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Marjorie's Page 3: "SHARING" Books, Cd's and DVD's of Interest


I would like to share with you some of my many thoughts and items I have come across in my many years of learning and awakening.  It began over 50 years ago.  Back in those days we did not have computers to do all our Walking for us.  It was the old metaphysical book stores etc.  What a grand adventure it was searching and finding.  Every Seeker in N.Y.C. knew of Mason's Book Store.  Zoltan, was a very accomplished  Astrologer.  He started me on my path of learning and understanding about myself through Astrology.  Numerology is another wonderful venue.  Also back in the 60's there were wonderful Psychics truly devoted to Spirit.  Cliff Bias, was one of the BEST.  His fee was a love offering of $10 (The Good Old Days).  How many answers he gave to me.  After devoting over 30 years to the study of Metaphysics, Theologies and Philosophy's including Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine; studies being of The Cosmos and the beginning and development of All Life.  I can reassure you at this point of my life I have forgotten more than I can remember.  My only consolation is...I can consider myself the sum total of all that I have read and felt to ring true in my heart.  The study of Prana Healing was a great fulfillment in my life.  Then came along the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.  A beginning of The Awakening for Mother Earth and All Of Her Kingdoms.  Human, Animal, Plant and Mineral.  New vibrations started filtering into the Earth to Reawaken us. So many Gateways have opened up to us since The Convergence, raising us higher and higher in our spiritual consciousness and physical preparation for our dormant DNA activation.  We are opening and increasing Our Light Bodies and becoming aware of our Merkaba's.  Without the correct percentage of Light we can not make into the Fifth dimensional shift. There is abundant material out there today with knowledge concerning these topics.  Just use your modern day gift of The Search Engine.  Then came along  J.J. Hurtak's Book...The Keys Of Enoch.  Another difficult channeled book giving an understanding of the Cosmic Shift and how we as humans are presently and will be experiencing this journey.  This book is difficult in the beginning to wrap one's brain around but somehow in the end it all seems to fall in place.
Last but not least in the Awkening for me are The Ancient Crystal Skulls and 2012.  This was the Initiator for the birth of The Crystal Skull Whisperers and the Web Site.  I would just like to say treasured friends are there to encourage us on in life when "things" get us down (like the many hours it took in creating  One such Treasure is my life long friend Susan.  We grew up together in Brooklyn, N.Y. from the age of 10 years old.  We are one in Spirit and I thank her for always being there for me my entire life.
Check out the information on our site concerning Crystal Skulls and our endeavor in the Reawakening.   
These are just a few things I wanted to share with you in the hope they too may help you along your Path.
I will just list several items and Tools of great interest that I feel will help in our advancement.  Take a look and see if one calls out to you.



Prana Healing and Advanced Prana Healing...Master Choa Kok Sui
What is Lightbody?...Archangel Ariel
The Keys of Enoch...J.J. Hurtak



William Henry...DVD's 
"The Light Body Effect" and many more DVD'S on the same subject including 2012.    Also books of GREAT interest.



If you want to be trasnsformed and become enlightened the CD's and DVD's by Siva Baba will Awaken you.

Click onto his Web Site



Tom Kenyon  and  Jonathan Goldman:   Their Cd's offer new healing and lost frequency chords to activate your DNA and Lightbodies.  They are so beautiful they take your breath away... not to mention the tears that come to your eyes. You can find them on the Web.

The Sacred Solfeggio and The DNA Activator Cd's-do not use if you have Epilepsy

Life Technology


Items of interest to help you along your path of Healing and Awakening

SomaEnergetics-Solfeggio Frequencies These original sound frequencies were used in the Ancient Gregorian Chants, that the Church authorities say were lost centuries ago. There are 6 main notes.  For example the 3rd note frequency 528 relates to the note MI.  It is called the "Miracle" note tone.   It is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA. They also offer Tuning Forks, set to these Sacred Solfeggio Tones.  I have been working with both the Cd's and Tuning Forks.  I find them to be an invaluable tool.   READ ON...just click the link below.

Life Technology


Light Life Rings:   These Rings are derived from the "Lost Cubit". They are used for meditation, healing for humans, animals and plants.  It also purifies water.   I can attest to all the above because I have been using these very valuable tools and several other Healing Tools they offer for almost 9 years now.

Another treasure and one I have going everyday is the Environmental Harmonizer:  Clears the Earth Energies.  Is being used World Wide to clean the atmosphere and Grids.




The Sun Chi Machine:  You Sway like a Fish.  Just some of the benefits of this machine: 

Oxygenation, Lymph Drainage, Detox, Massage...the benefits from use of this machine just go on and on.  I started to use it 10 years ago.  It is an effortless aerobic exerciser. Wouldn't be without it!

Click on the link below for more information.


Original Chi Machine


Flower Of Life:   Drunvalo Melchizedek

Learn about The Merkaba, The Merkaba Meditation and the many wonderful Workshops.  It changes your consciousness into a higher state of Being.


Flower of Life


As "Time Goes By"  I will be adding more items of interest.
It's all about sharing and helping each other along this Journey.