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"Earth Healing Ceremony"



"Our Ceremonial Grid" 


                                     The Crystal Skull Whisperers

                                             Earth Healing Ceremony

                                                November 20th 2008

To each and every Beautiful Light Worker who attended this Ceremony we thank you for your gift of Light having been added to The Crystal Skull Whisperers Earth Healing Ceremony.  As the saying goes “Without you it would not have been possible”


The Earth Healing Ceremony was a combination of many different things that brought together the blending of the energies,vibrations and beliefs.
We opened with the Invocation to Light.  This was followed by brief explanations of the many different aspects utilized to create this ceremony such as a Solar Logos, Elementals, Rain Stick, a Lingham and Yoni, and the Grid to name a few.  The ceremony touched upon Cosmology, Theology, Judeo/Christian, Hinduism, Buddism and Mayan beliefs.  The utilization of crystal skulls and the others in order to access the Higher Dimensional energies, the energies of the Elements, Archangels, the Sun and the Moon, and the astrological signs of the Zodiac which in turn drew in the personal energies of each person attending the ceremony.  An inspiring ONENESS meditation was presented.  We called in the Elements and Archangels, lighting a candle for each.  The Sacred Lingham prayer was recited.  We poured water over the Sacred Lingham and Yoni accompanied by the rainstick.  A powerful Earth Healing Intention was presented.  Most important of all, the blessed water was shared with all.  It is to be returned to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms to assist in the raising of their vibratory rate and help with her transition and ascension. 


And... still we can recall the most joyous and beautiful smile on Kathy’s face when she won the Door Prize of a Lingham Healing Pendant.   Namaste’ Kathy.


"The Sacred Lingham and Yoni over which the Water was poured"



"Jade and Crystal Skulls we enjoyed working with after the Ceremony"

By request I am putting up some of the text from the Ceremony. 


     The Crystal Skull Whisperers extend a very Blessed Good

                              Evening to you.


Before we begin Our Earth Healing Ceremony I thought it best to BRIEFLY give an explanation of what we will be working with this evening in reference to ….  A Solar Logos, Elementals and  Linghams being among several things  utilized in this Ceremony.

It is a combination of Cosmology, Theology, Judeo/Christian, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mayan.

Even Shamanism comes into play here.  For if we can Tap into the many centuries of  Thought Forms and Imprints that have surrounded these forms of acknowledgement to Deity it will empower our Ceremony and ourselves.

We too can sore this evening as a mighty bird on wings of  Light to become the ” I Am” as Darlene just spoke about in her Invocation.

In the little pouches you received there are two symbolic medals and a pure white feather.

On one medal is inscribed  “ BE LIGHT”  the other “BE YOU”     Let us soar as One this evening “Upon The Creators Wings Of Light”  to Heal Our Mother Earth.



                                                    A   Solar Logos

Is a Divine Being  who ensouls our entire solar system.  The linking principle between Spirit and matter; between God and His form.

 A SOLAR LOGOS is The Great Entity incarnate as our solar system, the active, directing Intelligence who is working with definite purpose through His Seven Centers. The planets of our solar system ( The Earth ..Venus…Mars… Jupiter etc)  these planets in this Being's body represents its major "chakras." ...  I will repeat this…..The planets of our Solar system in this Beings Body represent it’s major Chakras.  

It is our intention through this Earth Healing Ceremony to help raise the Vibrations of Mother Earth so She can take her Trasitation and Ascension as the Emerald Jewel Heart Chakra in the Crown of Our Solar Logos.

The Crystal Skull Whisperers are using the Skulls and invoking Higher Interdimensional  Beings and The Elementals through them to help in performing this Ceremony.

Mother Earth and all of her Kingdoms is basically the last Planet within the body of Our Solar System to take its Ascension.

When Her Ascension is complete…and She becomes the Emerald Jewel HEART Chakra in the Crown of our Solar Logos… He then will also Ascend into a Higher State of Being.  Each of our Planets is a different Jewel within The SOLAR Crown.

It is our intention as Light workers during this critical time of transition to do all we can to assist and be of service to Mother Earth and all The Kingdoms that dwell upon Her Being.







                                              Earth Elementals

This is just a very brief explanation of the Elementals.

 According to the Ancient Hebrews The Archangel of our Earth is said to be Uriel  “the Light of God”.  

Mother Earth, includes the whole of physical Nature and is concerned with the FOUR SUBTLE and MATERIAL ELEMENTS…. and their use in the Building and Transformation of the “Kingdom of the Visible Universe”.

Throughout the entirety of Nature, all substance and all forms owe their existence to the creative Word and the activity of the Spirits of God.  When we look upon all the created kingdoms… metals, minerals, plants and water….  we are looking upon the materialized auras formulated by God and His Elemental Spirits. Even man…for his physical body is derived from the elements of the earth.

There is a VAST Hierarchy that ranges from the Archangels down to the nature building elementals.

Research has shown that the Mayans practiced co-operation between angels and men.  Many of the Mayan Gods had their counterparts to Greek Mythology and many similarities to the Hindu are found. 

Mayans used Crystal Skulls in all modes of Healing.

Hebrew Cosmology represents God as creating the World by Sound…resulting in the creation of the many Worlds and Dimensions within the Cosmos and all His Co-created Deities and spirits to perform the work of materialization. Among these being the Elementals of….

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

Each Element has a Lord Archangel that presides over it.

And then lesser Deities down to the life force elementals themselves.

FIRE:    Archangel Michael   

              Elementals are called Salamanders  


AIR:     Archangel Raphael

             Elementals are called Sylphs 

WATER:    Archangel Gabriel

                  Elementals are called Undines 

EARTH:  Archangel Uriel  

                Elementals are called Gnomes

These are the co-creators The Life Force that sustains   all animate and inanimate creations.

It will be through this Ceremony this evening that we call upon these Deities to Bless and Sanctify Our Ceremony and Bless the Distilled Water to be used with the Highest of Holy Vibrations that may be needed by Mother Earth to help in her Transition and Ascension. 




Explaining the Planetary Grid System

The planetary energy grid operates through certain geometrical patterns that follow a specific symmetry. The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a kind of matrix. This is equivalent to the acupressure points on our bodies. These grid points can be found at some of the strongest power places on the planet. Plato, the Greek philosopher, recognized the patterns of the grids. He devised a theory regarding his belief that the earth's basic structure evolved from a simply geometric shape to more complex geometric shapes. These shapes became known as the platonic solids what we know as the sacred geometrical shapes.

Plato, associated each shape with one of the elements, earth, fire, air, ether, and water. The earth's energy grid from the beginnings of its evolutionary course, has evolved through each of these shapes to what it is today. Each shape, superimposed, one upon the other to create a kind of all encompassing energy field that is the very basis of earth holding it all together.         

Grids as well as Elemental Spirits and even Linghams are a very complex Topic so this is just a very simple explanation to give you an idea of what we are working with this evening.

Grids create an energy that connects us to Mother Earth.

You see before you a Grid created from Crystal and other Mineral Skulls.

The intention is to co-work with the Skulls and Elementals in this Ceremony with the help and Sanction of the Archangels.

This Grid is utilizing the Power of the 12 to 1 equaling 13 in order to establish a MOST POWERFUL  transmission of energies.  This equation is used when working with Crystal Skulls to ensure this.  Thus, the reason for the Grid being created so.

 The Twelve skulls surrounding the center Moss Agate being the 13th….Talia being her name was chosen due to the fact moisture is felt on her when handled.  “Dew Drop” is the translation of Talia.  Moss Agate is simply Earthy.

The 12 Skulls surrounding Talia, represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac each sign also has an elemental of Fire, Air Earth and Water assigned to it according to Astrology. 

The Four Skulls facing North, South, East and West represent the Four Archangels





The Sun is represented by a Sunstone Skull.

The Moon by a MoonStone Skull.

Therefore each of us also being part of the Cosmic Zodiac

will add our Love and Light to this Ceremony. 



   "A Sacred Lingham and Yoni"                                               

                       The Sacred Lingham 
Key Words for the Sacred Lingham are....
Kundalini activation and prana, spiritual transformation
and rebirth, enlightenment, oneness with the All. 
The Elements pertaining to the Lingham are...Earth, Wind, Fire,
Water and Storm .  Storm being the purifier.
Spiritual transformation, Rebirth, Enlightenment and
Oneness with the ALL...are the aspects of the Sacred Lingham
we will be dealing with this evening.
Linghams are found only at the Narmada River, which is located 
in the mountains of  Mandhata, a sacred pilgrimage place in India. 
They are Crypto Crystalline Quartz....believed to be the highest
vibration to be found upon the earth.  
They are gathered from the riverbeds and their form is natural.
Among their many is Purification of homes, Temples and Healing.
In India this stone is used to represent Lord Shiva.  The Shape
embodies the Masculine Energies and Knowledge.  The
markings on the stone are the Female aspect....representing
The Yoni upon which the Lingham sits is also a Feminine
Aspect...creating a blending of the Male and Female Energies.
In Hinduism it represents the Cosmic Egg out of which all 
Cosmic creation is said to have emerged.
Anybody who has heard of Dr. Emotos research is well aware
how water crystals absorb sound, vibrations and Intent in 
their crystalline structure.
It is through our Healing Intention and Invocation Prayer
that the distilled water being poured over this Sacred Lingham
and Yoni this evening contains the highest vibration of 
transformation, rebirth and healing for Mother Earth.
We offer this to you with the hope you will partake in returning
this sacred water back within the Earth and upon it's Waters
to help raise Mother Earths vibratory rate.
The Lingham as you can see has the shape of a Phallus. The
Yoni is unto the shape of a human Uterus and Birth Canal.
When the water is poured upon it...through the blending of the Male and Female energies a new creation is formed through INTENTION. 



                            Lingham Prayer



Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel…

We beseech Thee to Bless this water with Your Light and Love.  We ask that you place within this water the vibration that YOU discern to be appropriate for Mother Earths Healing, Transition and Ascension.


Through the shape of this Sacred Lingham being  Masculine in it’s energies… and the Markings on this Sacred Stone being Feminine in nature….. may these energies flow out in unison through the Yoni.. creating a perfect balance of Yin/Yang.


We shall return this water unto Mother Earth with the hope that our doing so will help maintain a Perfect Energy Balance within all Her Kingdoms and may the Vibration contained within this blessed water help Her through the Transition and Ascension with EASE and GRACE.  



Copyright 2008 Marjorie Harriz All Rights Reserved