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The Crystal Skull Whisperers Introduction Workshop 2.26.09



Included in the Introduction was:
An explanation of Healing with Crystal Skulls, DNA and Meridian Healing. 
Also how Healing though the Skulls is
A Prana Walk to Clear the Chakras which included two River Stones contained in the "Gift Bags" offered.
The performance of our Healing Ceremony with the Skulls and a DNA Reiki Healing.
We introduced....Moqui Marbles and a new Meditation Healing Enzyme channeled by... Ruth Ryden.
The Crystal Bowl sang and we ascended with the music selected for the presentation.
Laura won the door prize of Moqui Marbles.
The evening ended with refreshments and working with the many Skulls present.
(please go to the Side Bar for Ruth Rydens Healing Enzyme and Meditation)


The Skulls used in the Healing Ceremony were next to the Ancients Synergy and Max also the Tibetan Skull Amar.    Jade being in the center.




          “Energy Healing With Crystal Skulls”

      Introduction Workshop February 26th  2009

 On February 26th The Crystal Skull Whisperers performed "Healing with Crystal Skulls" at Laura’s lovely home. As with the Introduction “To Crystal Skulls and “The Earth Healing Ceremony With Skulls” this Introduction was beyond our expectations.   The speakers were Karin, Darlene, Sandy, Joi and myself Marjorie.  Without the Light and Healing abilities of these Lightworkers the power and vibration would not have been possible during this ceremony with the Skulls. ALL who attended may I add were no Novices but were Initiates of different levels. This combination and that of the Skulls was so powerful…each person present received a gift from the Healing Skulls at their own level that was needed. This Ceremony in TOTAL was so powerful in Frequency and Vibration I have no doubt it was predestined as a united effort on EACH of our parts to put this “Thought Form” out into the Ethers for ALLof the Earth to draw upon.                                                                                 
We are most grateful to those present and most of all to the Skulls for having made this possible.                                                                                            


Some of the Skulls we worked with after the Ceremony.


       "Om Mani Padme Hum"

Copyright 2009 Marjorie Harriz All rights reserved.