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TERI'S First meeting with Jade.


                              Teri, was present at the Crystal Skull Introduction.

                 (she has kindly agreed to let me post her reaction to her first

                   meeting and communication with the Crystal Skulls)



I just want to tell you all what an amazing workshop you did last night.

I really loved every part of it! The talk was very informative and each of you had insightful and

sincere messages about the skulls. I could feel all of your Light and Compassion in all you did.

I especially loved holding the skulls and feeling their energy.

There is nothing like experience!

I can't really explain what I felt holding Jade, but it was encompassing.

At first, I felt my systems were being worked on...sort of "fired up" but gently.

I saw a Light Show that was just soft flashes of Light everywhere in my brain.

Then I felt the energy draw me in at the heart….WOW... it went soooo deep.

I thought I was going to disappear into her (Jade).

I am not sure that I felt it was Quan Yin, but the energy was Compassion and powerful. I do know that I didn't want to come back. A few more moments with Jade and I would have melted into ............ I don't know what.

The Cosmos….that is it.  Maybe Mother/Goddess energy of the Cosmos.

How could one want to return after that!!!!  Not easy.

But an earth being I am and reluctantly but with assistance from Jade….I was released.

NOW...of course you know I need to reconnect with her. I would love to go deeper into that cosmic energy but can I do so with a different skull. I got a message that "she" will connect with me through another skull.

We made a connection and I only need to ask...........SO where do I go from here?


I said a prayer before I went to bed and asked for a skull to come to me if I am to further this journey.


I loved all the skulls I touched. They were amazing.

I get the sense that they truly are Beings of High Intelligence committed to helping us evolve in preparation for Ascension.

I think we connect to their Minds and they will give us info on future inventions, technology, etc. for the Golden Age/ Awakening.

By nature, I am an optimist. I came into this world as a Peacemaker, Lightworker, Healer and Teacher. I have known since childhood. 

I don't feel that we (earth/humanity) are going to be destroyed. I feel that the Light we have woven has become a Force Field of Goodness that will shield us from destruction.  Even now I see the Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Great Ones, etc, surrounding Us and holding us in Light.....Golden Light.... All will be well!  But I digress.......

The skulls will bring real messages of how to help humanity by lighting up our brain power so that WE can find new ways.....Old systems will be broken.....but NEW and improved ways will be learned.  A new world indeed!

The Grace Light that has come to assist is the Divine Love that holds our Oversouls in Unconditional and All Powerful Love of All There IS ( I even think that our concept of God will be expanded)


So the skulls are the Intelligence…. that are connected to the Higher Wisdom of All That Is.

Humanity needs both but Grace Light is said to help awaken the brain too.


Bless you all and please know that I honor your new journey and am staying open to receive my own insights and answers regarding this path. I still want to read up more on the skulls…so bare with me.

Namaste' my friends,


P.S. Sandy (Teri’s husband) says to let you know that he also loved the evening. He has been trying to understand and process the info learned too.  He did feel the energy of the skulls and was amazed. We are open!




It is time to Awaken!

                                 Teri's Reflections

                                   November 23, 2008

I was doing my Grace Light meditation at 11:11 near the skull and I felt it call to me at my heart.
I knew it was cleared and wanted to be near me, so I held it and continued in meditation.
It took me on a Journey..... told me it was connected to the water Elementals....
I swam in the seas and felt the moon's presence and connection to the water...I am not a moon person, though my moon is in Pisces.
It told me it would help me understand this aspect of myself and all life....
Then I received a message that it wanted to clear my chakras
I began placing the skull on my sacral.....then when I felt it cleared, I moved the skull chakra by chakra until the crown.
I thought it was finished but it guided me to two more..... the "mouth of God" and back of my heart.....
Lots of info and clearing took place.
I was impressed that this was necessary in order to continue to work with me.
It is exciting...we made friends and I love the energy.
The name of the skull is Orinoco...because Enya's song....Orinoco Flow was playing right after it told me that it was of the Water elelments
.... Thanks for opening me up to this new study and path.
I don't have the luxury to spend hours a day in meditation. My job keeps me busy as does my Reiki practice.
But I am not in a hurry..... the last song that played as the meditation and chakra clearing ended was
"Anyway Is"  (by Enya)....and it states.....
"This might be the beginning
This might be near the end
It's one way or another
Anyway is"......
Love that message....... Time doesn't matter....anyway you get there Is okay
What an interesting Journey and I am looking forward to the rest!


 Skull Photos Copyright 2008 Marjorie Harriz All Rights Reserved