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Healing Enzyme and Meditation .....Ruth Ryden


"Originally channeled by Ruth Ryden from the Masters of Light"

     THE SECRET OF HEALING    “Originally Chan. By Ruth Ryden from the Masters of Light” “There is within you, deeply hidden, the ability to heal your own body from any illness, injury or ailment.  Within your body is a specific enzyme that carries the perfect pattern for the body.  When it is activated, the enzyme starts broadcasting directions to all cells of the body, directing damaged cells to be replaced, diseased cells to heal, distortions in cells to be re-shaped into perfection.  The bodies you have been given are self-perpetuating organisms which can be directed by the conscious mind, as they have always been directed from the subconscious mind.  IF THERE IS THE DESIRE AND NEED TO REMAIN ON THIS WORLD LONGER THAN THE NORMAL LIFE SPAN, AS IT IS KNOWN NOW, YOU HAVE THE INNATE ABILITY TO DO SO.   Immortality seems to be a wonderful goal, and it is possible to attain..  But remember, your real, spiritual life is restricted enormously by remaining in the physical plane.  Until you have experienced the soaring, wonderful spiritual Love and beingness during deep meditation, you will not understand this.  The spiritual being you really are enters into the physical body only to experience the challenges of density, continuing to rise in knowledge until it is ready to return to the Creator in complete fullness of consciousness; the excess time that the body remains in the third dimension only delays this process.  However, there is no need to live in physical misery while you are embodied.  There are many healers today who have the unconscious knowledge of the healing process and, when they lay their hands on others to heal, are in truth activating the “Healing Enzyme” in the body of the other, giving it the go-ahead to start the healing process.  The healers call for energy from God, the energy enters the body of the one seeking help, providing a jump-start for the enzyme, and healing is commenced.  This is the way Jesus, the Christ, healed when walking the Earth.   THE CELLS WHICH PRODUCE THE HEALING ENZYME ARE LOCATED AT THE TOP OF THE SPINAL COLUMN IN THE BRAIN STEM.   There are cases where this cluster of nerves has been so damaged that production of the enzyme is impossible because of the injury.  Otherwise, the cells are well protected and lie dormant until activated.   DEEP MEDITATION IS NECESSARY IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE THE PRODUCTION OF THE HEALING ENZYME.   During meditation, the focus of the mind must be transferred to that area of the brain and a direct command is to be given for the enzyme to come forth and be fully active in the body.  You will feel not only a tingling at that spot, but a sharp pain as the energy it contains explodes into life.  Do not be alarmed; just relax and let it be.  From then on, when you have need of physical healing, simply direct the enzyme with your conscious mind to take care of it.   Focus your attention upon the afflicted part of your body and command that it be healed.  Simple as that?  Yes, but it will take time and practice to be really effective.  Using the command regularly while in a light meditative state will be of great help, keeping this influence in your body activated.  If the effectiveness of the enzyme seems to fail, this procedure may be repeated as often as necessary.  To the extent that an individual’s conscious thoughts are in balance enough to recognize that mental problems exist, directing personal healing for the mind will be accomplished in the same manner.  Deep sorrows, hatreds that cannot be controlled by the mind, depression, etc., can be gently dissipated with the Healing Enzyme.  In many cases, this kind of healing will need to be done by another who is proficient in activating the enzyme.  A diseased mind cannot activate or control the Healing Enzyme.   Can torn flesh be healed in this way?  Yes, it can.  This is the way “miracle” healings are accomplished; broken bones and tortured flesh will come together and be made whole. This is the secret humankind has been waiting for.  You have always been in full command of your own bodies and your own lives; humanity has just started to understand this reality.  In the times to come, there will be no need for physicians as you and your descendants learn to take care of your own physical needs, although there will always be the need of one person for another, to share Love and energy.  When a person is seriously hurt and cannot command his/her body, another person can always intercede and activate the healing enzyme.  Human beings will always need each other as they need the very Light of the Father of Creation around them at all times. WHEN YOU GIVE LOVE AND HEALING TO ANOTHER, ASK FIRST THE HIGHER SELF OF THE PERSON TO BE HEALED FOR PERMISSION TO DO SO.   If the request is denied for any reason, you will feel an almost solid wall come between you and the one you are trying to help heal, and any energy you try to transmit will be turned back.  The spiritual Higher Self of each human being has full and Free Will, always, and many are they who have determined before human birth to exit the world at a certain time or for certain reasons, or to suffer physical pain or disabilities, even if the conscious mind is unaware of that purpose.   Use the knowledge of the Healing Enzyme with yourself first.  Train yourself in its use; see and understand what happens in your own body as you finally achieve the activation.  When you feel you are in full control of this process, then, and only then, should you try to help others in this way.  You have a saying, “A Little Knowledge Can be Dangerous!”.  It can be dangerous, in this instance, by giving another person a great degree of hope that may become a disappointment if the process is not handled properly..  Unless the mind is vibrating at the highest level of the third dimension or the lower levels of the fourth dimension, the enzyme will not activate in the proper frequency, becoming, not dangerous, but simply ineffective.  This is why it is important to take time to reach the right vibration of the consciousness during meditation to be able to activate the enzyme.  A healer has a great responsibility when sending energy to another, both physically and emotionally; healing should not be attempted, whether by this modality, or any other, unless the healer is well prepared.      Use this knowledge within the Light of God.  Use it with Love for yourself and for others; use it because the time has come for you to do so.  God Bless you in your efforts.”                     ********************************     DNA-manipulation enzymes - There are specialized enzymes that move along DNA strands and REPAIR THEM. There are other enzymes that can untwist DNA strands to reproduce them (DNA polymerase). Still others can find small patterns on DNA and attach to them, blocking access to that section of DNA (DNA-binding protein)  Taken from a Scientific DNA study. 

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Thank you Ruth for your countless years of devotion to Spirit.  You have enriched and enlightened so many on this Journey we are ALL traveling together.
August 2011  (additional information)
“Most of you are aware that the life force in the body circulates in a continuing pattern, bringing energy to each cell and organ in a cycle of life and death, i.e. as each cell is renewed by the life force, one that has served its purpose dies out, providing the body with a continuing flush of new life.  The time element of the energy cycle varies in all of you, according to the conscious awareness of the power you command.  Those who go through life without the Light of the Love and Peace found within generally let their egos push them this way and that, until not only are their minds uncoordinated, but also their bodies.  The subconscious mind does send signals that direct the correct functioning of the body, but the human mind controls and directs that subconscious computer.  When there is the lack of conscious control (and many people have no idea they have any say in the matter), the subconscious obeys the signals from the conscious mind that relay the preferences and desires of the individual, programming those desires into its computer bank of memories.  This is precisely why habits such as smoking, drinking too much, using drugs, etc., are extremely hard to work against, for they have already been solidly implanted as the desired elements in the subconscious.
      The human brain is a remarkable instrument, and we regard it as one of the most powerful elements in your Solar System, for as it comes to terms with the spiritual being behind it, a strong union is formed and the two elements start to work in tandem, strengthening and creating present and new possibilities and realities.  As the mind accepts the concept that there is an actual place in the brain that can be activated to send healing powers through the body, the desire to probe into the depths of your own minds becomes very powerful.  There must first be an intense desire to use meditation in a way never before dreamed of, to access that healing ability for oneself and for others.  As has been said, it is not a simple sitting down, meditating, and finding that source of healing in an evening.  This meditation must utilize your own conscious mind, even though it is stilled for that period of time you are in the silence, your spiritual self that you are reaching out to access, and the subconscious mind, for it is waiting to receive the signal of the activation of the Healing enzyme Center so it may program that response to serve your calls to action.  Just as the Great I Am is one with everything that is, your bodies and minds are One, a perfectly connected communications system that speaks to each other for the good of the whole.  The intention of reaching into the brain itself, visualizing what those cells look like, clustered at the top of the brain stem, touching and blessing them with your spiritual “hands” is an absolute necessity, for the higher vibrations of the mind must be focused very keenly and specifically on this area.  It is as if your mind has become a tiny being, swimming among the brain cells, searching out the place where the healing energy lies.  You will know when you have achieved this feat of activation when you suddenly feel a sharp pain starting from the base of the skull and reaching through the head to the front of the forehead, known as the “third eye” position between your eyebrows.  It will last but a few seconds, longer in some people if they resist the pain, then it will subside, never to be felt again.  This also signals the subconscious to program this ability into your base memory and, from now on, when you need to have something in your body revitalized or healed, all you need to do is to visualize those areas as being in perfect health, brimming with vitality.  It is no miracle; it is the coming of age of the human race, as long-hidden abilities open to the awareness of those who seek and reach out for them.
      The energy which activates the healing center is channeled by the Higher Self, or the high spiritual self of each soul being, from the Mind of God, or Universal Energy, or Love, whatever term you relate to the most strongly.  It is the most powerful energy there is, for it is the energy of creation.  You will be using it to create and re-create your own bodies, and those of others when you are ready.  As time goes on, this channel of energetic response from the universe will enable you to create everything you need in the physical world.  Believe it or not!
God Bless you all on your quest.”