages that I bring are brought with love and are brought because I love you, and I bring them not to frighten you, not to put pain into your heart, I bring them to tell you your world will change, it is happening around you now.

You have heard the answers to some of the questions that I have been asked this morning. Flower and fauna in your world is beginning to decay, and I have likened it to the parallel of a woman giving birth, and I know there are scientists who do not like to think of Mother Earth as a being, as a spirit, as an energy force, therefore if you cannot accept it as an energy force then accept it as scientific fact, the earth is decaying, the resources are being stripped. The earth is being poisoned and this is being done by the hands of those who do not care, it is being done by those who give no thought to life of the planet now or in the future, and believe you me, my friends, the future of your earth is not great, it is not great in time.

For those of you who will stay after the Ascension Plan I say to you my friends, think and think again. For those who are willing to come with the Ascension Plan, to follow it - you may call it the rapture, call it what you will
think how you can help those here and now in your own backyard.I do not expect you to go preaching to heads of states, heads of churches I have given my messages to them they have been sent messages, they have the opportunity to read them or discard them. Only just this last week - after still the wonderful message from Beloved Mary - the greatest institution of this country - the United Kingdom, the Church of England - has refused to acknowledge the voice of women in their priesthood. They have refused to allow them the high office, or what they presume to be

IVOR: Dear Master I am amazed at your words that the English Bishops will not

accept women priests. Did not each of those have a Mother?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, but you see once again, bureaucracy, political ambition - reputations are on the line.

The Ascension is going to happen, my friends, whether you like to think of it or you don
t. It is the greatest event for mankind and you should greet this with love and yes, with a little trepidation, for you have never seen anything like it, but you are the generation, you are of the world that will witness this, and what rejoicing there will be when you have evolved into the penultimate form of light being, and you will be able to see a new emergence of life - not only in your new world, not only here on your planet - just think of what I am telling you, you will no longer need to count your life in years. You will no longer need to worry about a problem with your heart - a problem with your lungs, problems with a wrinkly skin you will not need to worry about this, you will be ageless, and your mind will know no boundaries, it will be whole, and those that you love you will know them you will know them by their essence and you will know and feel such love as you have never felt before. This is the beauty of the Ascension Plan. You will be the new ascended world, you will become the new ascended masters, and in your hands will be the recreation of the new world, new life, a body that is bright and light with no decay, a new world in which to live.

What you hold dear at the moment, think of that and multiply those feelings into infinity, that is how you will feel, so I say to you again my friends, those of you who have difficulty in understanding this, open your hearts, open your minds and then do nothing more, and we will do the rest.

May my love and light rest in your hearts and your minds. May it guide you in all that you do, and know that I love you and always will. Blessings





Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings


25TH JUNE 2010


IVOR opened in prayer.

SUE (Channelling): Good Morning little one (to Sues dog Tammy), good morning my friends.

SHEILA: Good morning Master.

MARY MAGDELENE: Well my friend, you may address me as Master if you wish but I think you will find you and I are the same. My name is Mary Magdalene, and I will try and lift my voice a little.

SHEILA: I am so sorry, Mary, my hearing is not as good as it used to be
old age I am afraid.

MARY MAGDALENE: Old indeed you are but not in human years.

My blessed Lord - Lord Sananda as you call him, Eusaf as I call him - He has asked if I would come and talk with you this morning because it is important that people understand the message that He is trying to bring, and indeed I know that there are many people working with, what they call, ”The Flame of Mary Magdalene”, and I have come to prove that I am not just a flame, I have come to prove that I am here and I have come to prove that I can come to you and talk with you, just as Lord Sananda can as well.

You see, in this modern day and age, it seems important that there are views from women as well as from men, and at the time that I spent at my Lord
s side, and with all my other friends Peter, James, John, Matthew, Luke - then I was in the minority, and so it seems today that in some parts of this world, women are still in the minority, and I have not come to preach a political message - of how women should be equal - no, that is not my concern, my concern is the nurturing of the new world and the nurturing even of this old world. I have come to ask all women - you have the ability to nurture and to grow almost anything. For those of you who do not have children, I ask you, do not despair if you are not able to have children, do not worry, for there is a place for you on this earth, there is a place for you to do something. You will nurture in a different way, and if it is not possible for you to bear the child of your choice, when you want, then I ask you do not despair, the time is not right for you. We have other things in mind and it will be up to these women, all across the world, to nurture the earth as best they can. It will be up to them to nurture the animals around you, it will be up to them to nurture the orphans of the world who are left alone by famine and war, and disease. It will be up to them to nurture Mother Earths Spirit - the Earth Energy, the Planet Earth herself - and you will do this by the great love that will surface in due course.

Do not despair, my children, do not despair my fellow women, do not despair of anything, and do not think for one moment that you have no part to play in the Ascension Plan, there is much for you to do. Women will need to be, in some cases, the voice of reason. Women will need to be in many cases the voice that a man will listen to for the ring of truth will be unmistakable in the words that the women will speak, and women will have their voice.

I had my voice, I had my voice when I spent time with our Lord. I was allowed to give my point of view, I was allowed to voice my questions, I was allowed even to talk - to deliver my Masters teachings - but none of that is reported. Sadly, sadly, those men who wrote about us and the times that we spent and I use “us” as a collective discipleship - they left out all of the things that I did because they preferred to look at all of the bad things I had done. Once I had met my Master, I knew that all of those things - all of those things - were past, they would never be reflected on again, not by those who were surrounding me and loving and supporting me, including my Master.So I must say to you women here and now on the earth plane, do not berate yourselves, do not think you are not worth anything, do not think that you should be second-class to the men of this world, do not think that you have not a place - you have a place, you have a voice - and you, my fellow sisters, you are the ones that have the power to nurture and to grow everything and almost anything within your reach. We have the power to soothe the raging beast, we have the power to smooth away a child

s tear so that it is forgotten in a heart beat, and we have the power to make our men listen.

Those with whom you live, those with whom you work, those with whom you go to the synagogue, those with whom you go to the Mosque, those with whom you go to the Church - you have the power to question, and if you cannot do it publicly do not silence your voice but do it privately, and keep on doing it privately, until it becomes public, and do not fear the consequences my dear sisters, for the God of Truth stands with you, he protects and guides you, front, back and to the side, and He will let nothing harm you.

This is not political, this is merely the raising of self-awareness, and I do hesitate to raise this because I do not wish to cause offence, but my sisters, we are more sensitive to the vibrations and the ability of self-awareness than our fellow men. Please do not be offended by this my friends, it is not my intent to offend, but because we are women we are sensitive to the energies of the earth, we are sensitive to her birthing and we are sensitive to new life and everything around us, because that is what we are. We carry new life within us, we carry the ability to nurture everything.

We are the “Holy Grail”, and I would just say to you, my sisters, in closing. Please, do not push aside your thoughts your feelings. Please, do not feel that your thoughts are worth nothing - they are worth everything. - and we have a job to do now, we have a job to nurture what is left of the time of this world, and we have a job to comfort those who are alone. We have a job to make sure that those who are alone know what is happening. Make your voices heard my sisters. Be at peace and know that I watch over you and know that I am in essence that of Mary Magdalene. I leave you with my love and my peace.

SHEILA: Dearest Mary, thank you so much.

MARY MAGDALENE: (To the Dog) Little one, you be at peace as well..

LORD SANANDA: Good morning my friends.

IVOR: Welcome dear Master.

LORD SANANDA: It is good to be with you again and I am so pleased that I was able to bring my beloved Mary to talk with you.

Now my friends, I have a need to talk with you this morning and as always I have a message that I need to bring to your earth, and as Lord Sananda I stand before you here, and I come in peace, I come in truth, and I come in love, and this my friends is a message I would bring to all, and I would ask you to bear with me while I talk to you of these things which may be painful in your hearing, but I ask that you take them into your heart with understanding, and if you cannot accept them then I will think no less of you for not accepting, but I ask that you take it within your heart and at least think about them.

This is a message for again the Teachers of love and light upon your earth, and I do speak to those who hold high office, I do speak to you Holy Father, and I do speak to you Arch-Bishop, and I do speak to you Chief Rabbi, and I do speak to you High Imam, and I do speak to you of other organized beliefs and religions, whether they be true or whether they be sham, and when I say this is a message for all, this is a message for all, but I will break it into two parts for you.

The first part is for those who teach the religious systems throughout the West and further parts of this world. I would ask you my friends, my brothers, as I asked you a few weeks ago, would you please begin to teach my brothers and sisters here on the earth the truth. Please, forget the dogma and stigma of the past, forget that in ages gone by that God was a God to fear - He is not a God to fear, He is the Source of Life and he offers you but a second opportunity to come into this new life if you will but raise the self-awareness of those you teach.

Some of you have forgotten what you are about, some of you have been so involved with the politics of the Church and the State that you have forgotten the simplicity of your message - and forget the message of just Christianity - the message of any belief system. Whether you believe in the Christian or the Muslin Beliefs, or the Judaism, or whether you believe in other forms of the type of religion
Baptist, Methodist, , Salvation Army, whatever - the overwhelming message should be “love and care for one another.

Too much is preached in the Churches of your Western World, too much is preached of how bad people are and how much wrath God will bring down on you, and if you do not live a better life then fire and brimstone, and all sorts of unimaginable horrors will take place - if you give your life for a cause you will go to Paradise and enjoy all that paradise has to offer - please stop this, it is but mans interpretation of words that were spoken from the Source to mislead you. That message my brothers is love. You must love each other, it is the force that drives the human race. Forget your love of pomp and circumstance - be simple - come back to who you are. You can be unfettered and free, you can be a light being, the next evolution of man

you can take part in this, but please, teach my children the right way. Stop these talks of war, stop this talk of being a martyr, giving your life for a cause which is political, stop it please. The world is hurting, the people that live on the face of this planet are hurting. There are children born without any food to survive, even for a day.

Please, love one another as I love you. I say it with such vehemence but I say it with such passion and with such love. I cannot tell you any stronger how much I want this to come about.

Now, that is for Leaders of my Churches. Please accept what I say in simple belief, take it into your hearts. Look deep. Gather together and discuss this. Have a synod, have a conclave, whatever you want, but believe that I ask you in all humility, teach the message I have brought.which was to love one another.

Now, for the second part
for those of you who would follow what I term - and what is a very understandable term for your modern world - an organized religious system -I would ask you to look at what you go to Church for. Look at what you are being taught. Look at how you interpret it. Do you go to Church or to the Mosque or to the Synagogue so that you may have a time of socialization with your friends and loved ones? And why should you not? Or do you go to truly understand the word of “The Lord your God”. There you see, I have flipped in a well known phrase The word of “The Lord your God”. Do you go just to accept the teachings of one Master who came upon the earth, whether His name is Jesus or Moses, or Mohammed or Abraham? Do you go to listen to that Word? And do you accept that belief within your heart or do you sit and does your mind wander as to whether your food is cooking? Whether Mr. So and So has behaved himself this week? Or are you part of a Body who has at its head Priests who would lure children to the darker side of life? No, no, no - put these thoughts aside, go with an open heart and an open mind. Do not be afraid to question your Priest, your Rabbi, your Imam, your Preacher, your Pastor, your Vicar really learn the message of true love from the Source, from the Source who created you, from the Source who loves you, and from the Source who is pure, and his command is “Love one Another”, forget the other ten His command is “Love one another”.

You may think my message is blunt, you may think my message will stir problems, but time is too short. I seek to raise the vibration of this earth and I am doing so now, but I cannot raise the vibration and leave my children below that vibration, they must rise with it, and for those who do not have the wherewithal and the knowledge, they must be told how to teach it and they must be told how to get it. It is free to all, it is the interpretation of man that makes it unobtainable, so therefore, my dear Amethyst Group, I crave your indulgence, I ask your courage, and I promise nothing will harm you.

It is out of love I come, and it is for love I speak the words of truth.

IVOR: Thank you dear Master, a beautiful message. We are already distributing the messages as far as we can physically, and we hope that we will soon have the internet up and running.

SHEILA: Dearest Master, can I just say that our world - our country - at the moment seems to be quite rosy, and people are saying that perhaps, when disasters really start, if that won
t be the best time to make people aware of the Ascension because of the circumstances at that time?

LORD SANANDA: I think I would say to you my sister, and I know that it is an observation on your part, I think I would say to you that those who believe, as you say, that things are rosy in your country, they may well be. You have enough to eat, you have enough of the things you take for granted water, electricity, lighting, heating - you can move around, you can get medical treatment when you need it. In this country, as in so many countries in the western world, then yes, things may seem to be rosy but I would actually ask you to turn your vision those perhaps who have made similar observations - and I would ask you to look further a field than your own backyard, and I would say to them have you not seen the places where war is breaking out afresh? Have you not seen the places where war cannot be quelled? Have you not seen the teachings that have withheld the truth, and contained so many lies? Have you not seen, on a more positive note, the new discoveries that have been made where, thousands of years ago, people lived a different lifestyle to you, and yet still survived? Have you not seen? Do you not know, that your world is changing? There is so much information given to you about climatic change and monetary change and collapse, and yet there are those who would be desensitized to this because, as you have so rightly observed my sister, it does not affect them, but it will, and my purpose here now, to bring this message about the evolution of your world, is really to prepare them, to lessen the shock and to help those who would ascend to a different way of life - that is all I can do.I know there are many, especially the young, who are quite oblivious to what is happening outside of their country and who can blame them? When you were a young person, when you were eighteen or nineteen, did you ever give a thought to your future? Did you ever give a thought to whether or not you should start saving for your old age? No, old age was centuries away. When you are a young man - just as I was when I was a young man - I never gave a thought to old age, I never gave a thought to change - I knew that I was destined for something great, and something painful, but I didn

t think about it, I had too many things to do, it was only when I began my training with the Sufi that I realized there was a different dimension to my life.

Believe me, when I was a young child I was not as innocent as one would think, I was not born a saint, I was born a child, and I did the naughty things that young children do, and I think probably - if the term was existing at that time - I went through the terrible twos. I was very naughty, I didnt like my friends - I would fight, of course I was a human child. I was not obedient and good, I was naughty and I liked being naughty, and then as I grew and my spiritual powers awakened I realized yes, I was different, and it was time for me to go and find a true awakening - it was time for me to look at my self-awareness - and this is the message I bring to all, whether you are eight, eighteen or eighty. This is where Mothers can play their role - as Mary Magdalene has said - start to nurture your children, start to make them understand that there is a different world outside the computer and the WiiFi, and the hand-held games. Take them out into the world, show them what nature really is, and if you are eighteen, nineteen or twenty, embarking on a new career, or thinking of having a family, do it to experience it as a human being, do it and understand that you can fulfill this ambition, and if you are eighty years old and wondering what the world is coming to, then I say to you, my friend, fear not for the world is coming to its natural beginning and you, amongst the rest, will evolve into a light being, free and unshackled by the mortal coil that holds you back with arthritis, a painful back, Alzheimer

s, and anything else you feel that shackles you to this mortal coil, you will be free. In the end is the beginning.SHEILA: Thank you for that dear Master. It is as you say, alright for us in this part of the world we are so lucky and we forget that others are not so fortunate.

You talked about “The Kingdom of Heaven” last week in your transcript and people, who know very little about the Bible, are saying “What is the Kingdom of Heaven and where is it?”


LORD SANANDA: “The Kingdom of Heaven” is
this will be difficult to explain The Kingdom of Heaven exists in two places, maybe three, if you can understand this - it will become clear.

First, the Kingdom of Heaven is here on earth and it is around you. For those of you who experience the joy and the fragrance of a flower, the beauty in a blue crystal sky, the beauty of true love around you of nature - all of the good things of life that you hold dear, all of the spiritual things if you like this is the part of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that you can experience. In the second part, the Kingdom of Heaven exists as a real place, built with

not bricks and mortar, it is built with much more precious things than that - it is built of love, and it is built of materials that you dont even know about on this earth plane. It exists in a second dimension or in a dimension that you cannot see some people have referred to it as the fifth dimension which co-exists along with the new earth, so it is there, it does exist and it is the place that you can go to.

The third part is that which you call the fourth dimension, heaven the place that you go to after this life - this will exist in a real state in the new world, so when I say that it exists in three different places yes it does at this present time. I hope that is not too complicated?To understand the state of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth you need to be in a state of spiritual and self-awareness to appreciate what you can see and feel because you can look beyond your ordinary vision, you can enter the spiritual vision. You can begin to see many different things and feel many different things. It is understanding - a greater understanding. You are able to sense things more readily. My brother here (to Ivor) senses things perfectly, and sometimes, on odd occasions, he can see. This is what I mean

the state of raised self-awareness and spirituality.

Now my friends, I think it is time for me to depart if there are no further questions. I have enjoyed my time with you once again and look forward to our next meeting.

Farewell, dear friends, farewell.









Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings




17th JUNE 2010


IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: Good morning my friends. How lovely it is to be here with you once again, and it seems that the teachings that I have brought to you over the last few weeks have begun to make an impression on those who are beginning to read them.

Again, I must say to you that it is not my intention to cause you pain nor to cause panic throughout your civilization. This world
my world it is so necessary for me to advise you that time is becoming very short.We have spoken much about the Ascension - the Plan - how it is twofold, and we have spoken how this will affect you, and how the Ascension Plan and the new world will come into being. We have also talked a little about Mother Earth and how she is going to react, and what I would like to talk about today is the earth as a planet, because I know in some peoples minds, particularly those who have a scientific background and a scientific idea of things, that perhaps to talk of Mother Earth as a being may be difficult for them to understand, and even some people find it difficult to accept that Mother Earth is a force of nature of her own being, her own energy. So I say to you that this planet, this world that you inhabit, you do not need me to tell you that it is changing for you can see that all the time. You can see that with the increased erratic weather patterns, you can see that with the warming of the seas around the glacial fields and the artic icebergs, you can understand that with the way that the new volcanic eruptions are happening, and even, indeed, those volcanoes that erupt with great rapidity, and in the normal issue of things, you can see how those things are also beginning to gain pace, and I would say to you that if you find that these teachings these messages of the earth ending and humanity changing if you find it to be difficult, then I must ask you to return to the thing you love best which is fact.

Those of you who are scientists - you do not understand how close science and spirituality is, you cannot understand that, and that is not a condemnation, and it is not a fault of a part of your human mind or logic, indeed, it is the reflection on the greatness of your mind, that you will take it one step further - but I must say to you, you cannot ignore the information I have brought to you, it is grounded in science, it has the facts behind it. The only faith that is attached is for the human side, and I ask my beloved brothers and sisters of this earth, of this human race, that they have faith to accept and believe in what I am telling them.

You my friends, the Scientists, the Doctors, the Professors (wise men of this world) and the Heads of Government who understand about all of the Teutonic plates shifting, and everything else, you know that I am speaking the truth. There are facts that you have, that you have not revealed to the people of this earth and, at that time, rightly so, but now it is time to reveal all that you know, to reveal all that you know about the climatic changes the weather, the flow of the Gulf Stream, the tenacity of those seemingly quiet eruptions - it is time for you to reveal exactly how much of the face of the earth is devastated and ravaged by humankind and, importantly, it is time for you to tell the truth of how this is going to affect the earth itself. Those of you who have worked in a scientific field, and those of you who have kept your research quiet and private for fear of ridicule - for fear of losing your jobs, for fear of being silenced

now is the time for you to speak out. It is so important, it is so important. The world takes notice of science, the world understands science to a degree, indeed technology and science are working together to contain the greatest environmental disaster that the Northern Coast of America has ever seen, and I have spoken many times of this disaster of the Company of BP, and I say again, here will begin the herald of the final second phase of the monetary collapse of the economy in parts of the Western World.

Facts and figures are what you want. If you do not believe the teachings of a man who once walked this earth more than two thousand years ago - if you cannot accept my words - then return to your books, your facts and your figures, and you will know, if you have one iota of sense, and a greater sense of honesty to yourself and to the people that you serve - and the people with whom you live - you will know I speak the truth.

Now what of this earth, what will happen to it when the Ascension is completed? I mean the entire Ascension, the final phase after the period of pain and torment, tribulation, whatever you want to call it - the earth will change, it will change
climate will be very different, vegetation will be different, wind patterns will change. Waves will be where there weren’tt any. It will create great huge gouges throughout the land. Imagine if you can the Grand Canyon. and the rapidity of the water, how it sped through that Canyon and the devastation that it caused. Now, today, it is a thing of beauty, wonder and mystery. Do not think that the earth will die, it will regenerate itself but we must take you from this, we cannot have you amidst all of this catastrophe If you would like, those of you who perhaps are Philosophical or Biblical Students, you surely can see the parallel between this Ascension and the myth of Noahs Ark, and the Great Flood. You can see this. Imagine, in this day and age, that the Ark is like a different type of ship that flies through the air - spaceships if you will - with greater technology. The technology that Noah used to build the ark, should you believe this story, would have been way beyond what he could have understood at that time, and yet the technology was there, it was used, and those who lived on the earth at that time were saved. But it is a parallel, it is a story, it has happened before. The Great Flood is nothing more than a true rendition of an Ascension before this Ascension that is happening now.

Many of the animals that were reborn into this new world, they were not as they were created in the beginning, they had evolved, they were different, they were taken away - they were taken away from the face of the earth - they evolved to different species, and when the time was right, they were reborn into the earth you know today, and it was such with humans. A new life was needed on the earth to keep control, to bring the earth to its greatest potential, to cultivate the land, to make it a place where intelligent life - great intelligent life - could live.

So, the primordial soup was formed, the cells were put there, we ignited them and before you know where you are you have a new world and a new species. This is what will happen after the Ascension now. The world will go through a phase of rebirth, regeneration, all sorts of things will be happening to it
new chemicals will arise, a new environment will be born - and in time, in maybe millions of years of what you would call earth time, there will be a different species giving life to the earth. Meanwhile, you will be enjoying life in the new world, you will be evolved to your greatest potential as light beings. You will be creating a new world for yourselves and that world will be as near perfection as you at this present time can imagine. Happily this time there will be no need for a Big Bang.

Now, are there any questions before I go any further?

SHEILA: Yes please, I would like to ask about the people who ascended, the people who were taken on the ark? When they returned to the earth, were they able to remember anything that had happened while they were away?

LORD SANANDA: They remembered nothing
it is a complex thing because before they returned to the earth then, the earth itself did not exist as it was it could not have supported the species we had created, or had in mind to create - the human form. So they were taken from the earth which was a paradise to them, but we took them away so that the earth could reform and continue with her rebirth, so we took them away and we took them to a place of safety where they slept away the time. They were not like yourselves where you will be working in a light environment in your new world - you will be moving as a light body - that was not the purpose for them. They were taken away and they were held safely asleep, suspended in time if you will, and then, when they were returned to the earth in the Bible it says many days, in actual fact it was many thousands of years, so I need to correct this - and this is not to say, or to throw any disrespect on the Bible because of the Word of God, my Father, the Source - it is merely interpretation.

SHEILA: When we ascend will our memories be intact, whereas when we come into this world we do not bring any with us?

LORD SANANDA: No, well some do, some don
t, but on the whole the memory of this life will be with you, and here I feel is the right time to talk about feelings. I know we have already covered this but I feel it is worth talking about let me explain.

When you take your memory with you when you ascend you will also take the imprint in your mind, in your memory, of those you have been close to. Now here on the earth plane you have something which scientists have proved does work and it is called telepathy, and you are able to exchange thoughts with likeminded people. You think of them and somehow the phone rings or you bump into them in the street, and you know instantly you have been thinking of them and they have been thinking of you - it is therefore instant recognition. So it will be in the new world. You will meet those that you have known before and immediately recognize each other because of the imprint of that person

s characteristics, personality, emotions, etc. Much like an animal senses the smell of food or water but cannot see it, so it will be with you you will meet a like spirit and you will immediately recognize that light being as Sheila, Susan or Ivor - you will know who that person is instantly, and you will feel inside of you that instant love. To give you an illustration that you may keep in your minds eye, when two light beings meet that know each other, the light is intensified into one, so if you like, that is a light being embrace, and the feelings that you exchange between each other it is too beautiful to explain to you - and you will not miss the physical touch because the feeling expressed without this body of skin and nervous system wont be in the way. At the moment that is what you have to recognize each other with - the touch, the feel - a baby recognizes its Mothers touch, but a baby, above all, also recognizes its Mothers voice, so it is the same type of thing.

SHEILA: And although we will have no voice, dearest Master, the thoughts will suffice?

LORD SANANDA: There will be voices or sounds of a sort. It will be without the Hyoid bone which allows you to speak. This is what distinguishes you from members of the animal kingdom and the human species. The Hyoid bone here (touching the throat) on your voice box allows you to form words, sounds which your mind recognizes as a language. You can communicate through thought process, of course you can, that is the preferred term, it is quicker. In a light being form you will not need language but there will be a voice of sorts. There will be sound and there will also be beautiful music in the new world.

Do you not think
those who are not aware that music plays a very important role here on the earth plane it will have a greater role in the new world. It is through music that people will be able to express how much they love each other, how much they are thrilled to meet each other - emotions will be different but you will still feel them.

You will find that as you cast off this mortal coil, you will find how primitive your method of communication has been, but that is not to say you will be unable to use them. I think it is a very good comparison to say that when one is grown up, an adult, you are expected to behave in a certain way but sometimes you want to revert back to being the naughty child that you were. You will be able to conduct yourself in a higher manner, but if you want to revert back to being more human, and using your range of communication, there is no reason why you should not. It is a place where anything is possible but it is a place where it is possible because people want it to be so, and not for any other gain…

Life will not be extinct, it will simply be a different phase, a different type of life, and I understand how hard it will be
and so much has been written about the way I was dispatched from this earth, but there is very little written about my ascension afterwards, and the ascension, the crucifixion, my death, my resurrection and my ascension are the complete thing, you cannot have one without the other, and I so wish that when your new Bible, your New Testament I believe that is what it is called I do so wish that more had been included. It was written, but those who chose to translate the Bible as far back as Pope Constantine himself those who chose to write the Bible were so caught up in their own self-importance, and what they thought was for the good of the people, so much of it was left out, but my Ascension is your Ascension too.

SHEILA: Can we ask you dear Master, we have heard that when you returned to the earth you lived a life in India. Is that true?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, I have had more than one life on this earth plane. I spent some time with the Sufi Tribe - there are very few of them left now - but they are a tribe of very spiritual people who live in the foot of the Himalayas, just bordering over into India, and I spent a long time there teaching them the things I had learned, and the things I had brought to the earth plane, which other people would not use and dismissed, and I taught them many of the things that they continued to teach, or did continue to teach in the privacy of their own tribal areas. I taught them how to travel from their bodies and leave the mortal coil behind, and yet travel in their physical body to anywhere they wanted to go. I taught them much about the medicines they used for healing, I taught them much about the next dimension, the new world. I told them the plans of the new Ascension and they understood all of this, and they understood too that this was something the world was not ready for, for it had dispatched me - sometimes reluctantly they think of this - but it had dispatched me quickly, and I had not fulfilled my work, but I was not going to be permitted to do that either, I knew that before I came.

So, it was for me that I ascended, I spent some time resting in the realms of the Source and I returned once again and immediately they knew me. They have given me a different name
my name with the Sufi Tribe was Jepha, but I spent some years with them, and you may be interested to know that before I came to notice in my native land and in Rome. I also spent some time with them before. I spent some time learning with them, understanding their life, I spent some time teaching them and I spent some time telling them what would happen to me at the end of my lifespan on the earth plane. I taught them much and they are truly my Brothers.

When I was born to my Mother Mary, before I came to notice in my village of Galilee, and that area, no-one knew where I was or what I did. It is written in the Bible that at twelve years old I debated with the Teachers and Masters in the Synagogue. I had debated with the Masters and the Teachers in the Synagogue because prior to that I was living with the Sufi Tribe and I learned much about their ways, their methods. I learnt much about their medicines, their spirituality, and I learned how I would cope with my final end, and then when I came back to my family, I knew it was necessary for me to tell everyone that the Kingdom of Heaven was here on earth if they cared to find it. This is what my Sufi Brothers believed, that there was a greater kingdom, that it was in a dimension that was hidden, but it had been translated wrongly in the biblical terms. The kingdom of Heaven was here on earth, still is here on earth, and it is that kingdom too which will ascend as we go into the new world, but the Sufi Brothers knew this. Their wisdom is as old as time, and it was agreed with the Source that before I took upon myself my years of teaching, and years of trying to explain to my fellow humans that life is different, that we needed to change our life pattern even then, it was agreed that I would take my first teaching from my Sufi Brothers, and I returned to them after, for as I had ascended into Heaven, or into the realms of the Source, whichever you prefer it, so I was given permission to give them further teaching.

Have you a further question?

SHEILA: Yes, dear Master, whilst we are talking on Biblical matters, going back to our Christian Bible, you have explained about Chapters of the Bible - that we have to read between the lines as it were to find the hidden meaning - but I am not quite sure how the Old Testament relates to our Source, to our Creator, or to you. All you are is pure love, and you have infinite patience and so much understanding which does not quite relate to the God given in the Old Testament of our Bible - that we have to fear Him. Things happened in the Old Testament
the walls of Jericho came tumbling down because of Gods wrath, and other terrible things happened in His name. Could you please help us to understand the Old Testament a little more. I am sorry to burden you with this.

LORD SANANDA: No, these things are important for, if it helps people to understand the whole Source, the Creator, my Father God, then I am happy to explain. The Old Testament, as it is widely referred to, was written by a collection of Prophets and Seers, just as this Channeller can interpret things in perhaps slightly different ways. Now, in the olden times the world was young, very young, and many things were wondrous, frightening and people sought to find reasons why these things happened. Now, you have referred to the Walls of Jericho, can I tell you that at that time, that particular area was hit very frequently with earthquakes. Now, you would know it as earthquakes but if you take yourself back to a young human being, and I mean young as in span of time on the earth, you would not know what an earthquake was, so you would know that perhaps the earth shuddered, and the guilt that perhaps you had, for whatever atrocity you felt you had committed against God, you would have immediately equated the walls coming down with the wrath of God and His Warrior Joshua. Now Joshua could not and did not have a tribe of trumpet players that blew the walls of Jericho down, it was helped by an earthquake which I think you could perhaps attribute to the Source, my Father God, but not as an act of wrath.

The Old Testament, you must remember, was also put together by human beings who sought to
not advance themselves, but sought to try to make a society which was governable, and remember there were no Police, there were no laws, no government as such, other than religion. Everything came back to the Prophets, the Seers, the people who could see into the future, and those primitive ways when people thought to appease the Gods, a sacrificial lamb was required, or in misguided minds, the blood of a human. Now this was all they had to go by because they didnt understand the seasons, they did not understand what things would grow, they didnt understand that if you put something into the earth and you didn’t water it, it wouldnt grow. They felt that if they watered it with the blood of a lamb it would grow of course it would, it was liquid - but they were a very naïve race and of course they lived in fear of things that they didnt understand, because things that they didnt understand were automatically attributed to the Gods because no human could do that or so they thought - so if you didnt behave, if you didnt appease the Gods or the God, then obviously fire and brimstone was going to descend upon you.

Now I would like to speak here, since you have referred to it, let us take ourselves to the time of the Egyptians, to the time of Moses, let us take ourselves to the time when he and the Pharaoh are at loggerheads with each other because Moses wants to lead his people out of the Pharaohs service not out of slavery as I have already explained he wants to lead his people, he wants to take them to a better land, he wants to build a civilization of his own because the voice of God has told him this was what was necessary, and the voice of God did tell him that, but let us look at the plagues that descended on Egypt. Now Moses was a true servant of the Source, Moses was a Prophet, Moses was a Seer, Moses was a Teacher. Moses didnt make the plague of boils, the plague of hailstorms or the Red Seas separate, these were all natural phenomena, and if you look - here we come once again from the history books to science - if you look once again you will see that in these countries, even in these modern day countries and in these modern times, you will see that from time to time there are you have a modern word “freakish” - freakish weather systems that happen which send hailstones as big as a lump of bread, but harder - but these things happened back then. It suited the Teachers to say to everyone “Look at what God has done, He is angry”.SHEILA: So in the peoples

minds God was a God to be feared?

LORD SANANDA: And also the worst thing possible, they made my Father a divisory tool.

Now, last time we talked a little of self-awareness, and I gave an illustration of how to walk through the mirror etc. Now I would like, if I may, to give you something else which I feel will help the people who are reading this, and also your Group. I would ask that when you are together, for I know you have many meetings with like-minded people, I would perhaps like you to bring this teaching to them, this exercise that I will give you.

Now, it is necessary for self-awareness to be increased for the ascension as I have already said, and what I would like you to try is this small exercise:-

I would like you all, in the comfort of your gathering or in a place where you feel safe and secure (where you will not fall off your chair or be disturbed). I would like you, if you will, to step from your human body in the way that I have illustrated - through the mirror or whichever way you feel easiest to remove yourself from your human body - and you will see (if I can use that term very loosely) or you will feel yourselves in a different way - you will feel different, you will feel lighter, you will feel brighter, your sensations will be heightened - you will be able to move in a different way.

Some of you can see, some of you can feel, and whether you see or feel, what I would like you to get used to are the sensations you experience as light beings. Now, the reason I want you to do this is because this is what you will experience in the new world.

LORD SANANDA: Now, I have not more teachings to give you at this time but as always, if you have more questions I am happy to answer, and one thing I would say, if there are those who would wish to hear my teachings, I am more than happy to come to you and talk with you, through the Amethyst Group, and if it will help you to understand more of the Ascension Plan then please just ask and I will come. I have chosen this group because, since time began, this was the ultimate goal of the Amethyst Group, both here on the earth plane and here in the heavenly realms. We promised together to try to help humanity into the next phase of evolution, and that is all we are about, all of my teachings are brought to you with love and in the hope that you will understand them and accept them.

SHEILA: I have another question dear Master? So many people ask this question, and there has been a debate even on the television whether Mary Magdalene was present at your Last Supper?

LORD SANANDA: Yes, of course she was. Mary Magdalene was a very special person to me. Now put aside, shall we say, the stories of the fact that Mary Magdalene had a child by me - a daughter, who was called Sarah and came overseas to this country and what have you
put aside that. Mary was very close to me, she was one of my most devoted followers and I have to say that in a civilization where women were scorned and were made to take second place, I made a great show of keeping her equal with all my Disciples. She was on a par, just the same as Mark, Matthew, and Peter, and it made no difference to me that she was a woman, and the fact that she had such love in her heart for me, and such gratitude for what she deemed as a miracle, which really was nothing more than the fact that I loved her, and I loved her as I loved Peter, Paul, and the others, and yes, she was present at my last supper and why shouldnt she have been?

SHEILA: Thank you so much for that. Of course, in that part of the world women were very much second-class citizens in those days, in fact still are.

LORD SANANDA: Yes, still are. Whether the time will come when females will be accepted as Teachers…..

SHEILA: But Come the Ascension dear Master
we will all be equal.

LORD SANANDA: Yes you will. It grieves me that this human civilization has not overcome this.

SHEILA: Come the Evolution dear Master, come the Evolution.

LORD SANANDA: Come the Evolution
that is a lovely way to put it come the evolution.

SHEILA: Last night we had the most wonderful soul rescue with our Medium Carol when we rescued a gentleman from a beach, who was collecting driftwood. He was very eager to go “home” and said that he had been waiting for us to come to take him. As he went up in the column of light, Carol said his little dog (a small terrier) was at the bottom, looking upwards into the light and barking at the man not to leave him behind. All at once, obeying a shout from the man, he leapt up into the light, still barking, with his front and back legs splayed out, and floated up. It was beautiful and I know now how easy it will be for all our animals to ascend at the same time as us, if we wish them to.

LORD SANANDA: Quite right and thank you for that.

Now my friends I feel the time has come for me to depart once again. I thank you so much for this time we have shared together. I thank you for your love and for your commitment, and I thank you for your strength of purpose, and I thank you for doing all you can to help humanity. Farewell.







Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings



10th JUNE 2010


IVOR opened in prayer.

LORD SANANDA: Good morning my friends. How lovely it is to be with you once again and this morning I would like to perhaps start our message in a different way, and maybe this morning we could start with the questions first, I mean the questions that you have already come prepared with, and see if I can help you. How would that be?

SHEILA: That would be fine Dear Master.

Someone has queried a statement that you made in your last transmission on the

3rd June, 2010, at the bottom of Page 1 “… just happens to be that it will happen now, through the beginning and the middle of the 21st Century….”. They are saying, they thought the Ascension was going to happen in the next three to five years? We have said that it will take some time for the earth to adjust. May we ask for your comments please?LORD SANANDA: Let me explain. Throughout the teachings that I have been bringing to you over the last few weeks I have made a very pointed statement regarding self-awareness. Now, the beginning of the evolution of the next stage of man we call it the light years, whatever you would like to call it - the beginning of the Ascension will most definitely have been completed within the next three to four years - five years is the maximum.

Next year in your calendar, which is 2011, will begin the preparation, and this preparation for the human race - and remember I have told you that the Ascension Plan is twofold, it involves the human race and Mother Earth - so the preparation for the human race will begin in earnest next year.

Many people will find themselves awakening to spiritual teachings, spiritual music, understanding the world more in spiritual terms as opposed to material and monetary. That is part of the preparation for those on, shall we say, the novice level - those who have never thought about spirituality in their life; who have just accepted that life is life and they get on with it; who do not believe that there is an after-life; who do not believe in anything spiritual - those will be the ones who will have the greatest, rapid increase in spiritual awareness, and self-awareness. That will take them approximately two to three years to reach to the Ascension level two to three years for novices to reach the level for Ascension, where they can understand the Ascension, accept it and ascend. Does that make sense? Those of you who are already at the Ascension level

if you like Ascended Masters here on earth, “Ascended Adepts” - you understand what I am talking about. Those of you who are very self-aware, those of you who are in groups who understand the Ascension Plan, and have followed it and taken it wholeheartedly, inwardly, and understand it, you will need to be here as Teachers and your span here on the earth will be somewhere between two to three years, and I dont mean that you will die in two to three years, I mean that you will have two to three years in which to teach and help and charge with love and understanding those who are still blissfully ignorant of the changes of the world.

Now, the date for the mass Ascension - or shall we say, the penultimate phase - will be somewhere between three to four years of your earth time - it will not be any longer than that so that is three to four years. Now, after that time, after those four years, there will be a further time of what some people refer to as tribulation. Now, this is the second half of the Ascension this is the time when Mother Earth will truly let go, when everything will become in chaos. You think that your weather is upside down now, you think you have seen volcanic eruptions which have caused extensive disruption to you here in the West and in Russia, Asia, and other such places. You have seen nothing the volcanic eruptions will become greater, they will become more frequent, they will become greater in their intensity and will in their turn decrease the likelihood of the sun getting through to the earth giving life, giving nurture and growth - that will be minimal - so that will be one part of the tribulation. The other part which is already beginning to happen now, and as I have already made several references, will be the materialistic and the financial part of your world. It is already beginning to crumble and crumble away very rapidly. There are more nations that are bankrupt than you could ever think of, and as I have said to you, this current disaster which is hitting all of your headlines

the oil spill in America this Company will need financial aid and it will have a huge repercussion on your financial world as you know it in the coming days.

Now, to go back to Mother Earth - the second part of the phase - it will take a few more years to let go of everything. We have covered the volcanic eruptions which are probably the greatest threat to the earth itself, because the dust and detritus which is thrown into the air will cut off the life-giving sun, and remember also that I told you that your planet is turning very slightly on its axis which would have already made life-giving rays and heat from the sun difficult to absorb in certain parts of your planet, but the volcanic eruptions will put a very hasty end to this. So parts of the world will become colder, plants wont grow. Food wont grow. People will find it increasingly difficult to live outside, there won't be enough

fresh air to breathe. Now remember, for people who have decided that the Ascension wasnt going to happen - the Ascension was nothing and the earth is still here so what is the problem - now it will take a few years longer for life itself to become totally unbearable upon the face of the planet. This then will be the final phase of the Ascension.

Now, let us see what we are left with. Those who have readily ascended and gone and are now living quite happily in the new world, although they are able to see and they will be able to watch and observe what is happening on the old earth plane should they wish, there will be some of you left here to help those who are left behind, to help them change their minds, to help them to open up.

So, we have the beautiful phase of the Ascension which is finished and the new world is thriving in light and love beautifully, but down here on the earth plane we have an earth which is in the throes of dying - a planet, a star, which is dying - but it is still inhabited by those few stubborn beings so, it will take maybe one or two years to convince them to bring them up again once more to the level of Ascension self-awareness. When that level is reached they will all be taken, and it is our plan that none shall be left behind. After that - after the souls have been taken away and they too have come to the realization of the new world - the planet still remains, and now Mother Earth can get on with her rebirthing. She will split, she will explode, she will finish, and in its place will be a new different evolved world, and the cycle of life will begin again, but not life as you know it. It will be a different planet, it will have a different composition, it will have been split open, there will be places which - does this sound familiar?
will be dry which were wet. There will be places which were wet and will become dry, and there will be places which were mountainous which will become flat, and there will be a different set of flora and fauna, a different set of gas, a different set of life-giving chemicals if you like - for the scientists, a different type of primordial soup in which life will begin - but this will take time.

Now, does that make it clear?

SHEILA: Yes it does beautifully, thank you so much dear Master.

I saw a televised program on South Africa recently
it was very good and to do with the World Cup which is being held there at the present. The Presenter talked to a lot of South Africans, black and white, who are lovely, happy people, and so proud of their land. Johannesburg looked very grand but there were other parts we were shown which were nothing but shanty towns and people were living in dire poverty still, but I have been wondering, President Nelson Mandela - a wonderful peace-loving man who helped abolish apartheid - can you tell us, please, when he was in prison, for 27 years I believe, did he receive spiritual messages from you during that time to uplift him, and did they include information on the Ascension?

LORD SANANDA: It is quite a complex question. When Mr. Mandela was incarcerated it was for crimes against that current Government then, and it was unheard of for a man of his station, albeit he was a lawyer, it was unheard of for a man of his color to be fighting against his Government for the rights of men and women of his own color, and in his own country, where the indigenous men and women of that part of the world were set upon by others from another part of the world, who could see the potential for riches in the earth, and in the minerals that the earth could give up.

Now, when one has been incarcerated for a very long time, the only part of that person that is free is the mind, and yes, Nelson Mandela had talked of spiritual things, had thought of spiritual things, had questioned why this was happening to this part of his world and what could he do as a person to change this - after all he was one person and he was a very frightened person at the time. He was frightened for his family, he was frightened for his friends, and the only information he could have from outside of his world was concerning his family, nothing more, and yet, as time went by, more and more, his mind had free flight until eventually it latched on to the purpose which we call hope. In every human being there is an element of hope, and yes, he hoped that one day he would be free, and he hoped one day he would unite his country by whatever means necessary, and eventually that means was not necessarily political but through a common language which men and women share all over the world which is sport, and that is why he was able to unite his country at the very beginning with sport, bringing people together of equal ability, irrespective of their colour and irrespective of their politics.

Incarceration for 27 years was politically necessary and even if there had been messages that we had given him concerning the evolution, which we did, which we told him about, and we told him that his day of release would come - he was not in a position to get that message out. If you think of it, from the outside world
s point of view, here is a man who no-one knows in the world, other than the fact that he is black, other than the fact that in his own country, by political means and by duplicity and by unkindness - he has been described as a terrorist, a troublemaker - so he is incarcerated. Ninety per cent of the world believes it is true, because ninety per cent of the world was ignorant of the man he was because he was black. They looked at his color rather than his politics and his thoughts and his beliefs, so if we had given him these messages of evolution it would have come out to the world as the ravings of a solitary confined black prisoner who was a troublemaker, and would have borne no credence whatsoever. Instead, he endured all those days of captivity without complaint, without asking for release, without fighting for retrial or rediscussion, he endured it quietly. When he came out he kept a low profile He didn’t want to be elected as a political leader but he was elected because of who he was and for what he stood for, which was peaceful protest. He gained kudos in the world, people respected him.

Now he could start about his work, he could start about uniting his country, he could start by pointing out that there was no difference between the black man and the white man, and he was able to complete his dream in such a way that his country is now united, but I also take the point that in some parts of Africa there is still fighting, there is still difference between color, but I would say to you that South Africa, like so many of the African countries, still have that inbred tribal instinct within them - just as the tribes of Palestine in the Middle East do, just as the Christians and the Muslins do - there will always be conflict within this world, always, it will never be settled until the new world is born.

SHEILA: That is very interesting, thank you. He is such a wonderful man, held in very high esteem, and a great example to our world. I just think it would help to have a man of his stature in our world, talking about the Ascension.

s time is past. His main cause, his main dream, his main fight that kept him going in all those years was to unite his country, and his time is past, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe it, and it doesn’t mean that he doesnt talk about it either, but now he is no longer the political figure that he was you have a black President in the United States of America and to this world that is now a novelty.

SHEILA: Thank you dear Master. The next thing I think I should mention is, we have some people who, even after reading the messages, are quite negative about the Ascension, and are saying we have heard all this before, why should we believe it now. Our world hasnt changed and, when we look out our windows, it is exactly the same as it was perfect - why should we believe that the Ascension is going to happen and in such a short time. I have told them of course, everything in our world is lovely, here in Britain, but people living elsewhere

especially in the third world countries cannot say the same. They have oppression, famine, drought, poverty I am sure they will welcome the Ascension with open arms.

I have said also that everything you have told us in the past has come true you said that there would be a Black President in South Africa and that the Berlin Wall would come down. You told us that in many parts of our world wet would become dry and vice versa, and that cold would become hot, etc. At the time we could never see it happening we know now that it was the truth, and we know that we get nothing but the truth from you.LORD SANANDA: You must leave these people to their own ways, you will not convert everyone. If you could convert everyone there would be no need for a final phase of the Ascension, we could just get on with it now, but they, like the others, will begin to realize the subtle shift in the world and also the blatant shifts in the world

do not think for one minute they do not think in their minds “Well, maybe thats true. He has said about the collapse of finance and that is happening, etc, etc. For your own peace of mind I would say, cast your mind back to Thomas and I. He didnt believe me - he saw me but it was not until he put his hands on me here (on the front) and here (at the side) that he knew that I was who I said I was, so, worry not for them, their time will come.

SHEILA: Yes, it will. Thank you. So many people are suffering from Cancer here on our earth plane - young children, young adults - so many now. People are asking: is it the food we are eating? Is it the stresses that we are living under?

LORD SANANDA: No, it is genetic, this is why not everybody gets it. It is written in some peoples
genes, and there is nothing once life unfolds, once life has been touched, once I have touched that strand of DNA - it will reproduce at its own rate, and it will reproduce and bring forth what it desires, and I know this may sound completely outside the realms of believability. I come from the Source, I am part of the Creator, but life must be allowed to unfold in the way that the Creator decides.In the natural world, flowers of one particular family all produce the same color, the same smell, they look identical. In the human world that doesnt happen because immediately a life is created, the very first thing that is put in is free will. This is why, if you could look at the Scientists perhaps who may or may not read this will understand this - that when you look at cells underneath the microscope and sub-cells etc, etc, that create DNA, they divide of their own free will - they move, they are alive - and whichever way that cell chooses to go is entirely random, and the free will is there, and the DNA of every single human being, and, although I know and I see, and it grieves me, how much pain this big disease causes your world (and indeed you yourself, my sister (to Sheila), I know you have suffered from the loss of loved ones because of this disease) if this had not taken place - again I feel there are others that will read this and say “thats a very safe answer” but it is the truth - if these things had not occurred (and believe you me, it has not been confined to your age in these last two centuries that it has been given a name, it occurred way before that) but if it had not occurred and if it had not affected life so broadly, then there would not have been a technology developed to research it, and other diseases, and in the research of this disease has come about a positive healing for many other things.

It is like a tree, the root of a tree, the root of the research is grounded in one particular thing, and yet from the root of that technology, that research, has grown a tree which has had many branches, which has been able to help other illnesses that affect your society. Even now, to the point where there is human Genome Research, you have been able to find out the path of life itself, you have found out the DNA structure of the human body, of the human cell that makes life itself, but the one mystery that you will never be able to claim that you know all about, until your Ascension is complete, is the mystery of what makes that DNA. Do you remember we talked of the Big Bang? The mystery of the Big Bang was what was behind it.

Do you have another question?

SHEILA: There is much talk now about some countries producing nuclear bombs. Is this something we should be concerned about dear Master?

LORD SANANDA: The worst invention in mankind
s history has been the use of nuclear power for weaponry, but here again, once more free will comes into play. The technology was given, the intelligence was used and the discovery of nuclear physics - nuclear medicine - was taken for warfare. You are a warring planet, always it has been thus, since the beginning of man when he could stand upright to see to greater horizons - all he wanted was all that came between him and the horizon and he thought that this was his by right.

You see. the human race has not really come that far and you see now why in this time, in this century, that the self-awareness has been so increased so subtly and so quickly so that now it is time for us to intervene before you annihilate yourselves, and before you make the planet uninhabitable for new life. That is the crux of Ascension.

For those who ask “What is the purpose of Ascension?” the purpose of Ascension is new life for all. It is new life for the human race as you know it because the human race will be evolved into its greatest beauty which is the power of light
light will not fade, it will not die, it will increase until we are all part of the Source itself. A new life for your planet. If the human race annihilates this planet then there can be no possibility of new life on here for you will blow it to bits, and part of the Ascension is conservation so that new life may begin again on your planet, as I have already explained. That is the purpose of Ascension, you people who do not want to believe it then think again my Brethren, think again.

SHEILA: So no country will be allowed to use whatever nuclear weapons they have.

LORD SANANDA: No one will. There are many nations throughout your world that have nuclear weaponry, even the poorest of the nations have nuclear weaponry. No one will be permitted to use this, it is not your right, it is not your place to annihilate this planet, and this is why Ascension comes now.

SHEILA: Thank you so much for answering those questions so fully.

LORD SANANDA: Now, I must collect myself.

For my teaching this morning, as always my friends, this comes from my heart and it comes to help you and it comes to teach you - that is the most important thing - and I would like to speak this morning about that subject we have talked so much about which is self-awareness.

Now those of you who read this transcript, some of you will be well on your journey, you will be well on the way to understanding energy, light, healing, peace. You will understand what greatness can be derived from meditation and how far your beautiful minds will go and what goals you can reach, but I would ask you to take it one step further.

You think with your mind, of course you do, and you also meditate with your mind, you have to for the thought is there first
“I will now take myself to a place of meditation” - but I would ask those of you who do not already experience this to just remember that inside of your human body you also have a beautiful esoteric or light body, and I would like you to practice moving between your light body and your human body. Some of you already do this, and for those of you who already practice this, I would ask that you would help those to understand how to do this.

Now, here I would like to give you some instructions if I may. When you are gathered together or if you are on your own, I would like you to close your eyes first and imagine what you look like - your face, your features, your various lumps and bumps. The way that you walk, the way that you stand, the way that you breathe, the way that you hold your head, and I would like you to envisage that in front of you, almost like a mirror.

So you are sat comfortably, you are imagining what you look like in your mind
s eye and I want you to transfer that image as if you were standing in front of a full-length mirror. Now, once you have got that image of yourself, I want you to take away the features that you can see, take away your clothing, take away your eyes, nose, your glasses, your wig your whatever - so that you are actually left with just the outline of yourself in the mirror, and in the middle of that outline, where all your clothes and everything else were, it is just light, beautiful light - you can imagine it as any color you like, but white light is best - and then I want you to step through that mirror, and as you step through that mirror, you are suddenly free, your world around you hasnt changed, it is still solid, the doors are still there, the windows are still there, the floor is beneath your feet, but you are free, you do not need your feet to move you, you can move from one place to another quite freely, and just with a thought.

You can find yourself in the kitchen try it, and then with another thought you can find yourself outside - try that too. But now to come back, just think of that full-length mirror in front of you again. Walk through that mirror and find yourself again - all your lumps and bumps, your spectacles, your wooden leg, whatever you have

and then gradually return to the image of your own self.

Now in doing this you will have experienced a little of what it will be like to be a light being, and if you have managed to experience this - and it will take practice - but if you have managed to experience this, think how unfettered you felt. Think how freely you could move, think how pure you felt. This is what life will be like for you my friends in your new world and all you need to do is to take a little time to be aware of the potential within yourself to do this.

For those of you who are not quite so adept at doing that, and feel a little unsure of the instruction or the meditation I have just given you, then perhaps you would like to try this. Just sit for a while in quietness. No television, no radio, and if possible in a quiet place, perhaps a garden, and I would just like you for a few moments to just sit and be silent - to be aware of the wind between the trees, to be aware of the fragrance of the flowers around you, to be aware of the birdsong - and gradually feel yourself melt into this silence, into this world of peace, fragrance, harmony and life. Practice this as often as you can and gradually you will find you will become aware of the world around you, its energies and its comforts.

The most precious gift you can give yourselves, my friends, is time - time to learn, time to advance, time to become aware of yourself, and time to become aware of the world around you. There are many people who will help you to achieve this for throughout this world I have scattered light workers, people who are advanced in understanding the energies in the time to come. If you will open your eyes, my friends, I will put the opportunity of learning in front of you, but by opening your eyes you must open your heart also. Do not be stubborn, do not look out the window and think that life has remained the same, for life is not the same as it was yesterday, nor will it be the same tomorrow as it is today. The shifts are happening in your world, more subtly than you know.

Take on board what I teach you, my friends, for these are lessons that you will surely need in the days to come. If you find yourself in a position where you are not able to understand this, it is too difficult to comprehend - maybe you have read the other transcripts, the messages I have sent, and you have dismissed them because you cannot see it happening - I understand. I understand why you would feel this way for it is inconceivable to you that the world and humanity as you know it will end, but I say to you, my friends, with all the love I have in my heart, that in the end is the beginning, please have the faith to make that beginning for yourselves.

I wish I could say to all of you that these crisis that are happening in your world - that the wars, the conflicts, the political intrigue and the espionage, the pain and suffering of famine, the misuse of drugs that turn men
s minds to mush, and force girls to prostitute themselves for money, and many other hideous and heinous crimes that occur in every part of your world - I wish I could say that it will all come to an end and your world will remain the same, but I ask you, my friends, do you want this world to remain the same? Do you want it to remain the same with the pollution, with the nuclear waste buried beneath the earths crust, volcanoes ready to erupt, glaciers melting? Do you want that world to stay? Why would you want that when you have the choice of a pristine new world and of an existence which is free from disease and famine, free from the labor of pain and work why would you want that? When you are on the brink of a new evolution of mankind and the new evolution of your world why would you not want that? Search your hearts my friends, if you cannot believe me then search the scientific world, find the proof that you want, search out the figures, it is all there. It is all there.

. There are many here, there are many here listening, many groups from across the world and I am grateful for that, they can take this teaching too and channel to whoever will listen, and you know, people get caught up in time, and these things will happen in the time span I have given and there is nothing I can do to change that.

IVOR: Thank you for that Dear Master. You have raised quite an interesting point. May I ask those that are here, that are in human form at the present and enjoying our discussions, if they would possibly contact us physically we may form an alliance, a group internationally. I feel this would add further strength and credence, particularly if the messages were published in other parts of the world at the same time.

LORD SANANDA: Yes, I think that is a good idea, so those of you who are here representing earth plane groups, please would you make sure this is relayed to your Channellers wherever they may be - that would be a really helpful way, yes.


Now, my friends, I feel I have given you much food for thought. Many questions have been asked this morning and I am sure there will be many more. I am happy to talk to you, give you guidance, and I will bring you more teaching, but for now I leave you with my peace, I leave you with my love and I leave you with my abiding assurance that I come and I stand in the light of truth. May peace be upon you all. Thank you my friends.