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The Most Sacred Healing Buddha known in Japan.
Look carefully and you will notice the signs of the
Zodiac around the Buddha.


Ancient Skulls have always been a fascination and a delight among peoples of all walks of life

Giving pause to think beyond themselves and reflect to the stars and beyond

In gathering here tonight we shed light upon a subject that has long been held quiet due to unfounded fears in regards to our shape

It is the shape that makes us relate to human kind

It is our shape that brings us into the level of humans to see into your eyes and for you to see the gifts we hold for you

Some akin this to fascinations that deal with human skulls

This is not the truth for us

In our inclusions we program messages

Much like the synapses of your brains

Each is a key

To unlock the truths and the divine is the major player

God creates everything

God exists in everything

It is his will that we impart to you

This knowledge is for everyone human

Not just a chosen few

This knowledge is to help in programs such as this

To give light and shed light at the same time

To have you each evaluate your own paths in making clear and unbounded decisions and directions

Take heed not to wonder off the paths

For to do so will mean you will be lost and may not find the illuminations

Be pressed for time now dear one for it is a hand

The upcoming events will shake the planet and it will mean clear and precise decisions on your part

No relevance to the unjust for they will not see or hear the light but to those that mean to live in the light of God

It will be one of great knowledge

You ask for proof

As always with humanity they need to see the proof

Gather this day and it will be revealed

Carole has asked not to frighten you

And so we will endeavor not to do that

It will come to pass that time will stop

Simply stop

In a place and a time of our choosing

And when you hear of this you will know it is our work

No grand parade

No flag waving

Simple and to the point will be this message

And all will talk about it for years

Nothing will move

No one will be hurt

It will be silent and deafening at the same time

Today or the next

It is a promise that I can feel Carole’s own apprehension that what she is revealing will be accepted by you most

But it will not matter for it it will come to pass without her

Dissolve into this

Know it is from God

Know it will be our hand

And praise god for he is the orchestrator

In the light of God I ask this

In the light of god I foretold this

And in the light of God you will witness

So be it

God is ecstasy


"Channeling through the Crystal Skull of Carole"


Buddha Gifs Copyright 2008 Marjorie Harriz All Rights Reserved