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Carole "THE TIMES"

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The Times

The times we are experiencing of late, are filled with a great number of conflicting attitudes of consciousness. On one hand, we experience the bliss of like minded people coming together under all umbrellas of faiths and spiritual awareness.  It is the time for this to occur, with each coming to the same conclusions of the times being that which has been foretold and written of.  Even in the theaters and on Television, we see and hear of movies that depict possible scenarios, when not one human being truly knows of what is to come for us all.  What is truth,  is that we are rapidly coming into our own.  Never before has human consciousness been so accelerated.   In a few short years we have evolved a mass of technology unlike any other times in human history.   Yet, these are only material things that reflect the possibilities of what mankind can achieve.  What is the real accomplishment is within our human nature and our divine true selves.


This is a truth that we all can feel and sense.  It is what brings us to our knees with devotion and to the heights of our personal spiritual growth.


On the other hand, we see such violence and destruction that it takes our very breaths away with confusion and angst. 


This is where we take our collective breaths.  We join in our hearts.  We break the cycles of this darkness and not allow it to overtake our hearts. 


It will not survive what is to come.  Love, Light, and the Divine, will prevail.  It begins with us.  Not you.  Not me. With Us.


We are the change we seek.  We are those that we have prayed for and looked to.  Light workers join in this mission to unite humanity and to save our world.    Know it in the sacred space of your heart that beat with the divine spark before you were even a personality or had any brain cells.   Know that divinity in you, that is also a part of me, and that unites us all.


So you may ask what is to be done.  Simplicity is the answer.   Live your truth.  Be the change.  Join in your voices to sound together.  This is our time.  This is THE time. 


As the changes transpire before us, fervently understand that what no longer serves the good of humanity will and must fall away.  God has the blueprint for the final outcome.  Trust in that.  Stand your ground in that faith. 


In Divine solidarity with light and love,






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