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Crystal Skulls, Dan Aykroyd

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Dan Aykroyd mixes two passions
Crystal Skulls & Spirits

Crystal Head Vodka launched in selected markets in October 2008.

Dan Aykroyd has enjoyed a three decades long career in the entertainment business. An Emmy-award winner and Grammy and Oscar nominee, Dan has accomplished what many can only dream of in Hollywood and beyond.

In total, the films with which Dan Aykroyd has had principal associations have grossed close to one billion dollars worldwide box office. These include such blockbusters as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, BLUES BROTHERS, SPIES LIKE US, DRAGNET, GHOSTBUSTERS, GHOSTBUSTERS II, CONEHEADS, NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (VALKENVANIA) and BLUES BROTHERS II. see full profile

In an interview with Dan Aykroyd, he states:

Regarding Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: "I didn’t realize the Indiana Jones movie was about the crystal skull legends, which I have followed for 13 years. We designed a skull-shaped bottle from Bruni glass, an art piece which I think everyone will want. [The vodka] is a pure spirit from Newfoundland glacial pool water, and peaches and cream corn mash. We’re releasing it in October and calling it the 'Crystal Head Vodka'.”

In the video on the official website of Crystal Head Vodka, Dan Akroyd talks about the crystal skulls as follows:

"Scientists estimate that it took between 300-500 years to carve one of these skulls from a single piece of quartz."

"Navajo believe that the crystal skulls were bestowed on their people as a gift from higher beings not of this Earth as a means of cataloguing sacred cultural knowledge from the past, assessing the present, and foretelling the future."

"Contrary to the common perception of a skull as representing death, the people from these cultures - the Aztec, Mayan and North American First Nations, for whom these artifacts possess sacred and mystical properties - associate the crystal heads with a life-affirming symbology. In ancient tellings, the heads are living and sentient, sources of knowledge, insight and power."

"The Mexican 'Day of the Dead' is an example of how, in Latin America, the skeleton is celebrated as an icon representing life beyond our corporeal existence."

Crystal Head Vodka is presently only available in select areas, however, due the successful launch that has seen it already sold out in many markets, production is sure to expand to meet national and international demand for this unique premium vodka.
It's suggested retail is just under $50 but special events brings the price closer to $100 for the 750 ml bottle.

Click this link for an official news release on Crystal Head Vodka

Click this link to see detailed real photos of the Crystal Head Vodka bottle and packaging.