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How Ancestral Skulls Should Be Maintained (can apply to modern day Skulls also)

This may also apply to modern and contemporary skulls but many may disagree as to putting the Skulls in the sunlight.


IMPORTANT message for every Crystal Skull Guardian
Mayan Crystal Skull Guardian Lydia Trauttenberg focuses on ancestral teachings specializing in Mayan culture and crystal skulls. Her insights on ancient Mayan teachings make her a sought-after host of crystal skull ceremonies along with other Mayan Shamans.  Today, directly from Guatemala, she has this important awareness message for guardians regarding how the ancestral crystal skulls should be maintained:

- A glass of pure water near them at all times. 
- Regular cleansing with incense.  (The Maya also perfume their crystal skulls & other ancestral artifacts with aromatic oils or perfume ).
- Honouring them with regular rituals/ceremonies.
- Putting them out in water to be bathed by grandmother Moon (when she is full) - & energizing them by father Sun next day.
-  The  Maya blow on their crystals/skulls to discharge any lingering energies placed by a previous holder.
- We follow the sacred mayan calendar (the Tzolkin) days of the "Keme" (the skull) to honour them in ceremony.
-  We are careful & discerning, as their  guardians, of when & by whom they can be handled.    Permission should always be asked first. 
- Apart from being Receptors (keepers  of ancestral wisdom), they are Healers, and should be used as such.   Some are also protectors. 
- Caretakers should be aware that the 'ancestral' crystal skulls are the 'heads' (in many cases) of extra-terrestrials & wise ancestors of many millenia past.
- The way to access them is via the heart, rather than the scientific intellect .

This message was specifically given regarding ancestral crystal skulls, but each one of us, especially those holding crystal skulls that have been activated or in the proximity of significant crystal skulls can follow these common-sense recommendations to get the maximum benefits from your own crystal skulls while honoring and respecting their sacredness. You are welcome to share this with others.


Maya Temple and Messenger of the Gods

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